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  1. Call me mad but I would like to see an escalating seasonal difficulty. And by that I mean introducing additional seasonal obstacles the longer you survive. With that random idea out of the way, I think wildfires could use some tweaking. I like the proposed idea of heatwaves, but imo the best solution would be a new optional summer boss (like Klaus) that drops a recipe for something that straight out disables wildfires in large area. It would be cheap and probably cover as much as lightning rod. Heck, maybe even make it as an attachment for lightning rods. Also, to prove my madness mentioned before, I actualy like summer. Please disregard the fact that I always turn off wildfires.
  2. Okay I didn't expect such clear specificity and just listing what you are going to introduce. Nonetheless I'm hyped. Wonder who will get their next refresh (my bet is on webber).
  3. I hope there will be something else introduced in the library. Something that could be connected with mysterious energy, perhaps?
  4. The high concentration of sarcasm in this thread is barely containable.
  5. The only time I saw Tencent in one of my games was Warframe and so far nothing really changed. They still produce content as they did before and I heard that they don't really care about what it's child companies do, so long it generates some profit, even if that profit is small. They are definitely the least worst company to be owned by when you compare it with EA or Ubisoft. However, there is still that dreadful feeling that Tencent can now do whatever it feels like with Klei, even if they agreed on full autonomy there might come a situation where they will just deny that. It is also worrying that they are gaining a monopoly over video game industry... and the part that it is chinesee which afaik has some huge controversy around which I wish not to know of. I really don't know what to think of this... I used to buy skins from you the moment I saw the update, but now I may second thought that decision.
  6. First half of autumn is possibly the most boring part of the game for me as I run around the edge of the main island until an entire outline is done. Then I pick a base at Dfly desert or near a wormhole leading to dfly desert (I always turn wildfires off so I can base wherever). Then I do one of three things: make some sort of food farm gather more resources most commonly, vibe, aka feel lost and be unable to make a decision on what to do next
  7. Honestly, I don't want a roadmap. I'd rather give Klei some flexibility on what they can do rather than setting plans in stone and then stressing them out. The previous roadmap was too vague and probably still put pressure on the devs, so why even bother? My bet is on YotB, and a Roadmap to come out later, if at all.
  8. Just look at what a courier gave me today (and immediately ran away). It's my first merch ever and it was worth every penny. Thank you Klei!
  9. Why am I imagining OP talking like a consipracy theorist that had too much coffee? As for the taste. I'd say it varies depending on the consumer, and the taste represents their worst moment in life. For Willow though I think it's the opposite, since she becomes stronger when insane, and it's because of the nightmares she essentialy freed herself from the orphanage. For Webber it would make sense for it to be cold and slippery, since you get cold when dying and the insides of a spider are definitely slippery. For Wortox... it is a stretch but the moment when he tried to free a baby beefalo that was probably squishy followed up by the curse would probably bring back some bad memories. To be more specific on the taste aspect, lets say that Wendy eats the gallete. It wouldn't be a simple taste like sweet, bitter or puke-inducing. It would be a sensation of a nearby ocean breeze with a light scent of flowers.
  10. I find it funny that that in the beta forums players kept saying that Wormwood needs more buffs despite everything it already got and now there's this thread. I have yet to play as it, but I have few other survivors I want to fully try out, such as Warly, new Wigfrid or Walter. From what I've read Wormwood is in really good shape now.
  11. I remember this change came early in DST's development. My memory is fuzzy about it so correct me if I'm wrong, but originaly mobs had a straight damage and health buff compared to DS. Players didn't like it, but Klei still wanted to encourage fighting together, so they got rid of the damage buff, left the health buff and nerfed armor durability instead. It's basicaly what @ShadowDuelist said. If you fight along with someone, the damage is split between you, so the original armor durability would make them too strong... for most armors I guess. Some suffer from this change. I'd say log suits, football helmets and thulecite suits and marble suits are fine as they are. I don't use other armors so I can't have an opinion on their usability.
  12. I had a mountain of seeds that were really close to rotting. Thankfuly it was spring so I went full ham and filled our garden with giants. I don't have a problem.
  13. I understood this comment in the same way: Klei is interested in making an animated series but cannot since they want to focus on their games BUT if a streaming platform such as Netflix would support them, then they would 100% go with that idea as they could focus on the game AND make an animated series. Everyone! Spam these streaming platforms! Let them know there is a gem to discover!
  14. It's so breathtaking that they stole your voice, modified it a bit, and used it in this musical. That animation is a big surprise and I love every second of it. Happy holidays Klei team, you totaly deserve it.