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  1. If you can't fix the problem through normal troubleshooting methods then post a separate topic in the forum. i am sure some one will definitely help you.
  2. super excited and hope the prizes are really great
  3. don't know what's the reason but from yesterday's update my cpu usage going really high and extreme lag in the game is happening
  4. I actually started to loosing my hope to my mine one but at last
  5. I wish I could color my drawing at page 31 but with only shade makes it looks wonderful but I haven't put the spiral portal in the background, looks like watermark. So, I am protected . but why my Image vertical , looks nice though.
  6. I have one question I am planning to take a picture with my brother in game as wilson and woodie with spooky setup like totally normal trees in the background etc.. but I can't understand the sign point. In the screenshot will I have to paste my own signature? and How will I show “Klei Halloween 2020” in it ?
  7. I just want to know one Important thing that Are we going to get a new volt goat herd from suspicious dirt pile as shown in DemonRebuilt video.? 6:58
  8. yes, you have to wait for some time to see the updated points. I was shocked at first that I claimed the points but it's still showing 1350pts , then I saw the comment that you have to wait for a bit and that worked. now I have 3050 pts .Thanks a lot.
  9. @HobbyLev Thanks a lot. I claimed 450 spools
  10. Is all these updates coming to my existing world ? Thanks in advance
  11. Now people are complaining about revert back the changes but they have to understand that in this wendy rework season everybody will use her no matter what perks she got ,even 1hp damage run also can be done by pro players but when everything is over Will they still play as wendy when they are playing alone ? I mean will it be there player of choice after this rework season is over or after new updates will come? This is necessary because not any general player will choose wendy to try out 1hp run. Klei has made these rework to make people choose wendy again as a player of choice to the most players. I don't want to hurt anybody, sorry in advance, but trying 1hp run is different from doing it everyday