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  1. Update: The autosweeper mod is outdated now and will be no longer updated. 2 new sweepers are now integrated into the Super Building extension use that one instead. Added a Bleach stone refinery to the Super Building extension, it contains now ~17 new buildings + some recipes and other stuff. Also the supersweeper can go through tiles now https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1828749978(edited)
  2. Hey Klei, It would be really cool to get some more functions for modding, as example a way to add custom settings to your mod. There are some other features that are high in demand (mod can add research, elements). And while those can be added by including other modtools there is no really community modtool that is feature complete and as community official advertised. Also for me i need to find a custom solution to add settings for mods unless Klei adds a way and that is why i want to know it if i should wait for klei..
  3. the map can completely be changed with the lua scripting engine, it has however still some bugs which is why i consider it still a beta. If you want to write me the rules for mapchange i can look into adding a setting to my scenarios and configurations mod.
  4. There have been added more and more radioactivity related elements to the game lately: The code contains: UraniumOre, DepletedUranium, EnrichedUranium, MoltenUranium. And now it adds radioactivity too. And the buildings in the background of the first image look much like nuclear reactors. So i think everyone can guess whats coming - for what the centrifuge will be used. I only hope klei will add a real sealed airlock instead of just using two doors at the top of the colony.
  5. Thats somewhat a great upgrade to the game and sounds like a really awesome improvement
  6. @Ipsquiggle I can name some: Mass deletion, Heat Deletion which has a big discussion in the forum. AI issues: Dupes carry only insignificant amounts, they try to refill polluted dirt to the Pokeshell feeder when it evaporates so they refill 5 milligrams and run from the one side of the colony to the other. And generally they carry stuff around the colony completely unnecessarily, as example the constructions supply should be improved to have an option to take the nearest material i wrote something to that in the modforum. AI issues: Dupes still might end up on the false side of a wall they build.
  7. Its a quite overpowered recipe in the refinery and rock crusher which essentially means you can transform all tungsten to thermium without the need for any flight after the first.
  8. I think the menu thing is quite easy: Make a new material category which is nearest material and can be selected like other materials.
  9. Its more of a warning i think. I removed the offending line, check again if the error is still there.
  10. @tonimark2018i checked now a bit deeper what was wrong with the super wire. It looks like i changed the ID which deleted the buildings a single time. Its not happening again i think.
  11. Hey sorry i got you a little wrong. I assumed you dont see the configuration settings. If you see the settings: All of the settings are not directly visible if you start a game. If you select Drowning salt water world the map is transformed within the first 10 turns, it does not start as water world. If you select Deadly cold the water on the map does freeze after about 25 cycles. If you select the immigration timer the first immigration from the printing pod will be normal. If you select Expensive researches you have to build a research station and look in the research menu. If you see the menu entry you likely have everything working. For testing if the mod works select Drowning salt water world Deadly cold and any expensive research and let it 5 cycles run.
  12. Scenarios & Configurations is on steam now: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2014940545
  13. Please test out my new mod, you can change a bunch of starting settings with it. This is a beta version. Supposed to work are: mapsize, techlevel, techdifficulty and temperature. Seasons is untested please add some feedback to it. Most scenarios will not work. Nuclear power is only a concept right now. The main issue to manipulate buildings from Lua is that you would have to find them first and i cannot find any list of buildings which i could iterate. If anyone has an idea where it might be please share. Installation: install the Lua scripting engine from steam and enable it. Copy this file to the folder mods/local and enable it: LuaGameConfigurator.zip Also for people who like to tinker with code: The Lua files are all text you can simply edit the values for the settings and leave the edited file in the local folder without compiling. LuaGameConfigurator.zip
  14. I think it might be because you uninstalled something else and it caused some kind of incompatibility maybe corrupting the savegame its just a feeling thats why i asked.
  15. I looked at the code i have however no idea what is wrong. I remember it being connected with this error log: https://pastebin.com/dc5DrRrQ And [17:06:26.025] [1] [WARNING] Could not find prefab 'SuperWireRefined' I am not really sure why it cannot find the prefab or where the error is. The wire code is very small: This is the original wire: using TUNING; using UnityEngine; public class WireRefinedConfig : BaseWireConfig { public const string ID = "WireRefined"; public override BuildingDef CreateBuildingDef() { string id = "WireRefined"; string anim = "utilities_electric_conduct_kanim"; float construction_time = 3f; float[] tieR0 = BUILDINGS.CONSTRUCTION_MASS_KG.TIER0; float insulation = 0.05f; EffectorValues none = NOISE_POLLUTION.NONE; BuildingDef buildingDef = this.CreateBuildingDef(id, anim, construction_time, tieR0, insulation, BUILDINGS.DECOR.NONE, none); buildingDef.MaterialCategory = MATERIALS.REFINED_METALS; return buildingDef; } public override void DoPostConfigureComplete(GameObject go) { this.DoPostConfigureComplete(Wire.WattageRating.Max2000, go); } } This is the super wire: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Reflection; using System.Text; using Harmony; using TUNING; using UnityEngine; namespace SuperWire { internal class IDS { public const string ID = "SuperWire"; public const string NAME = "Super Wire"; public const string DESCRIPTION = "The Super Wire can transport 50000 Watts."; public const string EFFECT = "A very strong but expensive wire to connect in lategame."; public const string TECH = "PrettyGoodConductors"; public const string PLANCATEGORY = "Power"; } [HarmonyPatch(typeof(GeneratedBuildings), "LoadGeneratedBuildings")] internal class __LoadGeneratedBuildings { private static void Prefix() { Co.Add.BuildingPlan(IDS.ID, IDS.NAME, IDS.DESCRIPTION, IDS.EFFECT, IDS.PLANCATEGORY); } } [HarmonyPatch(typeof(Db), "Initialize")] internal class __Db_Initialize { private static void Prefix(Db __instance) { Co.Add.BuildingTech(IDS.ID, IDS.TECH); } } public class SuperWireRefinedConfig : BaseWireConfig { public const string ID = IDS.ID; public override BuildingDef CreateBuildingDef() { string id = IDS.ID; string anim = "utilities_electric_conduct_kanim"; float construction_time = 3f; float[] construction_mass = new float[3] { 60,20,20 }; string[] construction_materials = new string[3] { SimHashes.Steel.ToString(), SimHashes.TempConductorSolid.ToString(), "Plastic" }; float insulation = 0.05f; EffectorValues none = NOISE_POLLUTION.NONE; BuildingDef buildingDef = this.CreateBuildingDef(id, anim, construction_time, construction_mass, insulation, BUILDINGS.DECOR.NONE, none); buildingDef.MaterialCategory = construction_materials; return buildingDef; } public override void DoPostConfigureComplete(GameObject go) { this.DoPostConfigureComplete(Wire.WattageRating.Max50000, go); } } } If someone can see a mistake or has an idea whats with the disappearing prefabs please tell me. Also @tonimark2018 I wonder if you removed some mods and it happened afterwards and if it happened only once or if its something that can be found regularly.