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  1. although im setting my expectations low, im excited for wendy's short! im reeeeeeeally hoping for something alice in wonderland-y!! itd be so cute ; w ;
  2. Maxwell's eyebrows disappear when doing the /yawn emote. Don't know if this was a mistake or not, but his eyebrows are present when doing other expressive emotes. Just thought I'd mention it.
  3. i get so excited when i get some nice skins xDD my friends,,, not so much hahha
  4. its been a little minute but just wanted to post these since this was the first place i posted my cardsuit skins concepts- also thomas idk if you still wanted a tutorial or not asjdhfjs jut hmu xddd
  5. i loved all the new skins klei provided for us! wicker is so drop dead gorgeous! will be drawing the lovely vampire maxwell next cause :BIG LOVE EMOJI:
  6. Wickerbottom: when wearing her bewitched head with only her bewitching boots, the bottom of her underwear/dress is still present Winona: the sleeves of her stitched coat is visible, even when its not equipped.
  7. Thank you minespatch!! :DD lol didnt quite know how to interpret her bangs besides the lil swirl!
  8. thank you everyone! im glad i get to share my art with yall! here's a roseate!wigfrid digital painting! experimented a bit with it! catch it on my tumblr or instagram
  9. winona and genny!! klei did such a lovely job on the animated short! im so glad to see more of winona!
  10. ooooohmmmmlOL i dont think the rest of my avatar is ok to post here on the forums (◉◡◉);; its a bit suggestive (lingerie themed), tho i can def post it on my tumblr! hehhe wilsons using an intimidation tactic, scare the elite four pigs a bit and wickerbottom is saying "Chúc mừng năm mới" in celebration of Lunar New Year (Feb. 5th). It's the Vietnamese translation of "Happy New Year." both her and wilson are wearing a traditional vietnamese outfit called an Áo dài as well :>
  11. in celebration for the new year! happy lunar new years everyone!
  12. Maxy sure can! He can read any and all of wickers books (・ ▽ <)☆ wicker on the other hand, cant read maxwell's codex umbra lmao the fanzine's theme was tips and tricks, so my tip/trick was let maxy read wickers books to save her sanity! yknow, i actually wasnt even aware that my piece had a limited palette! i usually just freehand choose whatever colors feel right at the moment LOL i know i had a lot of difficulty picking the colors for it tho, but im happy with the results ( ´ ▽ ` )
  13. //clap emoji so happy to finally announce that the dst fanzine is officially out! heres my piece for the fanzine! Yall can check it out HERE free to download :>
  14. omg sightkeeper i absolutely love your art!! your anatomy is so lovely and honestly, your maxy drawings are to nut for LOL ♡‿♡
  15. thank you everyone! im glad i could share my art with all yall :> i post more dont starve art over on my tumblr account: happiart here are the response images for the wickerbottom/wilson picture for those who dont have a tunglr account
  16. Thanks! the earring was a last min thought hahha thought id try redrawing the scene with a lil more seriousness ;D
  17. havent posted in a lil while! but heres some cute wickerbottom and wilson from the winters feast comic ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ
  18. I've refreshed and closed-reopened the game several times to try to get into a room with 5/6. My friend was in there and a said that a spot was definitely available. this happened to another person who was trying to enter a room with 1/6 with their friend but the "Server Full" pop-up kept appearing.
  19. this actually happened to our woodie as well. but he was able to get back into the arena by using wigfrid's spiral spear LOL
  20. im having the same issue o: hopefully this gets figured out! KLEI USER ID: KU_fGl2ZRje PLAYER ID Steam: 76561198337316896
  21. oh gosh!! thank you auspice! :'D i have such a huge need for maxy to be a vampire cause of his broken Stake quote- "I told you people, I am *not* a vampire!" U___U gosh yeaaa none of my mains got a skin this year,,,, such a sad halloween,,, maaaybe next year orz;;; and omg minespatch, i actually reference Dracula from castlevania xDD nice eye!
  22. omg wicker looks so great here!!!! * v * im absolutely in love!
  23. here to just drop off my hope for maxwells new hallowed nights skin!! please be a vampire please be a vampire please be a vampire please be a vampire please be a vampire please be a vampire
  24. Thank you, quoth!! I'm quite fond of the piece myself! :> --------------------------- My second Inktober drawing! under a spoilers because of blood, theres not much but it's still there. I was mainly inspired by @Quoth143's theory that Wickerbottom murders her husbands (possibly for money)
  25. Thank you for your opinion! i really appreciate it! im kinda torn, so any input really helps :> I perhaps couldve been the first! i just really love all of wicker's skins goshdarnit!! i absolutely love her lil golden claws tooooo me: hehhe (¬‿¬) you know exactly why i made wes the queen~ wes too op omg yea! i actually talked to wesminator about the possibility of using battle standards! it would definitely be an interesting aspect to put into reforge! Though i wonder how that could be implemented! I think so too! It was my initial idea to have enemies circling them, but LOL i was unsure where to put them. I think I have an idea of how i'd want it to look now. hehhe thaaaaanks u v u dont worry your pretty little head, your wickerson will be coming riiiight up!