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  1. the totally normal trees are super cool for megabases so yes pls : )
  2. Do pig houses repair?

    anything that destroys buildings repairs pighouses (coconades and gunpowder, for example)
  3. what are you suppose to do

    tbh it's super ez and fun once you know what you're doing : )
  4. should be easy tbh. you even have a walking cane >.>
  5. 400 max hp isn't that op imho 150 max hp is already enough tbh : )
  6. The thing with the tentapillars is pretty useful when trying to find the atrium. Duelists can easily kill the unshadow-version of splumonkeys. (This is especially useful in the REAL ruins (part of the ruins where statues and clockworks can be found) since rooks sometimes destroy ancient pseudoscience stations and splumonkeys spawn and they just steal ur stuff ;'( oh also, duelists can take bishops' aggro which is quite powerful in a no-armor-no-healing ruins rush as maxwell.) I rather keep the maxwell-beequeen strat a secret since i dont want everyone to know about it (you can send me a DM if you really want to know). Maxwell's downside isn't that bad. The only time it really matters is when bunnies kill you (you should have some life giving amulets at that time cuz umm klaus?) or when splumonkeys attack you but you can just wait for the nightmare phase to end so um wut How i'd buff/nerf maxwell (please don't flame me) give him 150 hp, double all the damage he receives. Give him the ability to open/close his codex in his inventory which does the following: shadows will attack/chop/dig/mine everything they see if the book is opened. They'll only chop/mine/dig something if you click on trees/boulders/stumps/graves etc. if the book's closed. Duelists would behave like maxwell's reflection (move to the right and they do the same, attack something and they'll attack too). They deal 0.25x damage in this form and lower maxwell's max hp by 25%. Ur thoughts plz but dont flame me pls Klei should probably give us the ability to choose the nerfs so we dont get super-nerfed chars such as willow but ummm idk Pre lunar update yeah, but now we have this update and it somewhat buffed maxwell.
  7. People will be angry but it's just necessary. Wicker, max and wolf are just way stronger than the other chars Sanity stations and willow's nightmare fuel farms are pretty cool for megabases but they don't really make willow and wendy good chars : ( His duelists are pretty useful though. They give you more dps but here are some random things only very few people know about the duelists: They don't get attacked by baby tentacles so tentapillars are easier, beequeen can be(e) killed without armor or healing if you use the duelists right, they can easily kill ewecus for you if you combine ranged weapons with /dance, they kill annoying splumonkeys in the ruins and they're also able to tank beefalos cuz hp regen : ) dis all combined with better nightmare fuel farming, op logs and rocks farming (which is actually faster than any char+bearger/forest stalker) makes him pretty op imho (and on top of that you can just switch to wicker, craft all the books you need, then switch back to maxwell and WEW there u have the best char in dis game : )
  8. Plz nerf wicker, maxwell, wolfgang and maybe wx. Buff willow, wendy and winona. (Buff woodie's werebeaver form a bit (hambat damage probably), other than that he's fine.) Thx klei : )
  9. Thron

    Pretty rude