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  1. My top 2 and I still don't know if they are no 1 or 2. I'm mostly a guy who has a sceptical approach to most of the game industry. Indie seems to be the only part of it which has a decency to not jump straight towards my wallet. Klei is beyond that. They have proven to me that they care, that they know we are actual humans and that we want to see them grow. Keep going Klei! Make what you guys love!
  2. No joke I would love to see this on Wicker or any character utilizing magic.
  3. I rollback whenever a high-effort fight is lost. And by that I mean stuff like AF, CC or most likely MT. I try to avoid it, even if it means a boring trip back to base all the way from the ruins.
  4. A failed experiment you say? Jokes aside... I loved both of these events. I hope they will get officialy reintroduced somehow, or at least tied in with the main lore.
  5. It means this. Clicking on the coin icon opens Klei rewards.
  6. Just look at what a courier gave me today (and immediately ran away). It's my first merch ever and it was worth every penny. Thank you Klei!
  7. I had a mountain of seeds that were really close to rotting. Thankfuly it was spring so I went full ham and filled our garden with giants. I don't have a problem.
  8. I'm confused as well. I assume this was added for consistency sake. After all, if beaver is good for trees and treeguards, then it would make sense for it to chew through log suits as well. If I didn't hate pvp in every game, then I could probably use it as some mega-brain strategy.
  9. Woodie's weremeter resets when full moon starts. It can be really handy when goosing around or beavering an entire ecosystem. Moose is more questionable, as it requires some breathing room for healing inbetween fights.
  10. Ok now I want to stack 40 bees and watch my friend's reaction when one bee explodes with stingers. Here's some bad "unknown" mechanic: Crab King spawns close to the mainland, so don't bother searching for him at the edges of the land. Crabby Hermit though spawns randomly, so you have to rely on the jars or luck to find her.
  11. I'm sorry for posting without a meme but I'm genuinely curious what devs think about this whole behemoth of a topic.
  12. Here's what I did: checked Twitch link from Klei side - it is linked; checked Klei link from Twitch side - it shows up in the other connections section; relinked the accounts; checked if my Twitch e-mail is verified - it is; checked if I was watching streams with drops enabled - they definitely were; checked Steam inventory - no Salt Lamp drops, I double-checked the filters; checked In-game inventory - no Salt Lamp drops, I turned off all filters and sorted by release date; I apparently got one drop yesterday but I didn't get it in-game. I got no other drop despite watching for well over 2 hours; I'm not using a VPN; My last Twitch drop was The Crystaline Furnace skin. Well, the last step mentiones contacting support. So I guess I'm gonna do that. EDIT: I got the drops! Twitch didn't even bother to notify me but I launched the game and here they are. Not sure if it got fixed by itself or you did something but hey, thanks either way.
  13. client_log.txt I still didn't earn any drop from this series. I checked everything: Got one notification from twitch that I got a drop, but I can't see it in game or in steam inventory. I relinked the twitch account and still got nothing. I made sure that I watch streams with drops enabled.