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  1. You are the only one to think that they are the only one who knows that each bird has a mini-game.
  2. I had this issue when I used a Beefalo Information mod. Removing the mod fixed it.
  3. Thanks! This was 450 Spools (not points)
  4. Try logging into the rewards page using another browser. For me, Chrome did not update the total amount of spools after I clicked on the links You can even click on the links again using another browser to see if the rewards will grant you the free spools correctly.
  5. Thanks! The first and third link gave me spools.
  6. Not just for console players, it's for anyone using a gamepad on PC too. It's a really unnecessary mechanic.
  7. Just posted about this problem myself. It seems to only happen on existing worlds, creating a new world works normally. I wondered if it is connected to Wormwoods new seeds planting mechanic. To plant the seed anywhere in the ground you need to press Right D-pad (which would normally be eat/equip item) and then eating the seeds is now on Left D-pad with him, but with other characters on existing worlds Right won't eat or equip, and Left has no use.