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  1. With Webber confirmed I think WX is the best choice, which means it's time to tinker with the big trio. Honestly, I don't expect much from them. After all, they are all very powerful already. For WX specificaly I think we could get more specific way of upgrading and maybe more disadvantages centered around water and overheating, aka. the two big enemies of electronics. And that would be it, nothing more.
  2. I have very high respect towards Klei. In fact, they are one of the two companies I would throw money at the moment I get the opportunity... within reason of course. Essentialy, I buy ALL of the new stuff the moment it's out. Occassionaly I skip a smaller bundle so that I'll have a reason to use my spools.
  3. I main Wendy. With that said I haven't played her for quite a long time, and I haven't played all characters to judge the choice fairly. So far I'd say Woodie. His transformations just make the things I enjoy the least to be the interesting. I mean, I can scout the map much faster with Goose and chop down entire forests with Beaver. And Moose just let's me battle bosses and clear ruins without that much preparations. Still, Wendy is my close second, with ghostly aoe and ALCHEMY which I just love as a game mechanic. Wurt is my third. I just adore that victorian skin and merm kingdom is quite beneficial, although the recipe limitations can be annoying. Not in terms of starving,but with farming being nearly mandatory in order to get good meals. I'm trying to break my farming addiction and my friends can only get so many bundling wraps before they just give up and let it all rot in our overloaded ice boxes.
  4. I was more talking about people who treat public servers as their own private ones. If you enjoy playing on them and meeting new people then that's alright. That was probably the original idea behing public servers. But then there are people who would just kick or trap you the moment you join, which makes no sense to me. If hosting is really that much of an issue then maybe Klei would add their own "realms" like Minecraft did. A dedicated server where people can play without newbies and at any time of day.
  5. It boggles my mind as to why people like to take over PUBLIC and SURVIVAL servers instead of just hosting their own PRIVATE and ENDLESS server. If their bases are so precious then why bother with potential newbies and griefers? They clearly have time to host them indefinitely if they are willing to use AFK scripts.
  6. It means this. Clicking on the coin icon opens Klei rewards.
  7. Call me mad but I would like to see an escalating seasonal difficulty. And by that I mean introducing additional seasonal obstacles the longer you survive. With that random idea out of the way, I think wildfires could use some tweaking. I like the proposed idea of heatwaves, but imo the best solution would be a new optional summer boss (like Klaus) that drops a recipe for something that straight out disables wildfires in large area. It would be cheap and probably cover as much as lightning rod. Heck, maybe even make it as an attachment for lightning rods. Also, to prove my madness mentioned before, I actualy like summer. Please disregard the fact that I always turn off wildfires.
  8. Okay I didn't expect such clear specificity and just listing what you are going to introduce. Nonetheless I'm hyped. Wonder who will get their next refresh (my bet is on webber).
  9. The only time I saw Tencent in one of my games was Warframe and so far nothing really changed. They still produce content as they did before and I heard that they don't really care about what it's child companies do, so long it generates some profit, even if that profit is small. They are definitely the least worst company to be owned by when you compare it with EA or Ubisoft. However, there is still that dreadful feeling that Tencent can now do whatever it feels like with Klei, even if they agreed on full autonomy there might come a situation where they will just deny that. It is also worrying that they are gaining a monopoly over video game industry... and the part that it is chinesee which afaik has some huge controversy around which I wish not to know of. I really don't know what to think of this... I used to buy skins from you the moment I saw the update, but now I may second thought that decision.
  10. Just look at what a courier gave me today (and immediately ran away). It's my first merch ever and it was worth every penny. Thank you Klei!
  11. I had a mountain of seeds that were really close to rotting. Thankfuly it was spring so I went full ham and filled our garden with giants. I don't have a problem.
  12. I'm confused as well. I assume this was added for consistency sake. After all, if beaver is good for trees and treeguards, then it would make sense for it to chew through log suits as well. If I didn't hate pvp in every game, then I could probably use it as some mega-brain strategy.
  13. Woodie's weremeter resets when full moon starts. It can be really handy when goosing around or beavering an entire ecosystem. Moose is more questionable, as it requires some breathing room for healing inbetween fights.
  14. Ok now I want to stack 40 bees and watch my friend's reaction when one bee explodes with stingers. Here's some bad "unknown" mechanic: Crab King spawns close to the mainland, so don't bother searching for him at the edges of the land. Crabby Hermit though spawns randomly, so you have to rely on the jars or luck to find her.