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  1. You could try a challenge: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198361064570/myworkshopfiles/?appid=457140&browsesort=mysubscriptions&browsefilter=mysubscriptions&p=1 The map transformation part is highly configurable, but there are other hardships for your dupes too, like disabling the printing pod or increasing reasearch costs.
  2. The game does crash see attachment.
  3. Two issues: one is that dupes are using the station less than other research stations even if its on priority 9 so the material reasearch is lagging behind others. the other is that it seems to crash (attachment, and yes i know mods are enabled but i dont think any really touches that area) Also i did neither attach the save, nor the screenshot, only the log it seems the bugtracker did somehow attach them.
  4. Hello Klei, The mods for spaced out do not quite support the version of spaced out where the dlc is disabled because of the yaml difference. Will there be a patch to make it work without any kind of workaround?
  5. Its well known for long time that dupes are not the smartest for a load of reasons. There have been little improvements for a while that i have seen its kinda challenge to mitigate stupidity by forcing dupes to stay in an area till all tasks are done there so they dont run around the colony to do a dig on the other side just to come back to were they were and do a dig there, and endless repeat. For the rocket / atmosuit in the big rockets just add a checkpoint inside the rocket, it can be rather tough to make them wear suits otherwise.
  6. i dont have to, if klei did not yet complain and let wikipedia change it i think it is a statement.
  7. Found this, case closed: question answered.
  8. Ban GetNerfedOn because he mentioned the The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 in a forum owned by the chinese government. And because he is a guy who likes Rosalina.
  9. You chose to answer with "oh shoot here we go again." and you dont like drama? You tell people they make drama and you dont like drama? I really like that And in the other thread you said Klei did not sell the controlling stake. perhaps if you dont know you should not claim that then. Well if they sold THE majority stake and they are locking my thread just for asking, perhaps its denial then: if they think everything stays the same way the question who has the last say on it rubs them the wrong way because thats something they rather like to forget. Or is it a company secret?
  10. @Blue Moth Klei has not be clear if Tencent owns just a majority stake, or if they own THE majority stake as in 50%+ and they did lock my topic they obviously do not want to answer this not even bothering to anyhow say why they locked it. So how do you know that Tencent does not own Klei now do you have any additional information?
  11. I thought about it and came to some personal conclusions, which may or may not be right. I doubt they would make a big announcement for "some stock ownership has changed" and if i think they would have answered to it. I also thought about that nothing will change. I really like to call it sugarcoating the development for the customer base and employee, no one can really believe that with big communist government companys I think behind the announcement is really that one or two person got so much money offered they would not want to refuse. I think Klei is now part of the moneygrabber industry it was simply bought out with too much money.
  12. I cannot imagine any company who would give the customers a say in that kind of decision... But yea if i would have a say in it i would have said "no klei i dont allow you to sell yourself for money even if they promise you to marry you in some distant future."
  13. I would be worried over any big company which buys up many small companys, do you really think they are not some kind of vulture who wants the investment repaid?
  14. Wait a minute Bigfoot this is a bit ambiguous: Do they have A majority stake as in they have 35% and are a partner to consider, or did the purchase THE majority stake as in they own 51% of the company now and have the final say in everything? In the first case you might have a chance to deal with them on equal terms, in the latter case they own you now and you better get used to orders. Which one is it?
  15. Dear Klei, they did promise you autonomy? How will you enforce the promise if they say in 5 years, oh yea we decided we want to see some money you better change the way you do stuff? It sounds like it might be a time bomb and it might mean the end of Klei as it is now in the midterm. I think you might have sold your soul.