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  1. maxwell x wendy OwO
  2. Did Winona powercrept Wicker?

    it kinda is tho..
  3. Wx-78 rework discussion

    Yes let's buff s tier wx
  4. Maxwell QOL Idea

    yes pls klei...
  5. Wortox strategies or tips

    use souls to teleport
  6. thank you klei for this much needed fix
  7. omg that short is so cute
  8. Pls release him before the stream... Pls..
  9. Dont starve youtuber

    Yes i agree lakurion is a good youtuber
  10. Wortox ideas

  11. Wortox ideas

    give wortox the ability to use 2 krampus sacks as a wormhole so he wont be low b tier thanks klei
  12. he looks different in winona's trailer? please fix, klei?
  13. his upsides sound disappointing. sure, we don't know how wortox will perform in-game but i'm sure he'll be another wilson with weak upsides.
  14. On Base Locations

    Best base location is next to wormholes