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  1. Is it stuttering while you are hosting a game, and does it still stutter if you join another hosted game? Do you have the same stuttering when playing the standard non-beta version of the game? Does it stutter while using Windowed mode? Are you certain the game is running on your Nvidia GPU and not the onboard AMD CPU graphics? Does it stutter if you choose to run it with the AMD graphics? You could try monitoring your processes in Task Manager to see if the stuttering is happening due to high CPU/Memory usage, etc.
  2. The adventurer skeleton surrounded by gnomes and gnomettes is my favourite. Did the gnomes kill them???
  3. Does anyone know if there is a mod for displaying a timer on a Hatching Tallbird Egg, or another mod that might provide a general timer for other items but also includes the Tallbird Egg?. Thanks
  4. As a controller player I am finding the pinned item slots very useful, and they are by far the best thing about this update for me. Being able to quickly highlight and craft an item from these slots has really helped to minimise the frustration of accessing items within the new UI. If I were able to add more of these pinned item slots I would double the amount that are pinned to the side and add a full row of pinned slots above the inventory like in the image I mocked up below.
  5. When using a Clean Sweeper on the Lazy Explorer, the wooden handle is reskinned with a handle from the Walking Cane (the ones which the player owns). In the screenshots below you can see the orange gem on the top of the staff remains but the handle is using the Walking Cane skins. If this is done with the "Achievements and Level System" server mod enabled it disconnects the server back to the main screen menu (crashes without any errors). I have included the client_log file but as there is no crash error message when the server disconnects I am unsure if this will help. All mods were disabled (apart from the server mod mentioned above) but remained installed.
  6. This was the first thing that I wanted to mention too. It's simply unnecessary to hear her aging for every single year (every 1 "health") especially considering we get an even louder indication and chainge in her appearance with the animated stages every 15 years or whatever this is set too.
  7. I had this issue when I used a Beefalo Information mod. Removing the mod fixed it.
  8. Thanks! This was 450 Spools (not points)