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  1. How long do you think it'll take for supporting Taiwan and Hong Kong to become a bannable offense? lol
  2. Because you don't know any better. Tencent, like all Chinese corporations, operate as an arm of the CCP. They are not autonomous entities like other countries understand it. They do as they're told. If Klei knew what their loyal customers wanted, they wouldn't have sold out to them under any circumstance. The response bares that out. They will continue to make money. In fact they'll get really rich off of this, but their company as they knew it has ceased to exist. They just don't realize it yet. I watched the same thing happen to Blizzard when they sold out to Activision and went on the forums promising everyone nothing would change.
  3. Why would you sell out to China? This is literally the worst decision you could have made right next to selling out to EA or Activision. Don't try to kid yourselves or us about things won't change. This marks the day Klei died. I loved you guys.
  4. Can also confirm. With shallow salt water the waterweed says it's in the wrong atmosphere, and with a full space of salt water it says too wet.
  5. My rocket returned, but I had forgotten to open my bunker doors and they were destroyed, so I loaded back to the previous cycle and found this in my rocket hangar. The 2 Biological Cargo Bays and Command Capsule are missing. Loading even further back, in fact at any point the rocket had already left my base, results in the same situation. If I wait for my rocket to return again only the Command Capsule returns. The Biological Cargo Bays are gone forever. Impenetrable Fortress.savImpenetrable Fortress.sav