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Edgy Rick memorial thread

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The inevitable day has come, the best don't starve youtuber has quit DST.

He has foreseen the cataclysm, and now has abandoned us for good


RIP Edgy Rick, 2016-2021

Comment your condolences here

He was the one who originally got me into ruins rushing, I remember having a blast in 2017, my first ever ruins rush lasted 16 days. Thank you for teaching us how to be Pros, Edgy Rick.

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1 minute ago, Cheggf said:

Oh no! What will we do until he comes back 2 weeks later because he remembered he likes money?!

Dont bring my hopes down like that, someone who says they’re going to quit doing something and then continues to still do it is only doing it for attention or because they are addicted- I’ll let you guys be the judge of which is which.

But I’m pretty certain that Klei doesn’t care either way, so what they’ll lose a few players, but new ones will always replace them once they leave.

if he’s gone he is gone I didn’t know him so I won’t miss him, but if he’s not gone I’m still not going to care either way just stop crying Wolf.

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