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  1. What are the conditions the violation occurs is it when a mod tries to write to the folder?
  2. Lua Scripting Engine is on steam

    The next version will contain tools to manipulate the map, it can already target a biome with any kind of operation like cooling it down or heating it up aswell as select an element and do operations to it. Also the next version should be able to support different mod with only an entry point and the engine as requirement. Right now i would need some support here: If i have a .dll as entry point and i copy my entry point (copying the file with windows) and put it in a different folder it gets executed but when i try to get the folder and file with System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location.Replace(".dll", "") i always only get the folder of the first entry point why is that?
  3. function start() DebugLog(" buildingpatches ") GetBuildingDef("MassiveHeatSink").Floodable = false GetBuildingDef("SuitLocker").Floodable = false GetBuildingDef("SuitMarker").Floodable = false GetBuildingDef("JetSuitLocker").Floodable = false GetBuildingDef("JetSuitMarker").Floodable = false GetBuildingDef("TravelTubeEntrance").Floodable = false GetBuildingDef("GasFilter").EnergyConsumptionWhenActive = 10 GetBuildingDef("LiquidFilter").EnergyConsumptionWhenActive = 10 GetBuildingDef("WireRefinedHighWattage").BaseDecor = -1 GetBuildingDef("WireRefinedBridgeHighWattage").BaseDecor = -1 end This is the example from my files. so all you need to do is: function start() GetBuildingDef("WireHighWattage").BaseDecor = -5 GetBuildingDef("WireBridgeHighWattage").BaseDecor = -5 end And afterward follow the instructions in the mod and dump the text in the scripting folder in the init.lua and restart
  4. My high pressure mod does something like this and i plan to have the high pressure reservoir with 150t in the next update (now it has 40t or so)
  5. You can use the lua scripting engine with it. There are some examples how to use lua for that. Its on the steam workshop.
  6. The game did not allow temperatures to go above 10000°C And now i also got warning messages about a maximum for tilemass, i have not tested it out what happens if i go above it. This is seriously hampering modding creativity and i would rather like to have float.max as limit for temperature and mass if you want to make sure the game cannot accidentally be crashed by a map manipulation. As example i have an idea for "geological bombs" as geological feature, I would there transform a ring of elements to abyssalite and inside i would add magma and maybe an element. Then i would increase the mass and temperature of the magma every day until it pops on its own. This obviously would be limited by max temperature and if there now is a max mass for magma the idea might be impossible.
  7. Liquid and Gas Filters Broken

    I want it to work the way it worked till now: When its set to none it should not filter at all, it is disabled. Reason: That way you dont accidentally get your natural gas into the colony instead of your generator. Klei should instead rework the filter list for all: Having elements that are in the pipe at the top and marked yellow Having elements that are in any pipe in the middle and marked green Having elements that are discovered but in no pipe lower and dark grey Having elements that were not discovered at all at the bottom and light grey. Optional: Add an element that passes all to the output and another that passes all to the filter.
  8. Congratulations Klei! Keep up the great work and thank you for all your hours spend.
  9. Lua Scripting Engine is on steam

    This is are very specialized mod, it goes rather deep and the scripting engine will not support it out of the box. In general the idea of lua is not to go deep in the system but to be able to control things with a few lines, like as example change a building variable easily. However if you find a way to streamline that idea in c# you can add a lua function to control it.
  10. Making mess and soggy feets in suits

    i think they get the soggy feet after peeing but also when normally running over liquids too. I really dislike the mechanic if dupes get soggy feets in suits. Actually i really dont like soggy feets and popped eardrops at all as "features" and that there are no normal cloth that mitigate it. And if it is intended that the suit works as diaper too the animation should be certainly different. Also then the docks should have a pwater output.
  11. Lua Scripting Engine is on steam

    Quote: There are a few mods out there that fix ranching experience and crafting experience. Send me the links to the source.
  12. Making mess and soggy feets in suits

    There should then be neither animation nor alert.
  13. Dupes that wear jet suits make mess and have soggy feets.
  14. Please fix the steam Modloader

    I have a testmod to test if my mods work. It caused it a load of times now... I think especially when the mod crashes the game for some reason.
  15. Right now a mod update can easily lead to an endless restart cycle when the Files cannot be updated because the Files are locked by the game. In the log is there: [13:43:46.040] [1] [INFO] Subscribe to mod Testing Mod [13:43:46.040] [1] [INFO] Already subscribed mod: Testing Mod [13:43:46.040] [1] [INFO] Uninstalling mod Testing Mod [13:43:46.041] [1] [INFO] Can't uninstall Testing Mod: still has loaded content: DLL [13:43:46.041] [1] [INFO] Failed. Will re-install on restart. While the game itsself just sais restart required.