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  1. If we are going off the other betas for DST. My guess is no. But you could just move the saves over from the beta to the live branch when it comes out.
  2. What is The Forge?

    The forge was an in game event. Groups of players fight waves of monsters in a arena. Its over now. But there is a mod out there if you wanna give it a try. Also nice pfp.... :I
  3. My god the level of entitlement is insane...
  4. It feels way to early to think about this. Haha im sure they will end up adding the same boarder as SW.
  5. Thanks for the update. Any news on when the beta will get the next part of ROT?
  6. I like to look of both but the sound of the walking on the island is bad... kinda gross in a way.
  7. [Game Update] - 342138

    There is also a new Drift Wood Oar. Made with one drift wood. I'm Guessing its better but seems to break faster.
  8. the moon

    If you look at the "moon" statue. You can see a chunk is missing. Its a safe bet that the Lunar Islands are whats left of what fell from the "moon".
  9. Thank you for this!
  10. Can we get the image of Wormwood sitting in front of the moon as a background?
  11. mutant suggestion: Uni-corn

    What about a PiranKin? Half Piranha half Pumpkin Made this with my mouse and Paint.net in 5 mins so its just a concept haha
  12. mutant suggestion: Uni-corn

    Its horn could be corn at grows in spring that you can harvest! haha Also maybe one of its attacks could be it spitting corn kernels at the player
  13. Yeah they do. I was cleaning out a lunar island today and a bird dropped flint.
  14. It feels like they are going for slow. You can build anything on the boats so setting sail should take days. I like the idea of planing and sailing for days with friends. But smaller faster boats would be nice late game.