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  1. I didn't know April Fools was today
  2. moldy backpacks and disease i'm glad they are gone for good. even though shadow monster don't trigger webs, those annoying moles that fall from earthquakes still do.
  3. what's the point? when you can also get the tam and cane from a fully decorated festive tree. making it boss loot sounds terrible since in a group everyone will want the walking cane compare to waiting 2.5 days so everyone can get a chance at a tusk.
  4. Plus that all new players just need to punch a mole for a morsel and get ice easy in winter for easy healing.
  5. bunny stew is useful for new players, since its easy healing for them and gives warmth during the winter where most new players die in.
  6. it was in the indie world direct they did today announcing dst coming spring
  7. i use gunpowder to farm kill 40 or even more level 3 shadow knights to mass farm all the shadow atrium i need for repeat fuel weaver fights
  8. Did Wolfgang just dab on that bird before yeeting that gold dumbell onto that poor bird?
  9. I'm fine with menu sounds, pick up sounds can get bit annoying when you are collecting stuff you just farmed. the worst sound in my opinion is the pets when they are hungry.
  10. Wolfgang is hiding his stash of potatoes before they get turn into cups.
  11. shoveling makes sense since you are not making physical contact with the plant itself, but picking it should still affect the player
  12. Advance Tech Can't Hit Froge.mp4 When you harness the power of two bosses, and build many ancient eye laser towers from long past. to find out they have a aim worst then a storm trooper that can't hit this last remaining frogge.