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  1. I'll PM you to not clog the forums. Oh I agree with you. People sitting at base doing nothing shouldn't get the items. As long as they are rightfully using the tools to their ability it's fine by me. There are definitely variables that go into this. If there is a Wickerbottom that doesn't really know what they are doing, I feel as if you farmed for the Tam' you shouldn't have to give it to a completely pointless Wickerbottom that is oblivious to what they are doing. If it's a Wicker that just farmed a butt ton of food and they need sanity back, yeah, I got no problem with tossing the Tam. same goes with Walking cane and exploring in such. You get the drift. As for public servers, on console 95% of servers there is a host. The reason I posted that, because in my opinion it seems the most etiquette to hand the cap to the person who farmed for it. since I'm not going to type exactly what I put above you can read that. There are variables that go into account. Also, if someone needs the Cap/Cane, I'm not a hoarder. If they need it, I'll toss it over. You guys are really making me out to sound like the bad guy here. (Thanks Reichull)
  2. Deerlcops eye is a given. It's a single item that is from a team fight. Spring can actually kill WX if you aren't careful. But when it comes to cane, or tam o' shanter, whoever farmed for it gets it. It never really seemed fair to me for someone to want something then farm it, then have it give it up because there is a Wickerbottom or a Wortox. Now if you WANT to give it up that's fine. But don't force someone to give up an item they farmed for, that they wanted. The only time it should be rolled is if multiple people help with the fight.
  3. I'm currently looking for 3 people to play PS4 with. I need really good people who know what they are doing. People who can solo rush ruins and kill Ancient Guardian. People who can easily kill D-Fly solo. People who can easily work together to make a functioning base. My PSN is RoughCactus69 Message me if interested. Thanks, Cactus.
  4. Oh boyy..... I saw the HOT! symbol on "Wolfgang needs to NOT be nerfed" and I got scared D:
  5. I as reading through this, and at first it was nice. Until what you proposed what needs to be changed. The things they changed are fine. 1200 health? You are saying that 2 Abigails could go up against a raid boss. No sir. The changes they mde are fine. The character is balanced. It's what it needs to be.
  6. BIG ISSUES! I started up a new server to play with friends, and turns out. ABIGAIL ATTACKS MAXWELLS SHADOW PUPPETS AND GLOMMER! (While on agressive) @JoeW This needs to be fixed QUICKLY!
  7. April 16th 1914. I keep hearing strange music when I dream... The same song repeating over and over... Is it you Abigail? Are you trying to tell me something? Edit: Changed the last word from anything to something, it fits better.
  8. Agreed. I like the trailer but there needs to be LORE Hahahahah!!!!! I get it man I get it. Wendy is my favorite character. Not my favorite to play as but my favorite in general. She has so much life to her character. I truly can not wait for her trailer. @SaltyPickle BROTHER
  9. ------ Me I'm just chillin' waiting for it to come out. Man.... I might just explode. Let's create forum explosion like what happened with Wurt. Where everyone was commenting every 2 minutes going "OMG WURT WURT WURT HYPE EXCITED CANT WAIT AAAAAAAAAAAA" We need that again XD it was a true gamer moment. ______ Agreed brother, agreed
  10. Boys boys just calm down..... Just a few more hours.... JUST A FEW MORE HOURS!?!?!? It's the wurt update all over again...
  11. Probably her own crafting tab. (That's just my guess) \__("/)__/
  12. I....... Why....... I'm scarred... I DID THE SAME THING! I saw it and I showed my friend and we were laughing the whole time!