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  1. Not sure how many people will care, but I made my first music mod and wanted to show it off Hope you guys like it
  2. I feel like 2020 roadmap kinda shows they are considering it, but only if they come up with something they want to add
  3. I think its gone and the only thing I can possibly think of is if you have a Windows restore point from before you deleted it. However not everyone has Windows restore points set up
  4. You can only get 8 drops a week, drops reset on Thursday. You may also get drops daily by logging in. You may have reached the 8 cap. This is a good mod I have been using to keep track of my drops
  5. Now for my weekly post of drops I got that were either Spiffy or higher or just apart of a set that I think is cool And as for duplicate items I unraveled, I got 195 spools I am very happy about the brawlers hand-wraps and dryad's sandals I really like woodies forge skin & I got the gladiator skin last week, all I need now is the boots and leggings And I would love to put the dryad skin on Maxwell and Wormwood whenever I have the spools to weave him some day Here's to another week of drops, best of luck
  6. Thanks klei for helping such great stuff like DST, DS, Oxygen Not Included come into existence and publishing Crypt of the Necrodancer too!
  7. I got these within the past 7 days, here's to a new week of 15 drops!
  8. I don't have much to show off, but I still wanna share and part of me wants to keep this thread alive
  9. I usually only get t-shirts, sandals and O̵̱̘͗͗̀̚x̵̖̥͎̘̜̀ḟ̸͓͔͆͑̎̃̍̓ộ̶̡͖̎̽͘r̷̝͊͂̄̈́͑̈́ḑ̵̻͉͕̂͆͜ ̷̛͕̯͆̈́͗̓͜S̷̹̯̀̓̔h̸͎̓̓̄͒̀͋o̴̢̾͠e̶̜͐̎̈́͒ş̵̜̝̦̥͖͔̈́̊̈. But within the past 4 days I had gotten dryads gloves and refined spear.