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  1. Counter point, he practically already has infinite durability tools, the only situation he ever needs to remake them is if he has a severe case of the dead, is fighting a boss with AOE, or if you would rather not obliterate your winters feast tree for the third time in a row, its not like wendy needs to spend 3 nightmare fuel every time she wants to recall abigail. nor does webber need to spend anything to store away a reasonable amount of spiders. Anyway as for my actual opinion give him the duelist perk from the forge and make it scale in damage with how many duelists maxwell has summoned, and maybe let him move around structures/entities by pulling them with a shadow hand or the like, perhaps something to do with clockworks? i always did feel that friendly clockworks were underutilized. As long as maxwell ends up strong and interesting im happy, a lore heavy character like him really does not deserve to get the willow/walter treatment.
  2. I would absolutely love if killing some bosses for the first time did more than just make insert game mechanic here irrelevant, for example killing klaus causing blizzards to start occuring randomly, killing AG making more types of nightmare creature spawn when insane, etc. The only downside i can see from something like this is making crab king or toadstool a net negative to fight, considering their drops are... useful for megabasing at best.
  3. I think there is a bigger problem with the ocean than just being empty, but also being extremely costly in terms of time spent to actually get something done, in the time you can get one knobbly nut, or get enough salt for a box, you could also get a whole inventory of logs, or absolutely anything other than staring at empty ocean harder than a sniper through their scope to prevent ramming into a sea stack. it really does not help that the ocean looks more like a blue carpet than a body of water half the time. I would love to see some kind of randomly generated ocean currents, some changes to how the ocean looks in general, and for turning to actually be tolerable beyond paddling like a madman or having to use the anchor every 30 seconds, like a wheel upgrade dropped from crab king or something. Anyway yeah just make the opportunity cost of going sailing not so far in the negatives it isn't even funny and make the ocean feel less like carpet, i think we are on the right track after that.
  4. Dapper vest, Breezy/puffy vest, summer frest, floral shirt, rain coat, hibernation vest. All complete and utter garbage with the sole exception of the raincoat exclusively as WX without a eyebrella in combat, which should only really happen if you have 2 WX's in one world, an EXTREME niche in the best possible scenario. the rest are self explanatory, nobody cares about insulation beyond the same winter cap / eyebrella and thermal combo, and who really cares about an extra 3.3 sanity a minute, or some decreased hunger drain after autumn 2. I could go over the cawnival, amulets, and a couple armors too, but those would start to extend beyond the scope of the argument, so in summary, chest clothing bad.
  5. Yeaaaah, most body slot items are pretty garbage overall, considering you have to sacrifice one of the 3-4 chest slot items that are absolutely godlike for... winter insulation, oh joy. Seriously, the only time you ever want to swap off a backpack is in combat, and the only 3 chest slot items you want to switch off to are the magi, bone armor, or night armor. or marble if you are playing wolfgang and only wolfgang i guess. Good reason to differentiate chest armor and clothing, armor im not sure what the magi is so il just call it an """armor""" is great in combat, clothing on the other hand is completely worthless in absolutely every scenario. Egg man is correct but also completely misread it.
  6. Wilson and Walter. Walter due to having SO many perks and yet all but one of them manages to be irrelevant, his slingshot as the worst of all, being out DPS'ed by a spear of all things, not counting kiting i presume but still a spear, leaving a funny looking chester that can pretend to be a method of transport. Wilson for the obvious no perk reason, but also because i KEEP getting his elegants and they ALL look good and i NEVER get to use them. The default character argument does not even work anymore, almost all characters are unlocked from the start, and we have plenty of characters that require you to actively work to get their perks working, please klei, let my funny hair gel man have a rework.
  7. I think its more the fault of most enemies than it is the player, most enemies just walk up to you and attack, and the ones that are more complicated immediately make combat more interesting. Really good sign for the future in that way, we have been getting far better enemies recently and the celestial champion manages to actually be a well designed complex boss fight that does not require me to kill moose goose 5 times over, reworked AG is also great, a couple simple changes made it SO much more fun to fight even if you fought em legitimately pre rework. Albeit, player equipment could use a few changes, at the very least new tools in the players hand would allow the developers to make bosses with said tools in mind, please no more weather pain grinding i beg. In summary, the games combat system is not bad, its just HEAVILY underutilized most of the time or used in a way that is just bad COUGH COUGH CRAB KING and will probably get much better with newer updates.
  8. I have to agree here, wormwood planting is not that useful in practice when multiple people can get more than enough healing food out of a single rigamajig, and hunger problems have been extinct ever since the bird cage. Other farm crop perks are close to irrelevant, since tending is practically nonexistant thanks to a combination of one man bands, shell bells, and the fruit fly, and the mild time saves due to not needing to till / go through the planting animation are meaningless compared to the constant flow of filler that keeps filling up my ice box i have far too many potatoes. Not really sure what the solution to all that would be though, personally i think wormwood got buffed in RWYS anyway thanks to growth formula being bonkers, so it probably does not matter in the end either way.
  9. Initially thought this one was about making chests out of characters skin but i guess this is neat too.
  10. Considering that the games engine supports it, some things already use it, and modding has already made it a thing for players, some 3D / verticality would be an absolute blessing for atleast one area. Also ever since gorge i have longed for a update to cooking and food in general, you get a little tired after your 20th pierogi in a row, and i would rather be caught dead than farming materials for honey poultice.
  11. Personally, the fishing system is just too sluggish to get anything out of, sure i could spend an eternity figuring out how fishing works and THEN spend half a season practically standing still to get... a debatably better thermal stone and a boat flingo. Or, yknow, you could spend all that time doing anything else. the strident trident is actually great in that way, speeding up the process by magnitudes, shame its so expensive and irritating to obtain that it does not even matter.
  12. please it has been like this since she sells sea shells we beg.
  13. Sometimes i have wonderful ideas, this is one of them.
  14. "REANIMATE!" -wendy, after finding some shiny instrument.