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  1. Content >>>< Events (I missed a skin from the gorge I want it) Pls don not change Wigfrid at all I honestly think she is balanced fine..... but Wolfgang, Wickerbottom, and WX-78 DEFINITELY need to be reworked..... but for people like Wigfrid, Maxwell, and maybe Webber??? Don't really change anything.... (Except maybe the shadow duelist with Maxwell) but feel free to change Webber.
  2. Present Drop Skins!

    Why can't I get that.........
  3. Open 101 forge chest - 0 elegant :sad:

    lol just sittin here as a console player with no forge >:(
  4. Now that forge is over...

    wHy ThO bRo WhY YoU GoTtA dO tHiS
  5. Hey everybody. We have discussed this and we agree with you. We have been cranking away at things to prepare for everything we announced recently and didn't put proper consideration into this. @PeterA has setup the chests to begin dropping tomorrow afternoon. We will also keep these chests on an extra week to make up for lost time. Our apologies. Thanks for calling us out on this so we could get it fixed up for you. Klei has listened to our issues and It's going to be fixed tommorow! Thanks klei!
  6. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH KLEI! I'm so glad you took into consideration our problem and that you fixed it! Thank you They fixed it! there will be chest tommorow!
  7. Yeah you right tho..... the bunnys would be quite a bit faster, but it would still make him have an extra good use
  8. Maybe a type of world where you die once your dead forever? Or maybe only remove the telltale heart so you HAVE to use live giving amulets, touch stones, meat effigys (Then wilson will actually be a really useful character)
  9. Year of the Pig Skins

  10. Present Drop Skins!

    I'm going to be bringing back the skin forum that I created awhile back where you share the skins you've gotten! Just post a picture, or tell us down bellow what you have gotten from this years presents! So far this week I got 3 commons, and 1 classy >:( NOT HAPPY
  11. Year of the Pig Skins

    Maybe the gods will listen.... Who knows....Hey they listened once (character rebalances) maybe the gods will listen again.... Overall it hurts they released so many good skins, and it's SO hard to get spools.... but, if thats what the devs want then were gonna have to deal with it..... Just make sure them character rebalances amazing or ima be hurt.... (I'm having to unweave all my elegants that I want for all the elegants I REALLY want.... it hurts)
  12. Year of the Pig Skins

    Maybe the gods will listen.... Who knows....Hey they listened once (character rebalances) maybe the gods will listen again....
  13. Year of the Pig Skins

    Yeah it sucks PC at least gets to buy them.... We depend on luck, and luck in DST doesn't exist
  14. [UPDATE] The Gorge on Consoles

    Anyone else chillin' in 2019?