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  1. I don't understand what this means, could someone clarify please?
  2. for people who are not fans of terraria and don't like the idea of wearing a fanged eye that looks like it's going to chop your head at any moment, would it be possible to have a reskin of the eye mask that looks more like a helmet? I am strongly against wearing it for this very reason: role-play wise, it seems even less sane of a thing to do than jumping into a wormhole… I do like the concept of a helmet that needs to be fed though, so that's why I'd like a skin for it
  3. I don't know if it has already been asked, if so sorry about this, but what does the eye of terror setting in the world settings (grouped together with the other boss settings) do? is there a cool down on how often it can be summoned?
  4. I agree, it would be great. On top of making seasons vary in length each year, I would make it so each year no more than 2 seasons can be of 0 length, to prevent 10k day seasons like OsiriCousland explained. You should suggest your idea here (post below), unless you already have. Hopefully, Klei sees it because honestly I'd much rather have a change to random seasons that a scienceless cookbook. I really liked the old recipe, despite seldom crafting it. Oh, now I understand. a never-ending season because all others are on 0. thanks! The thing bulging on the top right looks like one of the plants in hamlet, but I doubt hamlet was already in the works. Or maybe, when that short was made, they had already thought of carnivorous plants, but decided they didn't fit in DS, and picked it up again only later, who knows. Having carnivorous cactuses in RoG's desert would have been great though.
  5. Does anyone know how random seasons work? will the length of the seasons change each year, or once it's decided it will remain? I am asking because I wanted to try a random seasons world, and during the first year I got a long autumn, long winter, very short spring and no summer. During the second year, I got long autumn and long winter (and then I died). have I just been unlucky, or during a random seasons world all autumns will have the same length, all winters the same length, all springs the same length and all summers the same length?
  6. this happens also on land (he keeps pushing the player in a direction). Furthermore, Chester makes smaller jumps than usual, and whenever he makes one of those jumps the sound from the player dropping an object on the ground is emitted (but Chester doesn't let any item drop).
  7. Screen Recording 2021-08-06 at does anyone know what this shimmering light is? (I'm not in the beta)
  8. Hi. The telltale heart skins, and a few other skins (e.g. puppy knitted hat, pig king hat and Carrat torch) were initially only available as a login bonus for a certain amount of time, and were obtained in the loyal version. A few months ago, Klei decided to add those skins in the Klei Rewards page so that newer players could get them too. To do so, they upgraded the previous skins (the hearts that were dropped on Valentine's Day, the knitted puppy hat from the year of the Varg event, the pig king hat from the year of the pig event and the Carrat torch from the year of the Carrat event, etc) to a Timeless rarity, and put on the Klei rewards page a new identical skin with the loyal variant. If you went ahead and bought with Klei points one of the skins for which you have a timeless variant, you would find to have two identical skins, a timeless one and a loyal one. So yes, this is intended. You just have to remember which skins you already have, instead of getting everything you see there as unredeemed.
  9. I had this bug twice. the first time, I was near cookie cutters and salt formations, and while I was a little bit distracted from the game, I think my server crashed as I lowered my anchor. The second time, I was sailing in a random spot in the ocean next to a floating bottle, and I crashed as I was raising my anchor. Here's a log from the first time (the second time it was the same error).server_log.txt
  10. the post lacks a link to the support topic for twitch drops