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  1. You could use lua, which is the easy way because you only need maybe 10 lines or so and lua has already functions that are designed to manipulate the map (temperature, mass, element) : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1812965265 I have some examples you could adapt in the attached zip file right now at the bottom of the thread: You could also decompile rainbowcommons in the lua scripting engine and look in gridoperations how exactly it is done.
  2. I could do some of the stuff required but not all. I would need someone who can code very well and someone who can make mini dupes as support.
  3. Duplicant Operation

    The super building extension has automated refinerys.
  4. [MODS] Rainbowdesign's Mods

    Please test out my new mod, you can change a bunch of starting settings with it. This is a beta version. Supposed to work are: mapsize, techlevel, techdifficulty and temperature. Seasons is untested please add some feedback to it. Most scenarios will not work. Nuclear power is only a concept right now. The main issue to manipulate buildings from Lua is that you would have to find them first and i cannot find any list of buildings which i could iterate. If anyone has an idea where it might be please share. Installation: install the Lua scripting engine from steam and enable it. Copy this file to the folder mods/local and enable it: LuaGameConfigurator.zip Also for people who like to tinker with code: The Lua files are all text you can simply edit the values for the settings and leave the edited file in the local folder without compiling.
  5. [MODS] Rainbowdesign's Mods

    I think it might be because you uninstalled something else and it caused some kind of incompatibility maybe corrupting the savegame its just a feeling thats why i asked.
  6. [MODS] Rainbowdesign's Mods

    I looked at the code i have however no idea what is wrong. I remember it being connected with this error log: https://pastebin.com/dc5DrRrQ And [17:06:26.025] [1] [WARNING] Could not find prefab 'SuperWireRefined' I am not really sure why it cannot find the prefab or where the error is. The wire code is very small: This is the original wire: using TUNING; using UnityEngine; public class WireRefinedConfig : BaseWireConfig { public const string ID = "WireRefined"; public override BuildingDef CreateBuildingDef() { string id = "WireRefined"; string anim = "utilities_electric_conduct_kanim"; float construction_time = 3f; float[] tieR0 = BUILDINGS.CONSTRUCTION_MASS_KG.TIER0; float insulation = 0.05f; EffectorValues none = NOISE_POLLUTION.NONE; BuildingDef buildingDef = this.CreateBuildingDef(id, anim, construction_time, tieR0, insulation, BUILDINGS.DECOR.NONE, none); buildingDef.MaterialCategory = MATERIALS.REFINED_METALS; return buildingDef; } public override void DoPostConfigureComplete(GameObject go) { this.DoPostConfigureComplete(Wire.WattageRating.Max2000, go); } } This is the super wire: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Reflection; using System.Text; using Harmony; using TUNING; using UnityEngine; namespace SuperWire { internal class IDS { public const string ID = "SuperWire"; public const string NAME = "Super Wire"; public const string DESCRIPTION = "The Super Wire can transport 50000 Watts."; public const string EFFECT = "A very strong but expensive wire to connect in lategame."; public const string TECH = "PrettyGoodConductors"; public const string PLANCATEGORY = "Power"; } [HarmonyPatch(typeof(GeneratedBuildings), "LoadGeneratedBuildings")] internal class __LoadGeneratedBuildings { private static void Prefix() { Co.Add.BuildingPlan(IDS.ID, IDS.NAME, IDS.DESCRIPTION, IDS.EFFECT, IDS.PLANCATEGORY); } } [HarmonyPatch(typeof(Db), "Initialize")] internal class __Db_Initialize { private static void Prefix(Db __instance) { Co.Add.BuildingTech(IDS.ID, IDS.TECH); } } public class SuperWireRefinedConfig : BaseWireConfig { public const string ID = IDS.ID; public override BuildingDef CreateBuildingDef() { string id = IDS.ID; string anim = "utilities_electric_conduct_kanim"; float construction_time = 3f; float[] construction_mass = new float[3] { 60,20,20 }; string[] construction_materials = new string[3] { SimHashes.Steel.ToString(), SimHashes.TempConductorSolid.ToString(), "Plastic" }; float insulation = 0.05f; EffectorValues none = NOISE_POLLUTION.NONE; BuildingDef buildingDef = this.CreateBuildingDef(id, anim, construction_time, construction_mass, insulation, BUILDINGS.DECOR.NONE, none); buildingDef.MaterialCategory = construction_materials; return buildingDef; } public override void DoPostConfigureComplete(GameObject go) { this.DoPostConfigureComplete(Wire.WattageRating.Max50000, go); } } } If someone can see a mistake or has an idea whats with the disappearing prefabs please tell me. Also @tonimark2018 I wonder if you removed some mods and it happened afterwards and if it happened only once or if its something that can be found regularly.
  7. [MODS] Rainbowdesign's Mods

