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Notecja    1928

But true is that it could be worse - they could sold their soul to Epic, bethesda, EA... those can both eat studio and sell to tencent...

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Rainbowdesign    290
57 minutes ago, TheDrizzle404 said:

If Klei knew what their loyal customers wanted, they wouldn't have sold out to them under any circumstance.

I cannot imagine any company who would give the customers a say in that kind of decision...

But yea if i would have a say in it i would have said "no klei i dont allow you to sell yourself for money even if they promise you to marry you in some distant future."

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MasterMeley    2

Won’t just less people play you’re  games because the need to fear that personal data is being stolen via. spyware?

Or can we be guaranteed that you maintain control of rather spyware is added to you’re games or not?

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Seero    1144
8 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

Okay so I have a few questions most of which WON’T get answered & may even sound selfish but I’m going to ask them anyway.

Question 1- Does this Mean DS: NewHome is now officially canon to the franchises lore?

Question 2- With this partnership does this mean we will see significantly larger updates for DS/DST? Perhaps a 3rd DS expansion and Proper SW/Ham compatibility ports to DST?

Question 3- Will this effect the way the game is handled and operated at all? (as in will Pay-to-Win and Microtransactions be added)

Question 4- Will this get me any closer to having Walani as playable in DST?

(I told you the questions would seem rather selfish.. but Since I don’t know how the business side of things actually works- Hopefully this post at least sparks a HaHa reaction)

In the meantime... I’m hoping that this means with better financial support & resources that Klei can really go Ham on exciting content that just wouldn’t had been profitable/possible for them in the past.

Best of luck out there guys... and from the bottom of my heart DON’T STARVE. :wilson_flower:

(yeah.. I just did that.)

Go outside.

3 minutes ago, Anthony_L3hr said:


Fiats are not real money, If anything is the root of all evil, it's a fiat currency.

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