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    How did you put it all in a single boat? Must be very cramped.
  2. You know, those ships are cool and all, but it would also be great to have some content from Shipwrecked, such as Life Jacket, Sea structures... coffee? please?
  3. We need a /shanty emote!

    Well if that's the case then let's do something with the drunken sailor
  4. I always imagined a timeline where everything is canon. I have this timeline in my head: William Carter finds Codex Umbra; William renames himself to Maxwell, starts perorming with Charlie and then gets sucks through the book by Them, along with Charlie; After some time, Maxwell starts pulling in more people into Constant, one of which being Wilson; Wilson, after surviving some time in RoG world and exploring the ruins, tries to escape by the sea and crashes in the SW world; Again after some time spent in SW world Wilson takes the skies, crashing yet again, this time in Hamlet world; --- Here is the spot for more singleplayer DLCs where Wilson continues to escape ---; With no progress made towards escaping, Wilson returns to RoG world and uses Teleportato, which basicaly restarted his journey; With no options left, Wilson uses Adventure Portal, and eventualy gets on the Nightmare Throne; Charlie takes over the throne and throws Wilson back into constant, where he and Maxwell create the Florid Postern, starting off DST. Every other character who used Teleportato was taken to the Postern. --- Here is the spot for any multiplayer content added to the world of DST ---; Eventualy, the survivors beat the Ancient Fuealweaver and go through Ancient Gateway; The survivors find themselves in the firery pits of the Forge, where they battle for their survival; Next they are stuck in small victorian island where they are tasked to appease the Gnaw or be turned into Merms; --- Here is the spot for further stops the survivors might encounter by jumping through the Ancient Gateways ---; It's worth noting that between Maxwell being pulled into Constant and Wilson taking over the throne, Maxwell pulled in everyone else in, at no specific order. Wilson could be the first victim, but might as well be the last. As you can see, I found three spots where Klei can expand indefinitely. Really clever move if you ask me.
  5. Other than the ocean I haven't noticed anything strange in my world. Although I've also never seen this configuration of pig houses before. It might be some very rare occurance.
  6. We need a /shanty emote!

    Isn't it copyrighted? I would be down for some new tune similar to this one, just like Klei did with carol.
  7. After all, there are so many baddies who are just asking to be punched by godly murder machine. Here's how I would imagine it: - All Hulk pieces spawn in the same way as in Hamlet. Pieces would either drop nothing or rocks; - To compensate for long walks to put it together and make telelocating as comfortable as in Hamlet I'd suggest putting End's Well somewhere in Atrium or deep within ruins; - Fountain of Youth would be a separate island, accessible only through sinkholes, and later telelocation; To be completly honest I don't see Klei ever bothering adding something so powerful to DST. Buuuuut, there are some modders out there who might be looking for ideas.
  8. I am still waiting for DST tracks. :/
  9. [Game Update] - 333702

    I was expecting a beta branch to be implemented to standard build and continue on with early access. It all feels so sudden...
  10. I can confirm the same happening in standard build of Hamlet.
  11. I play in standard version of Hamlet, and as long as you got it prototyped in SW you will have access to it in any world. As for the beta branch... I think it's avaible without the need of SW world.
  12. I think it would be best to make a mod that let's you fully control beards. As in, not just make them invisible, but also lock them at whichever phase you please. I personaly love Wilson's 2nd beard phase and would love to have it all the time. Also would be great for some masochists to have beardless Woodie.
  13. steam just scummed me

    Check for yourself then: I don't know if it counts but I have VAC ban from Call of Duty: Modern Warfrare 2, which was given over 10 years ago and it was fully justified... I could instead just make another account and be completly clean so if they cared about that ban it would be yet another issue with their policy.
  14. steam just scummed me

    I was scammed from all my TF2 items and I almost lost my account. The guy used fake sites that looked like legit Steam pages to trick me he hacked into my account and can change my password if I won't give him all my items. So I gave him everything and then in the end he presented me with a choice: either delete the account or give him my Steam Guard key to "remove the account from hacking program". This is where I came to my senses and blocked him immediately. I then reported it both to SteamRep, a community site marking people for scamming for others to know, and to Steam Support. Both of them didn't care: SteamRep said they don't accept that kind of scam since the guy that scammed me used other account he stole. And SteamRep said they won't return any of my items because "the only way we could do that would be to duplicate those items, and that would cause inflation". They didn't do anything to the scammer, he got away with everything, and steam closed my ticket when I left a lenghty yet still respectable comment on how their policy doesn't work and literary encourages stealing... Do not trust Steam. If you get scammed, you are f***ed, Steam doesn't care, community doesn't care, nobody cares except you. I lost over $300 with that scam and could lose EVERYTHING if I didn't block that guy in the end.