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  1. Somewhat on topic cos I mentioned it before: using telelocator staff to summon rain in summer, effectively stopping any case of wildfires and overheating. Cons: disables oasis filling up, YMMV regarding success of summoning rain and also quite expensive to craft. I would definitely want some updates to summer though, since there isn't really much to do other than beating up Antlion and oasis fishing (and the wildfires outside flingo range...). Some players use it as the best time to explore more of caves or rush ruins, but it does get stale over time and quite an easy way to avoid summer entirely.
  2. Nice update overall especially with the big crops, though I wish bunnymen drops aren't nerfed to an rng drop of carrot/meat/bunny puff. Not all players are using the new farm plots, and that nerf does lower the overall output from bunnymen hutch farm, especially as a reliable meat farm source.
  3. Reposting here for cataloguing purposes so yeah, once again here's my submission for Halloween event 2020
  4. WIP, rendering is painful + trying not to turn the b/w values for the flamey cloth into a grey slop P:
  5. not gameplay related, but what the heck happened here, wHY'S THERE THIS SUDDEN PRICE SPIKE SDJAKDNHJKNDSSJKA
  6. event's here and it's good time to head to trade inn to gamble /jk
  7. this bug still exists, any non walter player can click on firepit to tell story, only to have a visual bug with this quote
  8. Reported in bug tracker but this is too funny
  9. Hi, I recently saw this bug in the klei official Glommer Goop server where all cave sinkholes are plugged. According to other players, it happened after the server crashed, and we attempted to rollback and even decide to regen server. However, we checked and the bug still persisted. I included the client log and client chat log files, hopefully it helps with the situation. Images of plugged sinkhole bug and the server name: Sinkhole bug persisted after the world regen:
  10. Good news! A mod configured for circular farms is released, so if you want to replicate it heres it! Also aerial view mod helps for better placement
  11. i cant wait to play dst again for the update, so have 2 doodles of willow and bernie (GIANT BEAR) while im stuck in final year project
  12. i procrastinated on the willow piece cos i don't really feel like finishing it (which is a usual problem i have with finishing art - start drawing an idea, felt like it did work out or got bored, left it with the pile of wips), there's also school stuff to do so i kinda forgot about it until the holidays hit im quite surprised with the painting changes by the time i started the wendy piece, i guess doing school stuff and the months-long gap did change the way i paint
  13. WIP im working on since a few days ago??? (im dying scoob i have plenty of WIPs)