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  1. On a side note, is there a set number of spawn points for the loot stash? If so, how many are there in a world?
  2. I would like that, too. You should be able to pick default skins on starting items.
  3. Nice! Sooo I assume we'll see the Year of the Beefalo update sometime later this month?
  4. This might have been answered already, but there's too much reading back on these forums... I've been watching videos on this update, and I noticed that if you harvest a normal plant, you only get one fruit/vegetable from it. According to this update, birds will now only drop one seed specific to the plant if you feed the crop to it. So how do you make the farm sustainable if you want to eat some of the crops you're growing? I know that there are giant crops that you can hammer down to get multiple seeds and crops, but isn't that a lot of extra work for what is supposed to be the regular purpose of farming? (That is, keeping some of your harvest AND getting extra seeds.)