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  1. A secret refresh. Not sure if it's a right move but if it is the one almost everyone wishes to get right now then I suppose it would add some tension. Thank you Klei for your honesty, even if that roadmap is vague, I appreciate that you are still trying to give us as much info without trapping yourselves into a corner.
  2. Yeah I figured. I'm kinda surprised that she's the most played and not Wolf or WX. But then she's literary designed for fighting and everyone is cooking meat based food anyway... except for Wurt.
  3. Wathgrithr. Sounds like some lovecraft fan made that name. Personally I want Wendy to get reworked. I used to main her until I got tired of that damage debuff and Abi dying whenever I went to swamp or fought a boss.
  4. It should be pointing to the right location. Every time the script is launched manualy the server updates without an issue.
  5. Watchdog is there, although the server never really crashed, so I can't say if it's working. Also what do you mean that there isn't a way for Steamcmd to update without external utilities? Does that mean that every admin needs to manualy update their servers? I am confused. I am also running mods on this server. Is it possible that one of them could prevent the server from updating? Dedicated_server_mods_setup: --#Scythes ServerModSetup("537902048") --#Global_Pause ServerModSetup("758532836") --#No_Container_Blocking ServerModSetup("1573330993") --#Show_Me_Origin ServerModSetup("666155465") --#API_Gem_Core ServerModSetup("1378549454") --#Less_Hungry_Critters ServerModSetup("1119335494") --#Epic_Healthbar ServerModSetup("1185229307") --#Extended_Map_Icons ServerModSetup("812723897") --#Fix_Beards_Wilson ServerModSetup("1379703510") --#Force_Reed_Trap ServerModSetup("928691537") --#Maxwells_Phonograph ServerModSetup("704495354") --#Health_Info ServerModSetup("375859599") --#Long_Pig ServerModSetup("353933777")
  6. This is basicaly a continuation of Starting a server on friend's physical server thread, but I figured making another one with more specific question would attract more attention. So here's the issue. I have a dedicated server on a physical server. I don't really have access to it outside of in-game console and the physical server is in friend's place. This means that I have to constantly pester my friend whenever server updates or stops showing up in server browser. We tried the typical script lines to force the auto-update but they don't work. They were used separately: c:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +app_update 343050 validate +quit steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir D:\Servers\DST\ +app_update 343050 validate +quit Of course, the directories are different since the server doesn't have a Documents folder. Any idea on what we could do to force the server to auto-update?
  7. What's The Hardest Season?

    I kinda like summer... I don't really know why. Maybe because caves are safe from rain and freezing. There's already enough things to worry about down there. Also, I like fighting the Antlion. I turn bully into bullied and laugh at his attempts to destroy my stuff. Still, I always turn off wildfires and hate maintaining that one flingomatic to keep my plants from withering. I despise spring though. I am essentialy locked to eyebrella, can't really go to caves and frogs just force me out of my base and any mob farm.
  8. Bump Any other way to make the server auto-update?
  9. What I expect: - Wendy rework; - Return of Gorge. What I hope would be in the roadmap: - A new raid boss... that I will solo anyway because none of my friends would play with me...; - "Holy Trinity" nerfs reworks; - A more approachable way to setup and maintain dedicated servers;
  10. I think there should just be a thread like Maxwell memes. A place made specificaly for those really weird questions. Also, if that would happen to me I'd think "I guess that Carrat has a severe case of "I have to go, my moon needs me". Wait... he was the only good Carrat I had, now I have to train another one in his place."
  11. Apparently this script is already being used and doesn't work. And for VM. This sounds like a good idea. I'll see what we can do with it.
  12. Hey, I got another problem. The server doesn't auto-update. Steamcmd doesn't seem to react to new version, although it can be updated manualy. Is there a way to automate this process? I'm starting to feel bad for constantly asking my friend to relaunch the server whenever it updates/crashes.
  14. Is there something else for Windows? I doubt my friend would like me to have access to his entire server. And I also have no idea what rcom is but I bet this is some typical way of controlling servers.