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  1. my poor boy maxwell got absolutely butchered this update, the whole celestial altar questline all for an item that can't even be used, sheer agony. yes, one of the hardest items in the game to get should be usable for more than 30 hits on average without sanity items to carry it, and without being completely useless to multiple characters unless they throw their perks into a dumpster.
  2. "a year 1 beginner guide to wormwood" "Days 1-5: Prep for the ruins" its a good guide and all but im feeling some slight dissonance here.
  3. anything related to lunar magic, it is painfully underused as of right now compared to shadow magic which i would love to see expanded upon too in maxwell's rework, preferably not a perk soup like wurt, wormwood, and walter, and maybe some more good lore quotes.
  4. a login bonus you absolutely do not want to miss, charlie has the tragic torch, i can feel a new puzzle coming in. but "season finale" does confuse me a bit.
  5. I have to agree. The lack of examination lines for shell beach turf, while small compared to the rest of the game as a whole, absolutely cripples it and by extension Pearl's island and quest, by subconsciously telling the player that the turf, and the content said turf is closely related to, is incomplete and thus was not worked on much by the developers, meaning the player is more likely to consider it and the area it is found in lower quality and thus worse content. This, alongside the points you brought up, makes it more likely for the player to brush off further updates as low quality, as in the mind of the player they may think that said updates are declining, and thus decreasing the overall lifetime of the game, i implore the developers to add examination lines to shell beach turf in order to fix this slight, but still very present, decline in overall customer reception to the game.
  6. please it has been like this since she sells sea shells we beg.
  7. Sometimes i have wonderful ideas, this is one of them.
  8. "REANIMATE!" -wendy, after finding some shiny instrument.
  9. finding the gingerbread fence AND the gate within minutes of eachother via winters feast chests is a mystical experience.
  10. ah, another argument discussion about difficulty, ah well, guess il toss in my proverbial pocket change. the games challenge, atleast from what i can see, comes mostly from lack of knowledge, not exactly a good thing considering everything. once you survive winter once, you can do it 20 more times in a row once you figure out how many hits you can get in on a treeguard they never become more than a nuisance if you can kite 5 hounds you can kite 50 hounds until it clicks, you are hopeless, but when it does, it is trivial, and that is horrendous, new players not even knowing how to use an axe properly while the fuelweaver fight boils down in essence to "hit, hit, run, use tool 1 when caged, use tool 2 when invulnerable, use tool 3 when healing" is horrendous. of course, losing is supposed to be part of the fun, but im pretty sure the new player over there was not supposed to join in the middle of summer, finally scavenge an axe together after fiddling with the controls for 2 minutes, fail to cut down a tree, overheat to death, and eventually refund the game after this happening 3 times in a row while at the same time the WX has already cleared the ruins by day 4 with almost 0 effort.
  11. >dark sword that repairs... using bone shards, a item that the character in question gets as a drop, thus making inventory management much easier, along with no sanity penalty as said character, along with life steal. the art, maybe, but the rest? seems pretty average to me.