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  1. okay got it ! thanks a lot i really appreciate it !
  2. how do i do this exactly ? I'm sorry I'm not too familiar with the game files, can you give me more details please
  3. oh lord please give us more of them delicious spools and points
  4. hello i just want to know if there is a mod or an option to make the seeds disappear when they spoil and not turn into rot, because all the rotten seeds around the world make my world lag after a certain time (since i have a potato pc) that's it, if there is a way to make spoiled seeds disappear i will be very grateful to know how to do it have a good day edit : i got how to do it thanks
  5. Wes is now even harder to play and i love it
  6. https://accounts.klei.com/link/marchQOL link for 1700 points
  7. if we can choose between normal berries and juicy berries in the settings , this may be the best update of the century
  8. if we get the option to choose between juicy berries and normal berries this is the best update ever