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  1. Okay, fix is live!
  2. Negotiation Graft bug fix is in, but we're having a bit of trouble with the upload process, we're looking into it. Thanks for the report!
  3. Hey everyone! I was doing some data munging yesterday, seeing if there was any heavy discrepancy on build archetypes that people were using to beat the Alpha. I looked at winning decks, and categorized them into Bleed / Combo for combat, and Hostile / Diplomacy for negotiation. This is the breakdown for each: As you can see, it's a pretty good distribution for all the archetypes. Diplomacy is higher than Hostility, but we also have more diplomacy cards than Hostile cards, so this makes sense. This data looks at every Win, rather than the percentage chance of a Win, so it's possible that Hostile decks are actually better, but simply more people are using Diplomacy. For a deck archetype like Combo, this makes sense, since Bleed is a more straightforward build than Combo, so more people are using it. Thanks for playing everyone! The feedback so far has been wonderful, we really appreciate it. Best, Jamie.
  4. Er, Oolo's snail...
  5. Yep! I'll be on stream tomorrow showing the game with @jambell
  6. Hello everyone! As you may have seen at the PC Game Show, we are finally ready to talk about Griftlands. As always we try not to say too much until we’re reasonably sure we have solid information to give you, but we're feeling confident with the status of the game and want to fill you in. We have a lot to discuss here: Alpha on the Epic Game Store, Early Access on Steam, and a big change in gameplay. Griftlands, the RPG Every time we make a game, we set out to make a new experience that’s never been made before. Over 4 years ago, we set out to make a new RPG, and the development of the game twisted and turned in many interesting ways. After a couple years, we thought we were close, and announced the game. It turns out, we were premature in the announcement, and after another year of development, we realized that we were not delivering the experience we had set out to. Specifically, we wanted a world where you had the freedom to do what you wanted, and the world would respond systemically to it; where you could build relationships and the nuances of them would come back to haunt you. We wanted to let you wander a large expansive world, build out your party, and backstab your own party members when they least expected it. We wanted the story to be systemic, but it felt either robotic or too linear. We built a full trading simulation, modeling supply and demand, we built a fully featured crafting system, and a dynamic faction simulator. Unfortunately, the whole was never better than the pieces; we found that each piece of the game felt disconnected with the rest, and that actions often felt inconsequential. We built large worlds that felt tedious to travel around, and as designers we knew the systems were not working to provide a holistic experience. What we did see was the people loved the world, and loved the premise of negotiation and manipulation. In short, we focused our design, and over the last year, we’ve been working on something new in the same world. The New Griftlands Today, we’re announcing a reboot of Griftlands, a single-player deck building game where you negotiate, fight, steal or otherwise persuade others to get your way. We put aside the huge simulation and RPG elements and focused on negotiation, combat, and manipulation. You play the game as one of three characters, and each decision you make is important -- which jobs to take, which side to choose, and which cards to collect. In Alpha, you play as Sal, a freelance adventurer out for profit and revenge, and you do the dirty work that other people won't. As you play, you build two separate decks: one for negotiation, and one for battle. The world of Griftlands is harsh, and death can come quickly. Each time you play offers new jobs and situations to encounter, and a chance to rebuild your strategies. A successful run will require a sharp wit, a sharp blade, and enough cunning to know when to use each. Alpha and the Epic Game Store As with our previous games, we will be running an Alpha period in order to iron out the kinks. We have partnered with Epic to bring the Alpha of Griftlands to the Epic Game Store exclusively for one year, and will launch in Early Access on Steam next June. Klei has a history of partnering with new distribution platforms when starting new projects, for example the Don’t Starve Alpha was only available on the Chrome Webstore, and the Invisible Inc. Alpha was only available through the Humble Widget as a direct download. After rebooting the game, Epic approached us as a partner and we felt that this fit well with our process of going from Alpha to garner feedback before putting it on all platforms. On July 11, we are going to launch the Alpha version of Griftlands for $14.99. Early Access on Steam and Early Roadmap In June of next year, we will be releasing Griftlands into Early Access on Steam. Anyone who purchased on Epic will get the game on Steam for free, and vice versa. Griftlands has taken a