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  1. I don't think they should add tall bird taming but i do think it would be cool if when small birds grown up they run away and make a nest. Maybe even make it so the tall bird that were raised by the player wont fight the player that raised them! and only them. But if they steal the egg they still fight. Its crazy that tall birds still kill thier own babies. lmao
  2. Has anyone found a way to open the sealed portal? Or any use for it?
  3. They did the same thing for the gateway way back when. Its a pretty funny way of doing things.
  4. The Astral Detactor crashed my game in the caves and over world... guess its just bugged right now.
  5. It looks like you will only ever need one gem. There always seems to be two out of the three gems socked. The gems seem to last forever.
  6. The new stuff looks so cool! I played with it abit and got the place powered up and did something with the new portal. The new Moth cleaners are so cute <3
  7. No Joe said on discord it's a whole new character not from dlc or an unimplemented character!
  8. So was there nothing new hidden in the Salty Dog update? Other than the new fish haha