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  1. If you can't fix the problem through normal troubleshooting methods then post a separate topic in the forum. i am sure some one will definitely help you.
  2. yes, a new biome variation will be really good. Also if it's uses some different color variation that will be really good.
  3. super excited and hope the prizes are really great
  4. They just said about the event in brief and mentioned it will start from June 3rd but when the event or drop actually commences there will be a new thread in the forum as usual .
  5. yes, I am also confused, today is 3rd June but no announcement so far
  6. I really hope this issue will get resolved in future update . i really want to play like before.
  7. oh god, I am so happy to see this post , I thought I am the only one facing this issue. My pc is kind of old but I swear it was running fine before the update but now it's like slow motion movie. I don't know how will I fight boss from now on.
  8. don't know what's the reason but from yesterday's update my cpu usage going really high and extreme lag in the game is happening
  9. I just want to know one Important thing that Are we going to get a new volt goat herd from suspicious dirt pile as shown in DemonRebuilt video.? 6:58
  10. yes, you have to wait for some time to see the updated points. I was shocked at first that I claimed the points but it's still showing 1350pts , then I saw the comment that you have to wait for a bit and that worked. now I have 3050 pts .Thanks a lot.