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  1. Here's what I did: checked Twitch link from Klei side - it is linked; checked Klei link from Twitch side - it shows up in the other connections section; relinked the accounts; checked if my Twitch e-mail is verified - it is; checked if I was watching streams with drops enabled - they definitely were; checked Steam inventory - no Salt Lamp drops, I double-checked the filters; checked In-game inventory - no Salt Lamp drops, I turned off all filters and sorted by release date; I apparently got one drop yesterday but I didn't get it in-game. I got no other drop despite watching for well over 2 hours; I'm not using a VPN; My last Twitch drop was The Crystaline Furnace skin. Well, the last step mentiones contacting support. So I guess I'm gonna do that. EDIT: I got the drops! Twitch didn't even bother to notify me but I launched the game and here they are. Not sure if it got fixed by itself or you did something but hey, thanks either way.
  2. client_log.txt I still didn't earn any drop from this series. I checked everything: Got one notification from twitch that I got a drop, but I can't see it in game or in steam inventory. I relinked the twitch account and still got nothing. I made sure that I watch streams with drops enabled.
  3. I think Klei is really going out of their way to not be considered cheap or lazy, and if you ask me, I'd say they are one of the most hard-working companies I've ever seen. I have so much respect towards them that I actualy check these forums, which is something i never do for other games. Still, I do sometimes wonder why they don't reuse some assets.
  4. Then make another one! And also use crafted turfs. Nothing shall stop the rise of the tooth gods!
  5. Make a tooth shrine in the centre of gigantic formation made of teeth in the form of a tooth. Make tooth sacrifaces with Hounds and prey for the toothy blessings of good fortune.
  6. Either Wes or Wolfgang. Wes because although he is a challenge character, he should have been a challenge for the player, and not his team as well. Perhaps make shadows go straight for him while being unable to be damaged by other players, even when insane. Yeah that would make sense, make Wes get more aggro from every hostile mob. That way he would be a good challenge for the player while aiding his team by serving as a decoy. You know... like in Forge. As for Wolfgang... I just want this holy trinity to be over. Wolfgang makes literary everything easier for non-existant downsides. Make his downsides much more apparent. His hunger would drain even faster (almost as fast as weremeters when idle) and food would regain less hunger when mighty. Replace higher sanity drain with a mechanic that makes less shadows to spawn when mighty and much more when wimpy. With the hunger draining so quickly I'd say to remove damage and speed scaling and just give it a static value, but slightly weaker, like 1.8x damage and 1.15x speed. Same would go for wimpy form that would actualy be seen with the shadows mechanics, 0.7x damage and... still 0.9x speed. Making it 0.95 would probably not be noticeable.
  7. A secret refresh. Not sure if it's a right move but if it is the one almost everyone wishes to get right now then I suppose it would add some tension. Thank you Klei for your honesty, even if that roadmap is vague, I appreciate that you are still trying to give us as much info without trapping yourselves into a corner.
  8. You can summon pig wrestlers? Imagine the possibilities! Also, what species is the wrestler Webber? Some sort of Tarantula?
  9. When you want to make a DST meme at 4 AM, and then YouTube plays a soundtrack from one of your games. I should go to bed...
  10. You'll quickly lose your track cause like always, I just stopped posting and checking forums. Eh... maybe I'll come back when Woodie gets reworked / I get a PC that doesn't lag near my base / in the next year when I get sudden urge to get back to DST.
  11. I see everything EXCEPT the birdcage I missed. :/
  12. I was conflicted. Should I make Gordon Wesman, or Wes Freeman, so I made both Also, this is what happens when you have played a lot of DS(T) and then started playing Overwatch