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  1. Huh i only just noticed i lost my badges... Nevermind... i guess i still have them haha
  2. No Joe said on discord it's a whole new character not from dlc or an unimplemented character!
  3. So was there nothing new hidden in the Salty Dog update? Other than the new fish haha
  4. You cant mine them completely now. so no need to worry
  5. When are we getting the next part of the update? Wasn't it meant to come out last month? I know the live release of TOT was delayed but they said that wasn't going to affect the beta.
  6. There is also a new Drift Wood Oar. Made with one drift wood. I'm Guessing its better but seems to break faster.
  7. Was waiting for this! <3 Also can we see all the statues made out of moon glass?
  8. This is the best thing about this update! Bridges are a thing now!