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  1. Not care where the water comes from, get da super building extension mod and use the automopper to pump away the water.
  2. I wish klei would provide a way that makes it possible to add research with mods, right now mods that add research are often incompatible with other mods that add research because of different implementation.
  3. Maybe we make a donation campaign, if we get more money than they expect to get from the DLC maybe we can get some random post from a dev.
  4. You mean like hostile takeover of a certain company by a certain company rumors?
  5. i doubt there will be an early access the game itself is stable and the dlc likely stable enough to not need ea. also it would be time for an ea now.
  6. A prison colony that spawn you random dupes with bad traits unless you supply resources to the pod.
  7. I can do something about the printing pod and maybe other stuff, make a concept for this and i look into what is possible.
  8. Hei, i have a mod that adds settings that make the game harder or easier. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2014940545 When klei releases the dlc i will make a big overhaul of it, if you remind me then i can take your idea as a setting or challenge in.
  9. I think the developers flew to another asteroid and their rocket broke down. For two months there is no information from them) Good news the team was picked up by aliens.
  10. Well, at last... If we knew it much earlier, then there been no commotion or misunderstands. I did really think the you all really ignored us all, and abandoned. Anyway good to know, it changes a lot. You should edit your original posting. I also would like to move away from steam, if gog had a workshop i would never buy the drm steam crap again.
  11. Its more about the new element transformation mechanics it can be an other element.
  12. That gets me thinking: If you make hot sulfuric acid and pour it over gold amalgam it would extract hot gold and mercury. and if you melt copper and mix it with mercury you get mercury amalgam. It would be really cool to get more element converting mechanics ingame.
  13. Now i know how it works: For christmas we get the next announcement and for silvester we get the DLC
  14. I really hope they are only sleeping. They made a great job so far with the dlc and i would not finish it the stuff i made for oni are more offroad like game runtime scripting. if all solid tiles disappear and instead the magma core rises at cycle 100 that would be more like it.