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  1. sovon9

    claus new bug

    Nice bug , what kind of site it is where you uploaded ? the video quality also written in Chinese/Japanese language
  2. In my opinion the colors and atmosphere needs to be changed. There should be some more vibrant colors and atmosphere through we can feel the beauty of the nature
  3. everyone is posting almost all the scenes , so why not !
  4. I think it's the latest update that causes the same problem to my game. earlier it's working fine but recently I am experiencing these problems
  5. It really needs to happen I can feel the pain my friend. I watched so many DST videos before buying this but none of them showed that you have to enable cave that is in different sidebar of the page and then you will have cave in your world also I played don't starve where cave automatically comes. Atleast klei should add a warning message if you haven't enabled cave.
  6. Don't use pigmen, it's better to use bunnymen as they will do lots of damage in a small time and you don't have to do anything if you have them beekeeper hat. 20 bunnyman is enough with beekeeper hat. Bunnyman is soo good that now I can destroy dragonfly solo in no time without panflute with just 10 bunny.
  7. Now people are complaining about revert back the changes but they have to understand that in this wendy rework season everybody will use her no matter what perks she got ,even 1hp damage run also can be done by pro players but when everything is over Will they still play as wendy when they are playing alone ? I mean will it be there player of choice after this rework season is over or after new updates will come? This is necessary because not any general player will choose wendy to try out 1hp run. Klei has made these rework to make people choose wendy again as a player of choice to the most players. I don't want to hurt anybody, sorry in advance, but trying 1hp run is different from doing it everyday
  8. You know,in my meteor shower comes to my swamp biome which far away from rocky biome
  9. I really want to help you but I myself in my world have not yet defeated that yet, maybe next summer I will try. For solo you can try the the lureplant method (I am planning the same as I mostly play alone).
  10. sovon9

    About Beefalos

    I actually never tried beefalo taming one time but feeding it to fill 300 hunger is really a tough job. I heard people saying that though keeping beefalo near salt lick and going into cave for summer results undomesticated beefalo. I actually don't know after full domestication what to do next ? will i have to feed it the same way or just parking it near salt lick is enough to keep it domesticated ?
  11. @MrNaxeros @csc_unit so, can tame a beef without feeding it 4 pie everyday ? because most of the time I play alone or sometime my brother joins me but feeding it 4 pie everyday is a very tough work. I earlier tried to tame a beef but everyday. I can't feed him 4 pie so i parked him near salt licks and brushed everyday but eventually it became wild again.
  12. I don't know it's supposed to happen like that but it happened to me also. I left my beeflow near salt licks and upon mouse over using mod I found that their hunger is in 0 though it's near salt lick.