long time, and it’s gone through more twists and turns than any of our previously released projects. Making new experiences is never easy, and if nothing else it’s guaranteed to work out differently than we anticipated. We have quite a bit of work ahead of us. Our expected timeline is: Alpha: The Sal campaign (days 1 through 4) is released Fall: Character 2 campaign (days 1 through ?) is released Early Access: Character 3 campaign (days 1 through ?) is released Launch: Full campaign for all characters released We expect the full game to launch in the Fall of next year, and we’re looking forward to taking that journey with you, from Alpha to Early Access to launch. Best, Jamie. F.A.Q. What happened to Griftlands the RPG? We set out to make a new kind of RPG, and while we think that game can exist, after several years of development we felt we couldn’t make it work yet. Perhaps we will try again one day, but in the meantime we decided to take the world of Griftlands in a different direction. If I purchase the Alpha, will I get the full game at launch? Yes. When you buy Griftlands during Alpha, you will have access to the game through Early-Access and you will get the full game at launch, on both Epic Game Store and Steam. Is Griftlands a CCG? No, Griftlands is a single-player rogue-like deck building game with an emergent narrative. You earn cards during play via the jobs you complete, and build out your negotiation and fighting skills. There are no microtransactions. How will you be responding feedback for the Alpha? We have built an in-game feedback system in the game. Simply press F8 at any time in the game and you can send us your feedback. Of course, there will likely be too much feedback for us to respond to individually. We will be primarily garnering and responding to feedback on our forums, and will keep everyone up to date with the current status of the game both on the forums and inside the game. What platforms will Griftlands be on? We will be supporting PC during Alpha and Early Access. We will be adding OSX and Linux support in the future.
  7. Hey folks! With the Willow refresh newly launched, it’s time for the next phase: new game content! I’d like to update you all on our current plan. Return of Them Over the next several months, we’ll be releasing a series of game updates available to all players, under the single thematic focus entitled “Return of Them”. Charlie’s machinations have come to a head as she turns her attention towards the skies - and the mysterious entity that awaits there. Our Survivors will be forced to contend with terrifying monstrosities beyond their comprehension, and yet, there may be a silver lining: their minds and horizons will be expanded under the sublime light of an ancient moon. Here is an overview of what is available in our first update, Turn of Tides: Added a new multiplayer-centric boat mechanic, where players can build and deck out a boat for multiple survivors to travel together on Added a new Seafaring crafting menu Added the Lunar Island Added Enlightenment Added 3 new Lunar Island biomes, along with new creatures, objects, and craftables For this first update, we’ve focused primarily on building the fundamental tech and infrastructure for Return of Them. Please know that we expect this update to be a bit content light, and over the following months we will be adding more content to both the islands and the sea. Turn of Tides is available to play in a beta branch today, and will officially launch on June 20th. Head here for more info. To access the beta see the instructions here. Wormwood In addition to new content, we are preparing for the arrival of the next new character. We’re happy to announce that Wormwood will soon enter the fray, fresh from his adventures in Don't Starve: Hamlet! Wormwood is coming to Don’t Starve Together on June 6th, and will be priced similarly to Wortox. In addition, anyone who owns Don’t Starve: Hamlet will have access to Wormwood for free. Warly For the next character refresh, Warly will be sailing into the Constant from Shipwrecked on July 18th, and will be free to all players of Don’t Starve Together. As with all character updates, Warly will be getting a design refresh and come with new abilities specific to Don’t Starve Together. And that’s it! Onward and seaward! F.A.Q. What about console? Since console does not have beta branch functionality, consoles will be getting Turn of Tides at the official launch in June. When is my favorite character getting a refresh? We will announce more characters refreshes as we get to them. If you have suggestions and feedback make sure to post them. We are watching and we do use that information to help us decide what we want to do next. Will my existing worlds be affected if I switch to the beta branch? No. Save data for the beta branch is kept separate from the live branch at: \\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherReturnOfThemBeta Will my existing worlds work in the beta branch if I copy them over? Not at this time. For future updates, we will look into the possibility of retrofitting the new content into existing DST worlds, as we did for the A New Reign updates.
