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  1. Tbh i don't want a character rebalance anymore.
  2. where do they get the leather for their banners from
  3. Of course you can play as you want! I just said that wx is a very forgiving char. I don't want him to get nerfed; his 400 max hp aren't that strong so i completely oppose a wx nerf. ^
  4. This is a perfect example of "why wx's 400 hp don't make him a good char". Because of some mistakes you/your friend made (you probably lost too much time doing something unnecessary), you were forced to fight klaus right before spring. If you managed your time better you wouldnt've needed wx's 400 max hp. Just play it well and 400 hp will literally become useless.
  5. Again: any char could do that, they would just have to kite the enemies instead of tanking them.
  6. Literally any char can do that U-um no sry i'd like to keep them secret till i make a video/guide about them or something >.<
  7. Uh actually, if we use math and logic we come to the conclusion that 400 max hp aren't op at all. They don't help him do any task faster and you still need the same amount of healing food/time to heal yourself as any other char. The only thing that changes is that you're allowed to make more mistakes in combat (just learn to kite and don't tank 100 splumonkeys, thank you). I really don't see how 200 max hunger and 300 max sanity are op so um wut. Tl;dr 400 max hp don't make wx a better char, they only make playing him slightly easier.
  8. This hurts me so much. Why does everyone think that maxwell's duelists are bad. You just gotta be more creative, there are so many cool strats (some of them are extremely op) that require shadow duelists : (
  9. I'm not trolling, they're just much better than you think
  10. Shadow duelists already are super strong cuz they allow you to do the fastest and cheapest bq kill : ( fight me >: (
  11. I understood you perfectly fine, though you were talking about stuff i didnt even say in my post. I've played this game a lot (3000 hours playtime) and i've seen quite some people that suffered from bad character balance.
  12. Mhm yeah, let's just ignore poor willow, wilson, wendy and woodie mains that sometimes get kicked/hated for picking bad characters. Those chars are literally useless compared to the strong/op characters which is super sad.