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  1. Not sure how many people will care, but I made my first music mod and wanted to show it off Hope you guys like it
  2. Now for my weekly post of drops I got that were either Spiffy or higher or just apart of a set that I think is cool And as for duplicate items I unraveled, I got 195 spools I am very happy about the brawlers hand-wraps and dryad's sandals I really like woodies forge skin & I got the gladiator skin last week, all I need now is the boots and leggings And I would love to put the dryad skin on Maxwell and Wormwood whenever I have the spools to weave him some day Here's to another week of drops, best of luck
  3. I got these within the past 7 days, here's to a new week of 15 drops!
  4. I don't have much to show off, but I still wanna share and part of me wants to keep this thread alive
  5. I usually only get t-shirts, sandals and O̵̱̘͗͗̀̚x̵̖̥͎̘̜̀ḟ̸͓͔͆͑̎̃̍̓ộ̶̡͖̎̽͘r̷̝͊͂̄̈́͑̈́ḑ̵̻͉͕̂͆͜ ̷̛͕̯͆̈́͗̓͜S̷̹̯̀̓̔h̸͎̓̓̄͒̀͋o̴̢̾͠e̶̜͐̎̈́͒ş̵̜̝̦̥͖͔̈́̊̈. But within the past 4 days I had gotten dryads gloves and refined spear.