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  1. Oh God, that graph is physically and spiritually painful to look at. Someone, please, buff literally ANYONE so that the Wendy playtime can drop. Also, how is Walter higher up than Willow? Why is Willow so low? Why is Ms. Wickerbottom so low? This graph is a nightmare for multiple reasons.
  2. "Please guys, just wait some more" "Yeah guys, it'll happen eventually, just wait some more" "we really mean it this time. Just wait a little more". When you have to keep reminding people to "wait some more", that means something is wrong.
  3. Professor Mourier is a spiritualist who claims to speak with the dead. You know, a con-artist who manipulates people's emotions to make money. He likely has zero actual relevance to any story ever, but people seem to be obsessed with him anyway.
  4. Give it time. It will come. It's impossible for it not to.
  5. Except it's already well-established that Tencent DOES steal data using all of it's US/European games via Epic Games Store alone. Simply having the Epic Launcher with no games is itself a spying device. Which Tencent owns. We are absolutely ******. Klei themselves even more so.
  6. Then you are just as much of a dictator as Joseph Stalin was. Hate Speech is Free Speech. The entire ******* point of the First Amendment is to support the people who's voices everyone disagrees with.
  7. This has nothing to do with stealing data. That is quite literally, the lowest evil we're concerned with. What you should be more concerned with is the murder, lies, manipulation, brainwashing, Orwellian Police States, suppression of free thought, AND the stealing of data on top of all of that so it is easier to grow and enforce the will of your new Corporate God. The fact that you don't understand just how badly this is a crime against all humanity, immediately shows that you've already lost.
  8. It's not a threat, merely a warning. It would be a threat if the bad times to come were in any way my fault. No, the misery to come is entirely of their own doing.
  9. Yes, it is. They own a majority share in Epic Games as well.
  10. You bring up a good point, that evil is everywhere. But this isn't as simple as supporting an ideal, or using a tool for non-evil purposes. This is an actual entity; a collective with will and an agenda, and it can have its will rejected. But Klei didn't do that. They submitted because it was easy, and it brings gains to them. But the people they are consorting with are of a clear, blatant sort of profound corruption. I'll give it time, because my will is impotent compared to the forces at play here. Klei had a chance to resist and didn't. They, we, all, will suffer the consequences. And we have plenty of time to watch all of it unfold. Every single second.
  11. It's not a crusade, because there's literally nothing that can be done. It's already over. You cannot undo what has been concluded, and all you can do it watch the fire burn. And burn it will. You don't seem to understand exactly who it is we're dealing with. I wonder where your optimism comes from?
  12. You can be certain this isn't the last you will hear from me.