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  1. I also agree. If we already have the luxury of having it turned off during daytime, it might as well only activate when it's absolutely necessary (at night and in the caves).
  2. Can someone please post the different phases of the new Wormwood skin? Thanks in advance
  3. It does, I found the chest in an old world, although it wasn't surrounded by evil flowers and nothing burst into flames when I opened the chest.
  4. Are the terraria skins weaveable forever, or are they only available for a limited time? I don't think I'll be able to get enough spool for all of them in a month :\
  5. Called it :'D thanks. I wish the fruit was bigger, but oh well it's a Halloween costume skin. I like the changing color though.
  6. Oooh I can't wait to see blooming Wormwood with that skin. I wonder if he will have a big dragonfruit on his head.
  7. Hmmm retrofiting did not happen in my world after the update.... it's usually automatic, am I doing something wrong? Maybe it's the mods? Or it's just that even though I have the whole ocean revealed, I still have to find the mangroves for them to appear on the map. EDIT: I opened the world again, and the mangroves did not appear, but the light green patches of water did :D:D so that's solved.
  8. So if I understand correctly, if you plant your own great tree trunk, it will not grow figs like the original ones?
  9. Even if it's a feature, with spiders it's even more punishing than with other followers. You spend all those resources to gather your army, including the switcherdoodles, and if for whatever reason you have to leave your PC, you have to do that again.
  10. Not only that, but they just disappear after you re-load the game.
  11. Is there a command to teleport yourself to a certain something in the game? Maybe that would be the best way to find the damn bird.
  12. Wait, is this what's happening to my game? I thought Corvus just straight up disappeared, but he might be on his way to my base, super slowly....