  8. Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve made a post here, I’d like to share with you our plans for 2019, which are extensive! First, I’d like to recap what happened in 2017/2018: In 2017 we launched the Forge, and followed it up in 2018 with the Gorge. The idea was that we could offer a new way of playing Don’t Starve Together, in a limited-time format. We were a bit burned out on creating DST core game content and this format allowed us to try something a bit different, so we made these crazy game modes and provided them to the community for free. Every time we launched these events, tons of players came to play, and in every instance we hit our highest ever DST concurrency. We’re super thrilled that so many people came to play the our weird game events! While we enjoyed the events and are happy with the result, there were some drawbacks: They took WAY longer to make than we expected, so we weren’t able to make as much content as we wanted, and it left little time to do things like bug fixes and Quality of Life updates for the base game. Because we run the servers for these events, we also incurred the cost of these servers. Those of you who have been here a while know that Don’t Starve was not architected to be a multiplayer game, so running them on our servers was extremely inefficient. In short, even though we loved that everyone came to play, the item sales were only barely covering the costs of the servers. We found that it was exceedingly difficult for us to run these events on console and as such underserved our console players. It has been a valuable experience and we think the game is better for it, however we feel that it’s time that we turn our attention back to the core Don’t Starve Together experience: surviving together. Here’s what we’re doing for 2019: Brand New Content The team is now working on brand new content for Don’t Starve Together. Survivors will be able to travel to new lands with new biomes, creatures, and more. The first drop of this new content will come in mid-April, and we will continually be adding to the content every couple months afterward. As we said before, we think it’s important that everyone can play together and we don’t segregate our audience, so all of this content will be available for free to everyone! Character Refreshes The team also felt it was high time we gave our core cast some love (yes, we heard you). Over the course of the next year, we will be bestowing every character with revamped abilities, and give a glimpse into their backstory. Our goals here are to make each character unique, interesting and valuable in their own right and we expect this to be game changing in many ways. Starting in March with Winona, we will be releasing a character refresh once a month. These character refreshes will again be free to all players, and we will be selling new skins for these characters on the month they are refreshed. In addition, the Triumphant, Guest of Honor and Survivor skin packs will be available to purchase for the character on that date. All owners of these skins prior to that date will be upgraded to an “Heirloom” rarity, with a higher unraveling value. New Characters Enter the Fray A fresh batch of four characters have been unwittingly ensnared and brought into the world. These new survivors will be released into the wild starting in Mid-March, and a new one will be released every 2 months. We are still deciding the final price of these characters, but we currently think they will be $6.99 USD each, which includes a full character skin set. You will also be able to weave the characters with spool. Since we do not want to charge players for the new world content, these new characters will be our main way to fund development of this new content. Console Development We are working hard on keeping the console versions of the game up to date. Specifically, we are investing in technology to allow us to more quickly update the game without going through lengthy certification on every small change, and we've also added more staff to work exclusively on updating the console versions. We're happy to say that the next update for the Year of the Pig King event will launch within 2 days of the PC version. Quality of Life, Twitch Drops, Etc. We will also be continually updating the game with bug fixes, QoL updates, new skins for Twitch drops, and more things that we’re not quite ready to announce yet. Speaking of which, the Year of the Pig King update is going live on Thursday! Long Live the (Pig) King! -- And that’s it folks! In short, we are significantly increasing our support of Don’t Starve Together in 2019 with new game content, character refreshes, new stories to be told, new characters, and new skins. Thanks so much for playing this crazy game, once again. I’m still amazed at how it’s evolved over the years. Please give us your feedback and thoughts!
