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  1. It always rains on day 5, 6, or 7 Like every world you create it will ALWAYS and I mean EVERY time it will rain on day 5, 6, or 7. 3 flowers always spawn near portal on the first start up of the world
  2. I would like to try it with you soon, if you are willing to. My PSN is RoughCactus69 add me if you are interested. I can't do it right now though.
  3. By Reichull, Monday at 08:59 PM Just wanted to say! The Puzzle skins are now avaible to get. Including Xbox, and PS4. Yes PS4 player you can indeed use the browser to get the puzzle - Click here to do the Cyclum Puzzle - Steps to complete the Cyclum Puzzle (can be done alone) - Click here to do the Metheus Puzzle - Steps to complete the Metheus Puzzle (has to be done with a partner) I did not figure this out! I just reposted it from the General Discussion to PS4 community! All congrats goes to Reichull!
  4. I think the infinite glass is a little much, it makes the game even easier than it already is. I appreciate the nerf. It shows that they are trying to fix resource farming errors.
  5. Turn of tide on ps4

    Lol let's pray that it's soooooooooooooooon
  6. Puzzle Skins? (Klei Rewards)

    All I've got to say to that is......
  7. I totally stole this idea from NoscopeFelix, Credit to him.
  9. Lol I agree, I just can't wait for the update.
  10. True not many console players do come to the forums normally, I'm just a dedicated fan. I do know that it takes awhile. I'm till mildly upset, but I understand. I'm only upset because this has happened before. The Gorge. It took FOREVER to get it out on console compared to PC. AGAIN I understand. There weren't any bugs I ran into congrats. I'm just a little upset that is.
  11. I have never seen this EVER! (On console)

    ?????? I WISH!!!! I LOVE THE OLD LOADING SCREEN!!! But sadly no, but I do hear the noise for it.
  12. Nope sorry, it sucks I know.
  13. Us console players........ too bad........ Well still hype though! (I Understand Klei I Won't Complain) Develop a game before you start complaining, It's hard work. Klei doesn't really have a big team of developers like AAA titles. Klei is also working on other games to. I understand the frustration, but please keep it down. They are trying.
  14. What 6 Character's would you choose?

    My Top 6 - - Wickerbottom (A MUST) - Wigfrid (Helmets Mostly) - Wendy/Webber (SPIDER FARM) *Preferably Wendy* - Wormwood (VEGETABLES/FRUIT) - Wortox - (HEALINNNNNNG) AND FOR THE LAST ONEEEEE HMMMMMMMM...... HAS TO BE THE MOST OP....... WESSSSSSSSSSSS (Just Kidding!) Ok actually the last one.... - Maxwell (For The Resources)