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  1. Some screenshots I took of my newest world It's in the very beginning so no much endgame content. My goal is to create the main base with the theme "Overgrowth by Nature"
  2. Since the crown gives infinite light, would be cool if you can actually use Deconstruction Staff on it to get "fragments" and these could be put inside the Mushlight/Glowcap for infinite light besides the ones you get from Winter's Feast
  3. So I managed to get the old Twiggy Tree files myself. here are them if anyone needs it
  4. Hello everyone! This thread is for all the HUD mods done by reD and Nicky! Here you can find all the themes they made for Don't Starve Together. These mods re-skins the entire HUD (In-game) of DST such as Craft Tabs, Inventory, Map, Player Status and even more. It's also compatible with Combined Status! [DST] Nautical HUD - Steam Workshop [DST] Nightmare HUD - Steam Workshop [Forge] The Battle Arena HUD - Steam Workshop [Gorge] Victorian HUD - Steam Workshop Thank you very much for visiting this thread and for using the mods!
  5. I saw some people talking about a cave rework and new biomes and wondering if Klei will do something with caves in the future, here some of my concepts for new cave biomes. Wild Iron Hulks Forgotten Ruins Toxic Swamp Spider's Lair Mods: The Architect Pack (NexusMods) The Clothes Pack (Steam Workshop)
  6. I'm aiming to create a base inside the oasis biome with beach theme. The Lake during the summer and other seasons:
  7. This would be a really good QoL for when Creative Mode is on
  8. I would like to see in-game statistics like this for example: 159.697km Traveled 430 Dark Swords crafted 30 Ancient Fuelweavers Killed 150 Meatballs eaten 6570 Days Survived 47.321km Sailed 943 Trees Planted 3.971 Mobs Killed 54.413 Damage Taken 687 Structures Crafted etc...
  9. I would like if you can cultivate mandrakes with the existing ones in the start of the world and late in game you have an decent amount of them instead of just getting them from Klaus