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  1. Caves: [00:00:41]: [Shard] secondary shard LUA is now ready! Caves: [00:00:41]: Sim paused Master: [00:00:49]: Registering master server in US lobby Trying to connect returns version mismatch Attempted to manualy update the server through steamcmd steamcmd +force_install_dir "$install_dir" +login anonymous +app_update 343050 validate +quit Returns that the server is already up to date. Also the server really doesn't want to register to that US lobby, which makes little sense since I live in EU.
  2. You know, I understand the OP there. I feel discouraged playing a character that I know is already on the server. I like to bring variety, but most importantly, I want to immerse myself, and nothing breaks my immersion more than a clone of my own character. What's that? You want to be a unique personality and bring something no one else can? Well too bad there are like four of the same you here so you ain't gonna bring anything new. Better take someone else you don't fully enjoy playing and maybe, just maybe you won't find out that there are ten of the same character later on. I'd love to know if there is any mod out there that limits the choice of characters.
  3. I realised yesterday that Forgotten Knowledge is in beta and now I find out it comes out tomorrow. You know, sometimes I'm glad I can't follow the news. My wallet is ready.
  4. Too much work for too little change I believe. I'm gonna guess that when Klei will start having memory issues with the next update they will make the game 64-bit, and then we will wait a year for that update. It's not a complaint though, just a rough prediction.
  5. I'm sorry for posting without a meme but I'm genuinely curious what devs think about this whole behemoth of a topic.
  6. I noticed that character refreshes are released based on what community wanted the most at the time. This topic is the next step for another refresh as it clearly shows what community wants, so expect your fellow spiderboi to get smacked with a refreshing code. I am not taking into account new characters as they sometimes could be thrown in, just like Wormwood and Warly.
  7. Your business practices are the reason why I mindlesly throw money at you by buying skin packs even though I play the game once a year. You are the gem among the pile of garbage that deserves all of the support. As much as I would wish to have the last event "Gorge season 2" I simply cannot ask you to make it given what it would cost.
  8. You can buy things directly without wallet when the cost is high enough. I think it must be over the minimum amount of how much you can add to your steam wallet. If it's lower then you must add those minimum funds and then make a purcahse.
  9. Here's what I did: checked Twitch link from Klei side - it is linked; checked Klei link from Twitch side - it shows up in the other connections section; relinked the accounts; checked if my Twitch e-mail is verified - it is; checked if I was watching streams with drops enabled - they definitely were; checked Steam inventory - no Salt Lamp drops, I double-checked the filters; checked In-game inventory - no Salt Lamp drops, I turned off all filters and sorted by release date; I apparently got one drop yesterday but I didn't get it in-game. I got no other drop despite watching for well over 2 hours; I'm not using a VPN; My last Twitch drop was The Crystaline Furnace skin. Well, the last step mentiones contacting support. So I guess I'm gonna do that. EDIT: I got the drops! Twitch didn't even bother to notify me but I launched the game and here they are. Not sure if it got fixed by itself or you did something but hey, thanks either way.
  10. client_log.txt I still didn't earn any drop from this series. I checked everything: Got one notification from twitch that I got a drop, but I can't see it in game or in steam inventory. I relinked the twitch account and still got nothing. I made sure that I watch streams with drops enabled.
  11. A secret refresh. Not sure if it's a right move but if it is the one almost everyone wishes to get right now then I suppose it would add some tension. Thank you Klei for your honesty, even if that roadmap is vague, I appreciate that you are still trying to give us as much info without trapping yourselves into a corner.
  12. You can summon pig wrestlers? Imagine the possibilities! Also, what species is the wrestler Webber? Some sort of Tarantula?
  13. When you want to make a DST meme at 4 AM, and then YouTube plays a soundtrack from one of your games. I should go to bed...
  14. You'll quickly lose your track cause like always, I just stopped posting and checking forums. Eh... maybe I'll come back when Woodie gets reworked / I get a PC that doesn't lag near my base / in the next year when I get sudden urge to get back to DST.