  9. Hello everyone! We’ve been a bit quiet about Don’t Starve in the last few months, but we’ve been hard at work. Today I’d like to announce a few new things that we’ve been working on: Don’t Starve: Hamlet The first thing to announce is that we’ve been working on another Don’t Starve singleplayer DLC! Wilson has found the portal to the origins of the Pigmen, and he’s off to explore their civilization. There may be some bushwhacking and tomb raiding involved, too. Hamlet will be available in Q1/Q2 2018. More information will be shown as we get closer to launch. You can check out the store page for screenshots and wishlist it here. Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Content Update We have a little surprise for you: Shipwrecked is getting more content! We have added the following to the game as a free update. In order to test these changes, we’ve put it into a Steam branch called “beta” with the password “shipwreckedbeta”, which is available now. Here are instructions on how to access the beta: World Crockodogs. Will hound you at land and sea. Ballphin followers and the Ballphin Den. Roe. New food item. Stocks the fish farm. Cormorants. New sea bird. Source of Roe. Tar Slick. Pools of crude oil bubbling on the surface of the water. Tar. New resource. 3 new variety of tropical fish. Rainbow Jellyfish. Coral Nubbin. Replant coral after it's mined. Ox will produce offspring. New Craftables Galley and Sea Lab . Make your base at sea. Sea Yard. Keeps your ship repaired on the water. Tar Extractor. Gets Tar from Tar Slick. Tar Suit. Temporary protection from wetness. Tar patch. A sticky situation. Oil Lamp. Quick lightsource for land and sea. Fish Farms. Grow food on the water. Encrusted Boat. Quackering Ram. New craftable for the Quacken Beak. Sea wall. Water craftable wall. Blocks waves. Tropical Bouillabaisse. New recipe with new tropical fish. Caviar. New recipe with Roe Don’t Starve Together: The Forge In addition to the singleplayer DLC, we are also announcing that we are working on a series of events for Don’t Starve Together. DST events are limited-time play modes that create a new way to play with the cast of Don’t Starve. They serve as a way to mix up the experience, allowing us to try crazy new things without breaking the core game. Events are free for everyone who owns DST to play and will be coming in November. With the Ancient Gateway activated our survivors now find themselves trapped in a hostile world of fire and battle. They’ll need to team up to defeat the Battlemaster’s army and his champion, the Grand Forge Boarrior, if they have any hopes of returning home. Here’s what’s in store in Don’t Starve’s first event, The Forge: 6-player co-op challenge, where the goal is to try and defeat the Grand Forge Boarrior in an arena. The only way to survive will be to work together. New creatures and bosses with their own attack patterns. New character traits for all characters, each with their own bonuses during combat. New weapons, armor, items, and combat abilities to help you survive the onslaught. Players who participate in the event will also be eligible to earn event specific skins. For the skin system, we are doing several changes: Far more skins will drop for players than ever before (by a factor of 4x or more!) There’s a new trader in town! If you get duplicates, you will be able to break them down to scrap and craft them into event items. The event features event-time skin drops, including the Warrior Skin Set, putting each character in grizzled gladiator-wear. In addition to the chance of receiving them as drops, players will have the option to purchase a single character’s Warrior Skin Set for $2.99, or the entire Warrior Skin Set collection for $12.99. The nature of the skins themselves will not change, they are still purely cosmetic and optional. However, purchase of the Warrior Set will help us fund further content and events like this one. We hope that with this mechanism, we can both continue creating great free content while also supporting the development team. In addition, this method of funding allows us to provide content to all our players, instead of splitting the player community if we implemented it with a DLC paywall. This is just the first of many experiments we intend to run, and we would love your feedback! We have many ideas for events, and we would love to know what you would liketo see. And more! Besides events, we will also continue working on Quality of Life improvements and bug fixes. And finally, a new challenger has arrived in Don’t Starve Together, and she is coming to all platforms and is available on Steam now! Armed with her indomitable spirit and trusty mending tape, Winona seems to have been plucked straight off the factory line and dropped into the world of Don’t Starve for something or someone’s unfathomable amusement. There may be more to her arrival than it appears, however, as more than a few eyes will be watching the next move of the newest survivor… Whew, that’s it! Once again, thank you for your support of our games! F.A.Q. When is Hamlet coming? We estimate Q1/Q2 next year, but as always, we’ll keep working until we feel it’s ready! Why not sell DLC for Don’t Starve Together instead of skins? DST is a multiplayer game, and we decided that we want everyone to be able to play, instead of splitting the community. We hope that in this way, we can continue to develop updates for the game while allowing everyone to enjoy it. When is The Forge being released? We are aiming to release it this November. Are the events coming to console? The events are going to launch first on PC, but we are looking into bringing them to other platforms at a later date.
