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Gift Showcase/Brag Thread

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Nah I don’t got that kind of luck.. I get plenty of Shoes and Skirts though.. thinking about opening myself up a Sneakers store that also sells skirts & plaid T-shirts.

Hoping for the day I log on and am awarded Wendy Lureplant & Creepy Cauldron though :) 

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I usually only get t-shirts, sandals and O̵̱̘͗͗̀̚x̵̖̥͎̘̜̀ḟ̸͓͔͆͑̎̃̍̓ộ̶̡͖̎̽͘r̷̝͊͂̄̈́͑̈́ḑ̵̻͉͕̂͆͜ ̷̛͕̯͆̈́͗̓͜S̷̹̯̀̓̔h̸͎̓̓̄͒̀͋o̴̢̾͠e̶̜͐̎̈́͒ş̵̜̝̦̥͖͔̈́̊̈. But within the past 4 days I had gotten dryads gloves and refined spear.

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You don't even want to know about the Merrymaker Winonas I got in the span of only 2 weeks. I think I'm mad cursed. Of all the elegant skins in the game, of all the characters in the game, and it gives me Merrymaker Winona. 

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i get so excited when i get some nice skins xDD my friends,,, not so much hahha






and honorable mentions that i don't have a screenshot for: black kittykit, camping crock pot, polar broodling, and snowy glomglom!


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Can I redeem the 4 Winona elegants I've found in the last 3 weeks for a "disable Winona skin drops" voucher yet? I've found 2 Merrymakers and 2 Fixers in little less than a month and I'm going absolutely insane. :shock:


Some may deny it, but to me, this is factual evidence that my personal RNG for Winona skins is way higher than any other elegant skins for any other characters/structures/craftables. I'm cursed, please help.

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