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  1. This is the same conclusion my friend and I came to also. We also convinced ourselves that making the Fashion Goggles helps to find the Desert Goggles faster too, but this may just be a result of learning the fashion blueprint.
  2. Tooth Traps are very good at dealing with hound waves, especially as the waves get larger, they are far from a waste of time.
  3. Comparing the slingshot to Willow's lighter is a bit strange conidering one is a weapon and one is a tool. When you also include the special slingshot ammo, it can obviously be used as an end game support weapon.
  4. My biggest gripe at the moment is the slingshots animation. For a character that relies on avoiding damage (for his rather punishing sanity loss) , getting stuck on the spot and taking unavoidable damage is a real problem. It feels so clunky to try and get a shot in only to be rooted to the spot thanks to the animation. I really like the character. I also really like the slingshot and would love to use it more often from range or to play a support role against larger enemies but I find myself swapping back to a melee weapon because I don't want to deal with how horrible the slingshot feels to use.
  5. She got struck by lightning and caught fire! Also, some reskins would be great.
  6. When I first read the news that Walter would have his own personal "Chester", I expected Woby to have her own bone item that we could carry or leave on the ground, but a stay command would work just fine. I would even be happy if she wouldn't move around and get in the way as much so any of these solutions would be great.
  7. Hi! The recent update has been great but there is something I wanted to highlight that is becoming quite frustrating. Woby seems to have a much closer "tether" to Walter than Chester does when carrying the Eyebone, running around Walter so closly and so often that she frequently gets in the way of performing a lot of tasks. I use a gamepad to play on PC (and I would imagine it's the same for console players) which uses a "focus highlight" type mechanic where the nearest item to your character while looking in its direction gets highlighted and is given the interaction prompts to pick up, attack, open, etc. Due to this behaviour it is difficult to perform certain actions like add fuel to a fire, reel in hooked fish, melee attack enemies and even pick up items from the ground because your focus prompt gets switched to interact with Woby as she has moved close to you on her own. This is also somewhat happening to my friend that uses a mouse and keyboard as Woby has moved in the way of the item being interacted with, blocking the click action . Chester behaves differently, his tether seems to be twice as far as Woby's and he moves around your character far less often, most of the time staying completely stationary until you are far away from him, and when you do move, he doesn't come right up to your character and get in the way of your actions. Can Woby's behaviour be changed to match Chester's so that she isn't always running around getting in the way of your interactions?
  8. Quite a few players have mentioned these in their feedback but I also wanted to reiterate the first 2 points again after trying Walter from myself. First, the constant (heh) noise Walter makes when reading stories at a fire gets very annoying after a while. Perhaps it would be better to just have the text above his head without the audio chirps. Second, the camera zoom is a bit disorientating too when a Walter is reading a story at your fire. It makes doing little tasks during the night feel very strange and if you have to fight spiders or shadow creatures by the fire, it makes it more difficult due to the camera zooming in and out as you move closer and further away from Walter. Finally, this one is more of low tier bug that doesn't really create a long term problem but if Woby happens to be pushed into the ocean, in our game it was some Pengulls that pushed her over the edge, Woby will disappear until you move away from that area and she teleports to your location again in the same way that Chester will run in from the edge of the screen if he gets stuck. All her items are still inside her, so nothing is actually lost when she returns, but I thought I would mention it anyway. Overall we are finding Walter to be quite an interesting character. He feels quite different having to deal with his sanity and slingshot combat when things start to get difficult and right now we are caught in a low health, heavy sanity loss loop while also having limited food during winter. Thumbs up so far!
  9. After our first session both with Walter, I was just about to post the same thing. It's very easy to get confused with which Woby belongs to you when you want to access the items she is carrying. Even a slight change of colour when another Walter is in the same game with you would help
  10. Thanks! The first and third link gave me spools.
  11. His name is Dobby though, rather than Doe-by. Also, I hope Harry didn't give Dobby a glock.
  12. Hi! I'm curious how we pronounce the name. Have there been any Klei devs say the name correctly on a stream? Is it more like Robbie or Robey? How do you think it is pronouced?
  13. The base game has its own range check for the flingomatic. You will need to have something in your hand ready to plant/build like a pine cone or wall. If you do want a mod then you could try something like this -
  14. This is a mod for lightning rod range -