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  1. Hi

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    2. HowlVoid


      Greetings are but a fleeting moment, just like life.


    3. Wendy C.

      Wendy C.

      Ships passing in the night. 

    4. HowlVoid


      The fireflies take flight.

  2. I actively refuse to eat them no matter what. They restore a little bit of hunger, but I don't care. I have actually starved to death because I wouldn't eat them, and I'm okay with that.
  3. On an unrelated note, rats run faster when they're afraid. I suggest putting a few tiny cuts on the bellies of carrats; it really gets them motivated.
  4. Received this just now. How lovely, I do enjoy Maxwell's style.
  5. I'm tempted to believe that is genuinely where your piece is located.
  6. Why did you have to do this? Now you've brought attention to it. Now we're all doomed...
  7. Also clicking on them doesn't pick them up, it instantly destroys them.
  8. No, and No. Also Jack o' Lanterns aren't from Hallowed Nights specifically; you can craft them at any time from the 'Light' tab. People just don't.