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  1. I have a feeling that placement is done with the visible flingo range mod, though i haven't test that out yet EDIT: I tested it out and so far the results look like this, it's not complete yet and not 100% perfect but that's the closest I can get I used both ice fling range check mod (for circular placement) and quick drop mod for approx. statue placement UPDATE: For smaller range, I remove turfs and place the statues on the x marks using turf, then connect them, though it takes plenty of time. I also saw players instructing other players to move statues in servers before to form this arrangement. Anyways it takes plenty of time to finish this, so expect this formation somewhat in the 200+ day servers.
  2. the weregoose took me by surprise but all it does so far is running, I suddenly thought of an idea that weregoose should be able to attack enemies (like geese in real life) but it might take away from its initial purpose of being
  3. It has 12 player slots with the server mods on, which can increase the lag issues. Though after the reset the number of mods had decreased for lag reduction if I recall correctly. The server had a cleanup mod too, but usually, the server can only last till 1500+ days before an official reset has to be done.
  4. I joined the server somewhere during October last year, but there are already lag problems that the server creator had tried to resolve (the server was paid to be hosted) along with other long term players. It seemed to be mod issues at first, but it turned out to be base game lag problems that persisted even after the server had an official reset, and the server world had changed to reduce lag.
  5. The server was already set up with a lit portal area (with the Gorge residents for players to buy items) and another lit wormhole that directs to a community base island. Gorge coins are used as currency, and players are already given a set number of coins when they first entered the server. To earn coins, players fight mobs that give them coins (the more difficult the mob is, the greater the value of the coins dropped), and sometimes the server will generate raining coins (set amount). Other than buying the usual stuff from portal (food, weapons, resources), they can also buy a base island and other worldgen stuff, though they need to contact the server creator. Players can also convert gold to Gnaw's favors for the casino slots. PvP isn't enabled, though there is an arena that players can enter and activate to fight a set number of mobs and bosses, and there is a leaderboard for the number of mobs killed by each player.
  6. [Poll] On Annoyances

    all i can say is: spring lag
  7. Yo, I played the Waterville server before and joined the server's discord group. To summarise what happened, due to continuous lag issues, the person who created the server had ended it in January. Unfortunately, I don't have any screenshots of my time on that server, but heres a screenshot by a member in the discord group.
  8. i forgot about this, this is what happened when we decided to fight enraged klaus (klaus w/o the no-eye deers) again and dropping dead like flies, apparently there's 27 deaths in total for this fight
  9. don't forget doing 6 shadow rooks, people are dying left and right once they upgraded to tier 3, its so messy trying to kill and kite them
  10. edit: forgot to type in descriptions, 1st one is the base hound wave trap with houndius shootius (used to have catapults), and somehow the frog rain happened during the hound wave 2nd one is the balloon fest for 5k celebration, the wes player decided to make balloons and many ended up floating away
  11. the 5k celebration was a blast! i joined at the 1st summer and had plenty of fun with other players over the run (thanks bliz and the rest with over 1000+ days), so heres a meatball celebration with some of them bonus: hell before day 5000
  12. i cant wait to play dst again for the update, so have 2 doodles of willow and bernie (GIANT BEAR) while im stuck in final year project
  13. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    i procrastinated on the willow piece cos i don't really feel like finishing it (which is a usual problem i have with finishing art - start drawing an idea, felt like it did work out or got bored, left it with the pile of wips), there's also school stuff to do so i kinda forgot about it until the holidays hit im quite surprised with the painting changes by the time i started the wendy piece, i guess doing school stuff and the months-long gap did change the way i paint
  14. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    WIP im working on since a few days ago??? (im dying scoob i have plenty of WIPs)
  15. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    after months of being left in the dust, i finally finished it edit: fixed the shoes cos i forgot the pointy parts