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  1. I am looking forward to seeing these reward skins and login bonuses!
  2. WX-78 can create circuits that can be installed to unlock special abilities. WX-78 can unplug their circuits by utilizing a Circuit Extractor. Unfortunately, this means losing any charge that the circuits were taking up! Interesting. I wonder if because WX can unplug himself and lose his charge, that creating circuits means he can self charge? Hmmm. Very excited
  3. As raised in this post, the Eye Of Terror boss does not drop the winters feast ornament. The bug was marked as fixed on 16th December 2021 and will be in the next release. I killed the Eye of Terror on 30/01/2022 which was 2 days after the Year of the Catcoon release, and still no ornament. I'm assuming the "fix" was in this update so thats why I'm raising it again to flag it as not fixed.
  4. Are you watching streamers with drops enabled? For a list of streamers with drops enabled, please see this page and click "reveal hidden contents"
  5. Most mods out there aren't made by Klei. Mods, like any programs, are prone to bugs or have issues if they dont get updated. Try removing the mini map mod (or all the mods) and play again.
  6. go to science tab and craft the item that is needed (i forgot the name but its probably the last item on the list) and then build it on top of that energy. Then you can add your items
  7. When spider queen is killed and the nest is dropped, picking it up shows as a tier 1 decorated nest. It was never decorated to begin with. A Webber has never been in this world or made any changes to the spider nests. This clip shows the nest of the Queen being dropped, and it showing as a decorated nest before planting. Note: it's a normal nest when it is actually planted Clip here
  8. My apologies, I thought this was during the evening/night. I didnt read the post well enough
  9. This is actually as intended. It will stop when you kill the celestial champion. Then, it resets. To start it back up again, you place all the structures in the fissures again to start it.
  10. As useruser3 have pointed out, make sure your account is linked on the Klei website. And I assume you are but I just wanted to mention it anyway, make sure you are watching streamers with drops enabled. You can tell if a streamer has it enabled by the tags on the video.
  11. Its the same case whether in caves or not. they do grow, but it takes a while as long as they are fertilized.
  12. Cool. Glad it's working. Remember that mods are created by players and not by Klei themselves. So if you ever have a problem in the game, it could be a mod that is affecting it. but because klei doesnt make these mods, they are not responsible for what happens on a mod there is little point in raising a bug on the forum. Only if all mods are disabled should you raise a bug in the future. thanks
  13. have you tried "unsubscribing" from the mod on the workshop page?