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  1. I had this nagging thought and are welcome. (yall have to suffer with me jk)
  2. Screenshot showcase

    Good news! A mod configured for circular farms is released, so if you want to replicate it heres it! Also aerial view mod helps for better placement
  3. i cant wait to play dst again for the update, so have 2 doodles of willow and bernie (GIANT BEAR) while im stuck in final year project
  4. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    i procrastinated on the willow piece cos i don't really feel like finishing it (which is a usual problem i have with finishing art - start drawing an idea, felt like it did work out or got bored, left it with the pile of wips), there's also school stuff to do so i kinda forgot about it until the holidays hit im quite surprised with the painting changes by the time i started the wendy piece, i guess doing school stuff and the months-long gap did change the way i paint
  5. Oh yea I felt like creating one just to show some art I did,mainly uploading DST fan art or otherwise. (I blame my friend @Atkvin for this jk jk) This thread isn't going to be very active tho So here's the latest ones I made so far: (on mspaint) A scribble of a mini boss version of a tallbird I dreamt about yesterday,it wakes up at night and its nest is surrounded by berry bushes,players can only fight it at night A scribble of Willow's Triumphant skin cept in my own style??? There's wonky proportions there (weird twig arms etc.) but I'm too lazy to fix it,might even be coloured on FireAlpaca later That's all I have so yea henlo (EDIT: I didnt realise the tallbird boss was missing a beak so rip)
  6. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    WIP im working on since a few days ago??? (im dying scoob i have plenty of WIPs)
  7. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    after months of being left in the dust, i finally finished it edit: fixed the shoes cos i forgot the pointy parts
  8. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    dang didnt know thats a problem in VR chat (idk how ppl can even steal models) also thanks! aloy and hellion look similar so yea
  9. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    ay thanks (the wes idea is funny in my head thanks to his mandrake skin which spawns this revelation ) also i havent heard of VR chat until now, but im not rlly making a ver for this (unity and rigging the model so yea) i looked up Horizon Zero Dawn and realised they are both similar (long red hair for e.g.), also i dont play Darkest Dungeon too but I do watch ppl play it & i wish i can buy it to play (and pray to RNGesus)
  10. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    Anyways heres a new doodle before i go back to doing concept art homework, this time its wigfrid as hellion from darkest dungeon EDIT: idk wat to with this though
  11. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    due to school (game dev & art course is hell) and procrastination, the willow art is stuck in later wip stages but heres a quick doodle of wes as rohan kishibe from jojo's bizarre adventure cos i had to EDIT: i forgot i did a 3D model of willow in 3ds max for an assignment so here it is, the nose is ehhh due to face modelling problems & UV stretching so yea
  12. Hi, I managed to complete the Expert Decoy quest for Wes, except it was not registered as complete. There is also another bug, which I completed the Expert Decoy quest for Woodie, however it "registered" both Expert Decoy quests as complete, despite the Wes one not completed at that time. I hope this issue is fixed since there are other players who face this bug too, and I want to get the bugged quest as complete. I added the client log txt file too, but I am not sure if this can help with the bug fix. Evidence for the Woodie one: And the 1st weird bug: Evidence for the Wes Expert Decoy quest bug: The screenshot shows that I met the requirements for the quest to be completed, but it was not registered in the final score. Completed Quests panel to show that only Woodie's Expert Decoy quest is completed, but the Wes one is not:
  13. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    thx , also i just realised she is smirking, guess it was a subconscious decision to draw it (im more focused on details eg "make her eyebrows sharper" etc.) As for the hair, it's cos i wanted to practice more on contrasting colours (consequences of constantly drawing w/o colouring) and just went with adding more red to the tips
  14. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    im knee-deep in schoolwork hell currently, so heres a wip screenshot of her face for a fun attempt of redoing the artwork
  15. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    I blame my dreams about DST for weird cases like this There's also one from my 1st DST dream that I might draw which is a giant frog boss,will come back to that if I'm not lazy :v
  16. DiscoInferno's Art Thread

    Just a quick upload before I go back to do homework This is just a version of Willow I dreamt yesterday which is weird but well