    Hei, i will look into it but it is likely to take long, i have too little time right now and i want to test and release the new mod first.
  8. [MODS] Rainbowdesign's Mods

    I uploaded the new version with the rock crusher fixed, please test it. I also streamlined it so to replace a dupe takes 2000W power. @Candide Yes i left a reference to dupes there that caused the null pointer exception.
  9. Why? I would appreciate if coal has more drawbacks too. How about some poisonous mercury gets spilled into the environment and make dupes sick to make that more realistic or some critter that are attracted by pollution like in factorio. No need to agree that it is the worst form, just that it can cause terrible accidents which i think most people do not doubt. No need to only take on nuclear power but give all power generation forms an edge. Solar power as example has an edge ingame: The amount of steel and work it needs.
  10. This is not true; you specifically made comments in the original post about nuclear power in real life: You are right i made comments about nuclear power in real life but 1. I dont care much about real life connected to oni and did not care at the start i have a specific idea how nuclear power should work in oni. 2. The more we discuss the more i find i really dont care about real life there if the drawback of nuclear power would be that its dangerous that just would be cool because all other power sources are soooooo safe. So consider the comment no longer relevant for the thread and even back then it was a sidenote.
  11. Bill clinton trustworthy? Really? You care to Watch a video in which little hearts come out of the chimney of a nuclear plant in the introduction picture? Well i say i dont! The first statistic makes some sense but there is little explaination of how this deads are measured. And the second statistic is from 2011 and counts 1 dead from fukushima which is more ridiculous than outdated. I found an article which may be relevant to some in the topic: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffmcmahon/2017/10/30/three-ways-radiation-has-changed-the-monkeys-of-fukushima-a-warning-for-humans/#432074eb65ea three-ways-radiation-has-changed-the-monkeys-of-fukushima Smaller Bodies — Japanese monkeys born in the path of fallout from the Fukushima meltdown weigh less for their height than monkeys born in the same area before the March, 2011 disaster, Hayama said. "We can see that the monkeys born from mothers who were exposed are showing low body weight in relation to their height, so they are smaller," he said. Red circles represent the body weight and height (CRL=crown-to-rump length) of monkeys born... [+] NATURE: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Smaller Heads And Brains — The exposed monkeys have smaller bodies overall, and their heads and brains are smaller still. "We know from the example of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that embryos and fetuses exposed in utero resulted in low birth weight and also in microcephaly, where the brain failed to develop adequately and head size was small, so we are trying to confirm whether this also is happening with the monkeys in Fukushima," Hayama said. And it appears that it is: Blue triangles represent the head size of pre-disaster monkey fetuses relative to their height... [+] NATURE: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Anemia — The monkeys show a reduction in all blood components: red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, and the cells in bone marrow that produce blood components. "There's clearly a depression of blood components in the Fukushima monkeys," said Hayama. "We can see that in these monkeys, that there is a correlation between white blood cell counts and the radio-cesium concentrations in their muscles. This actually is comparable to what’s been reported with children of Chernobyl." Now i really dont care to discuss the dangers of radiation in real life because those who trust Bill Clinton will certainly stay with what he said and its a waste of time in which i maybe might have my own nuclear power mod and the way i want it. I will not answer anyone who wants to discuss the real life nuclear power anymore. I made the topic about oni nuclear power and NOT about nuclear Power in real life!
  12. [MODS] Rainbowdesign's Mods

    Fixed it!
  13. Great for you and if you send me a link that remotely supports your way to see things and includes accidents i would look at that instead of just dismiss it
  14. This would be really cool. But it would need a defense turret too then.
  15. Wolframite in volcanic biome

    I could make a setting for it...