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  1. I sort of want to ocean to be worked on more. This may be an opinionated nitpick, but I would like the water to just be a slight lighter blue in color, doesn't have be be shipwrecked light blue tho. Everyone and their mom already wants more islands, so I won't talk about that. I think the ocean fishing rod should be removed and you can use normal fishing rod but only on boat. Maybe add jellies from shipwrecked into the ocean and/or wobster.
  2. I think Wendy could use a rework, I feel like she is relatively boring to play. Maybe change Abigail in some way, or add a ghost related stat to Wendy, Not sure. I want a wes animation more than a rework. I think wx is ok already, maybe an underclocked state that makes him deal less damage and slows him in movement slightly, but sanity and hunger drain is decreased. I can tell that I'm not meant to make character balances lol. Second round of gorge would be amazing
  3. So as it was said in the carrat post, we will likely get roadmap in the following few weeks. What are you hoping to see on the 2020 roadmap? You can list just one thing you hope or type your dream roadmap post, I'm interested in reading anything here. As for me, I hope gorge comes back for at least one last year.
  4. Will we get a roadmap post like last year?
  5. I feel like Fanciful Axe and Fanciful Shovel should apply to their golden counterparts. I suppose Barbed Helmet & Nox Helm could apply to battle helm, as well as most of the spear skins applying to battle spear. Lastly Witch's hat would look cool on straw hat.