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  1. for me I have bunny man farm not far from base. I generally go there except fire hound seasons. That time I use mainly tooth trap because it's better not to play with fire
  2. you will get many pro player suggestion buy I will tell you how I was surviving as a new player. Winter is really difficult for a new player because in autumn you get everything you need to survive but for winter you need preparation. I always try to camp near a grass field where there are lots of rabbit holes. it's the best food source and in winter the main difficulty you will face is food. chop lots of wood in autumn if you don't have a forest near by and make a firepit with thermal stone. these are enough to survive in winter . eat , worm up body and repeat . you just have to take care of deerclops and it's very easy if you just avoid it by spanning him far from your base. Also there are many videos in youtube that will help you tremendously, watch them.
  3. I just want to know one Important thing that Are we going to get a new volt goat herd from suspicious dirt pile as shown in DemonRebuilt video.? 6:58
  4. yes, you have to wait for some time to see the updated points. I was shocked at first that I claimed the points but it's still showing 1350pts , then I saw the comment that you have to wait for a bit and that worked. now I have 3050 pts .Thanks a lot.
  5. @HobbyLev Thanks a lot. I claimed 450 spools
  6. Is all these updates coming to my existing world ? Thanks in advance
  7. Now people are complaining about revert back the changes but they have to understand that in this wendy rework season everybody will use her no matter what perks she got ,even 1hp damage run also can be done by pro players but when everything is over Will they still play as wendy when they are playing alone ? I mean will it be there player of choice after this rework season is over or after new updates will come? This is necessary because not any general player will choose wendy to try out 1hp run. Klei has made these rework to make people choose wendy again as a player of choice to the most players. I don't want to hurt anybody, sorry in advance, but trying 1hp run is different from doing it everyday
  8. I left my carrat overnight in training and in morning when I came back the carrat has no ears and tails and I can't take it back in my inventory. Also wilson is saying that it will be used for lab experiment.
  9. You haven't got yet? , have you checked the skins you have in belongings menu? When you are making torch just click the arrow to change it's appereance.
  10. Pls anyone help me, when I try to catch the carrat on a beeflow using trap and seed it disappeared. I placed the trap and when I picked it there was no carrat in my inventory,it vanished. After that it's almost 7 days I am trying to find another one but no carrat is appearing till now.