  10. Hey everyone! As we enter Early Access, the Alpha price of $19.99 will be retired and the base price will become $24.99. In addition to this, we will be providing a 20% loyalty discount for all Klei game owners, so for these players the game will continue to be $19.99. However, while adjusting the prices, we realized that certain currencies had odd Steam pricing tiers that were non-linear, and in conjunction with loyalty pricing, we found that Early Access players could end up getting the game cheaper than our Alpha fans. We think that’s not great, as we really appreciate players taking the chance on us for Alpha. Thus as a thanks for supporting us, we will be providing a free gift for ALL our Alpha players. On July 12, all players who purchased the alpha version of the game will be given the opportunity to choose a gift from a selection of our top selling games. If you already own all of the games (thanks for your support!) then you will be able to choose a gift box containing rare Don't Starve Together skins, with a guarantee of at least 1 elegant skin. This offer will only be available to Alpha players who purchased the game at the original price and will not apply to purchases made during Early-Access. We will have more details about this offer when it’s available. For now, you can head over here and let us know if you would like to be notified when your gift is ready. Thank you so much for playing Oxygen Not Included, your feedback has been amazingly helpful! Now Live! This offer Ended June 30, 2018 Qualified players can now head on over to and get your gift!
  11. Hello folks! It’s finally time to announce that we are going out of Early Access. Our official launch day is April 21, just 2 weeks away! As we discussed in our last update in December, we are finally at content parity with the base game. Maxwell is on his way, the mandrake is in, caves are hostable without jumping through fiery hoops -- we now feel the game is ready for the general public and we’re ready to tell everyone. This has been our longest Early Access yet (and we’ve done 3 full games and 2 expansions through early access). Both integrating Reign of Giants and Caves were undertakings, and we really appreciate the patience you’ve had with us. Thank you! Through the Ages Many moons ago, we discussed launching Through the Ages, and it got waylaid by getting to content parity. We felt strongly that getting to parity at our quality standard was the most important priority, and it took much longer than expected. We’re finally here, and we are now actively working on new content. The team is breathing a sigh of relief that we get to build brand new content again. I’m going to leave Ipsquiggle to talk about Through the Ages as it evolves, but the first step of it is coming to you at Launch: we’re putting in small variations to the basic biomes so that every generation feels a bit different, and these will transition over time as you play through the seasons. As a refresher, the focus of TTA is the evolution of your world over a longer period of time, and more variation between worlds. This will take time to develop, and we will keep you in the loop both in beta branches and through our Rhymes With Play twitch stream, and of course right here in the forums. I’d say this is going to take about 6 months to develop, but uh, I’ve been off before. And that’s a (Early Access) wrap! Thank you all so much for joining us on this Early Access journey. It’s always an adventure to evolve a game with the players, and we have a ton of fun doing so. For Don’t Starve Together, launch is just signalling that we’ve achieved that first step of bringing Don’t Starve to be a full-fledged multiplayer experience. We get that there’s still a lot more to develop -- from longer play sessions, to better modding tools, to improving the state of PvP and exploring the lore -- there’s always more to do than we have hands, but thankfully we’re here for the long haul, as long as you are, too. Thanks! Background Wallpaper: here F.A.Q. What about Shipwrecked for DST? We don’t have any concrete plans right now. Shipwrecked was built without DST in mind, and we’re going to need to evaluate how much is needed if we were going to do this. We would all love to go sailing with our friends! What about PS4? It's in the works! Console development often takes longer than one would hope, but the good news is that we’ve been continually merging in the changes from PC, and the game is coming along well. We'll update you the moment we have more info.
  12. I just want to echo @JoeW: lots of great feedback. Thank you!