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  1. From the little i know. The shopkeepers were going to be added way way back in beta DS. But they changed their minds because it didn't fit in with the feel of being all alone.
  2. Now that i think about it. They changed the paths so they could add the speed boost they give when walking on them. But now the path tile adds the boost. So maybe they could change it back.
  3. Back in the day you could dig the roads up. I miss that. The roads can sometimes be very very weird
  4. Carrat in bird cage

    I'm pretty sure they will still starve. I know they starve in the gyms but never tried the scale. If they don't then that about be amazing!
  5. Carrat in bird cage

    umm yeah but i don't see what that has to do with storing/showing them off.
  6. Carrat in bird cage

    Yeah once you let them go they just dig down and stay there. then you can place a trap over them and pick them. But it would be nice to show them off in some kind of way.
  7. Carrat in bird cage

    Okay i was thinking putting the little guy in a cage was bad but wrapping it up is even worse
  8. Klei should make it so you can place carrats in bird cages to help store them. I'm kinda shocked there is no way to store them out side of just letting them go and trapping them later.
  9. This reminds me of the time they added wormholes into the game. People said they would be OP and ruin exploring in the game. Now look... no one really uses them haha
  10. Giblet beaks...

    Bird beaks are like hair and nails right? It's not part of the skull. Not sure if they can regrow them. haha
  11. You get tons of blue, red and in turn purple gems in mid to late game. If anything they should remove red and purple gems from the drop pool.