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  1. To clarify on this, you will need 2 PSN accounts (both of these accounts must be yours) and 2 controllers. You open the puzzle link in different tabs and login with each of your accounts, after completing it, you need to login with your secondary/dummy account into DST as a second player, finally take both players/characters to the chest to deliver the items. And yes, both players must have the same type of account, eg, PC-PC, PSN-PSN, etc
  2. you can solo it by opening 2 tabs in your browser, or 2 browsers
  3. this, agree to all of it. Due to my time restriction and general lack of trust in anyone honestly, I end up mostly in pubs, so that I don't lose a whole base built alone due to host just skipping off in day 15, added to this, I don't really like using a mic, unless I am very familiar with the person, basically a friend, just find it pointless to be reporting my every doing, but I can see why people request it (griefers), all this combined, actually puts me in a tough spot between exploring/gathering/enjoying or go get the noob at portal to show him the ropes. Don't get me wrong, I've had noobs follow me and assist me and as such I have ''taken them under my wing'' (for the duration of my playtime right then and there), whatever they ask, I answer, whatever they need, I'll help, of course, if I can. All this being said, it sorta kinda grinds my gears (I like WX, get it?) when someone, be it the squeeky edge lord or the ''sage adult veteran'' start spouting nonsense over their mics, acting all knowledgeable. And this is how I ''gauge'' people in pubs or hosted worlds (although I am more chatty with hosts, due to most of em leaving fast ime) to either choose being in a squad or randomly appearing at night.
  4. No screenshots sadly, but I got almost 2 months straight of wes skins (actual skins and clothes). It's like they were trying to tell me something...
  5. Question, is that a total of gifts per week, meaning (daily logins + ingame gifts)?