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  1. I just sent mine off. Its a in game image because i couldnt do much this year... Happy Halloween everyone <3
  2. They said the next update would be a big one. I dont really see it being about gardening tho. But who knows it could be a giant thumb haha
  3. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this yet but the new sneak peak image for the next beta/update is called "silhouette_fee_fi_fo_thumb.png". Maybe its nothing or... maybe the next update has a giant as a new boss? What do you guys think?
  4. I dream of the day i can fight the Moon Lord in dst!
  5. The bug is fixed now. Works fine
  6. The war is linked to the nightmare cycle so it isnt all the time. But the numbers are crazy and i love it. Cant wait for more wars! haha
  7. It most likey isnt a place holder. The worm hole only happens in older worlds. I'm guessing they cant connect new lands to older lands, so they just use a worn hole in old worlds.
  8. Has anyone found a way to open the sealed portal? Or any use for it?
  9. They did the same thing for the gateway way back when. Its a pretty funny way of doing things.
  10. Its really easy to solve it. Just run over the other parts on the floor. You have to turn each one on in the right order. Its pretty much just a memory game.