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  1. Well that was one hell of a ride... huh guys
  2. No Joe said on discord it's a whole new character not from dlc or an unimplemented character!
  3. They are in the game. Im talking about stuff that's just in the files.
  4. So was there nothing new hidden in the Salty Dog update? Other than the new fish haha
  5. New update doesn't let us fish

    Fishing in the sea will be a thing. The art for the fish is in the game and you get the option to fish in the sea if you are holding a rod. So it will come in time. As for spawning the new boss... you don't need to fish. He will show up near the fish anyway.
  6. You cant mine them completely now. so no need to worry
  7. [Query] On Turfs

    Im guessing any turf you can craft and also be deconstructed!
  8. Yeah i never heard anything about people getting the Pod skin for owning ONI on day one... I feel like it would have been a loyal skin if that were true.
  9. If that's true. I never got that skin. so how do i get it haha
  10. Yeah the bible is one hell of a story! Haha
  11. How does the game place shoals? Can they spawn close to the island and is there a cap on how many can be in the world? Its okay if you cant answer. Would just be cool to know.
  12. Salty Dog Spoilers

    omg i cant believe it took so long for me to notice this
  13. Salty Dog Spoilers

    Just open the old world in the beta and it should start retrofitting.
  14. Salty Dog Spoilers

    He just showed up. I didn't spawn him in. I skipped to early winter so not sure if that matters.
  15. Salty Dog Spoilers

    Oh okay haha i just saw you could hold it so i guessed it was a weapon