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  1. inb4 thread gets locked sooner or later, y'all need to not devolve this into a slapfight over an old beta tester's skin reward
  2. I was playing on Europe central (survival) - Klei Official server and entered the caves to explore. When I exited the caves, I ended up right at the florid postern (portal area) instead of an opened sinkhole. Other players suggest that the entrance that I exited the caves from was an unopened sinkhole, but it was weird as it should show an opened sinkhole but with the sinkhole's shattered resources around it. I am very unsure what is the exact cause of this glitch, but exiting caves entrances with opened sinkholes was working normally so I deduce it was unopened sinkholes.
  3. Finally got the rewards so here's mine for Klei Halloween 2021!
  4. Some klei official servers are recently gone, hopefully the devs can look into this asap since that's a lot of official servers gone for unknown reasons.
  5. Since the latest update, whenever someone jumps on a boat, the server will print out a warning sign and crash, which auto rollbacks to previous save.
  6. Can confirm , server crashed when I tested this out by jumping on boat, will submit this in bug report channel
  7. If it's possible, try checking your account's transaction page in here and take a screenshot of it, this shows you your full item list including daily gifts. Also maybe include your client log for the report too for additional info for the devs to troubleshoot.
  8. Catcoons aren't spawning from catcoon dens too, when another player tried burning one to make it spawn, it doesn't spawn at all.
  9. Nice update overall especially with the big crops, though I wish bunnymen drops aren't nerfed to an rng drop of carrot/meat/bunny puff. Not all players are using the new farm plots, and that nerf does lower the overall output from bunnymen hutch farm, especially as a reliable meat farm source.
  10. Hey I found mine, and it's right beside the "send foods" art!
  11. rip that my art didn't get featured despite submitting it & getting the reward (good job to the rest of the submissions btw!), and idk why tbh also weirdly enough the upload picture button in the link isn't greyed out for me even though I submitted mine days ago, hopefully it isn't a bug