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  1. Well atm there's nothing unique about building in a rocket either. You just you build on asteroids. More of the same, but with less space. Eventually players will come up with optimal builds and your "challenge" will turn into an extra chore.
  2. This. Specialised inner module buildings, at least that. Not medieval peasant beds in spaceships. No, you will still have a space map, other unique worlds to explore and setup colonies till your heart's content. No, you wouldn't.
  3. I openly stated that I dislike this kind of approach and wanted to know do people feel the same. It's clunky, unimaginative and doesn't add anything new to gameplay. Actually, there were already concerns about the new rocketry the day it was announced. There's no need for this micro upon micro hell. Before your journey you simply supply the rocket with vital resources (O2, fuel, water using pipes; manually load food, bottled water, even meds etc). There could be a special tab showing how much and what type of resources you need depending on the nature and length of your journey and how many dupes you assigned. It will also keep track of everything, including dupe's health status, during the mission itself, while you continue managing your multiple colonies. Imo it's much more engaging than vanilla and not derpy like the current implementation. So yeah, a brief description of my idea.
  4. It seems you did not understand what I was talking about very well. The guy Electroely above did. Why couldn't you? I guess trying to act edgy is easier.
  5. So unimmersive floating boxes in space is still a thing? Will the devs address this or do people actually enjoy this gameplay?
  6. Very good game, but painfully slow development for so little content. A year to finish Smith's four days, that's about 3 hours of gameplay. Mind blowing.
  7. How often do you clean them? Make sure to check for pip hair build-ups regularly.
  8. By "Re-Rocketry" I really hoped you scrapped the ridiculous micro hell idea of inner rocket bases and actually made it interesting. Is multiple colonies not enough for you?
  9. Same reason you're here. The reason why this thread is still rolling. Also you're right about one thing, I've said enough here. Gonna check Spaced Out see what's new.
  10. Klei already know that. Besides anyone could've said that, but we all know that's not enough