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  1. I would like if they worked like in rezecib's mod, which spawns Nightmare Creatures overtime if its lit.
  2. Be able to play with multiple seasonal events at the same time, like Winter's Feast + Hallowed Nights. The new world settings QoL was one of the best in my opinion.
  3. Can we have some changes for the Houndius Shootius? Since the introduction of catapults it seems way easier to "mass produce" them rather than farming for the Shootius, and they have AoE, which Shootius doesn't. Also would be great if we can Move/Decon it, since it's pretty bad when you place them wrongly and can't do anything besides killing it or leaving it there. Anyway good update.
  4. This is one of the most beautiful updates I've seen
  5. Ah, my bad. would this help you then? -- winona.lua example local function master_postinit(inst) inst.starting_inventory = start_inv[TheNet:GetServerGameMode()] or start_inv.default inst.components.hunger:SetMax(TUNING.WENDY_HUNGER) inst.components.sanity:SetMax(TUNING.WENDY_SANITY) local FavoriteFood = GetModConfigData("favoritefood", KnownModIndex:GetModActualName("YourMod")) inst.components.foodaffinity:AddPrefabAffinity(FavoriteFood, TUNING.AFFINITY_15_CALORIES_MED) inst.customidleanim = "idle_winona" inst.components.grue:SetResistance(1) if TheNet:GetServerGameMode() == "lavaarena" then event_server_data("lavaarena", "prefabs/winona").master_postinit(inst) end end
  6. I think you can do like this but I didn't have time to test it properly. local FavoriteFood = GetModConfigData("favoritefood") AddPrefabPostInit("willow", function(inst) if inst.components.foodaffinity then inst.components.foodaffinity:AddPrefabAffinity(FavoriteFood, TUNING.AFFINITY_15_CALORIES_HUGE) end end) and in modinfo.lua configuration_options = { { name = "favoritefood", label = "Favorite Food", hover = "The character's favorite food.", options = { {description = "Meat Stew", hover = "Meat Stew as favorite food.", data = "bonestew"}, {description = "California Roll", hover = "California Roll as favorite food.", data = "californiaroll"}, }, default = "bonestew", }
  7. Sorry if I understand wrong, but can't you do like this for example? AddPrefabPostInit("willow", function(inst) if inst.components.foodaffinity then inst.components.foodaffinity:AddPrefabAffinity("feijoada", TUNING.AFFINITY_15_CALORIES_HUGE) end end) I've been using this for my mod and seems to work without problems, of course you would need to make your changes.
  8. Are you trying to add "favorite food" to your character?
  9. So I managed to get the old Twiggy Tree files myself. here are them if anyone needs it