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  1. I have one question I am planning to take a picture with my brother in game as wilson and woodie with spooky setup like totally normal trees in the background etc.. but I can't understand the sign point. In the screenshot will I have to paste my own signature? and How will I show “Klei Halloween 2020” in it ?
  2. The color of the atmosphere with those creatures looks really awesome
  3. I can feel it . Same like pc version android version of DS is also a paid version. so not getting desired experience is a big flaw of android version. Also the fact that a new game is coming to android with the style of DS can catch the mobile DS market
  4. I am totally agree with you, It's tough for a certain time specially at the beginning but after that there isn't anything challenging to do as killing bosses again again isn't always fun. Now base building you can do only for a certain time after that you need something different(not an item), anything achievable line killing fuelweaver for bone armor.
  5. If not in qol update, I want new challenges in the game because after a time there is not much to do with this game. Of course you can base build , beautification or setting up mob farms, but you need some challenges to always feel the attraction
  6. It is always better to learn patterns but now as the marble armor cost is reduced you can always use marble suits and just tank, not a problem.
  7. I just want to know one Important thing that Are we going to get a new volt goat herd from suspicious dirt pile as shown in DemonRebuilt video.? 6:58
  8. yes, you have to wait for some time to see the updated points. I was shocked at first that I claimed the points but it's still showing 1350pts , then I saw the comment that you have to wait for a bit and that worked. now I have 3050 pts .Thanks a lot.
  9. @HobbyLev Thanks a lot. I claimed 450 spools
  10. Is all these updates coming to my existing world ? Thanks in advance