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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Poor Keyboard......
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    This took me about 3 minutes..... By the way for anyone oblivious, this is the new Edgy Rick....... creating Minecraft videos..... Bearger: *SNIFF SNIFF* Bearger: I SMELL PENNIES!!!!
  3. How has nobody else posted on this? These are all great ideas! I really like different stats/ideas for WX-78 he definitely needs a rework and this is the way to do it. I like that he can have different stats for different play styles! If you want to be the next Wolfgang, so be it! If you want to be a support gatherer, so be it! If you want to be the next speedy Gonzalez, so be it! One question though, if you get the map fully explored is there a way to switch mode things?
  4. I've seen the treegaurd set pieces once? I caught it on stream about. 4-5ish' months ago. It's pretty rare I've seen the Miner hat boon a bit, but there isn't always a 100% chance treegaurds will spawn
  5. I have NO idea, it's one of the more common set pieces alongside hound staffs. But yeah, it is wierd I've always wondered what it was from \__("/)__/
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Fixed it:
  7. Yessss...... Finally.......
  8. THE SPOILERS ARE SOOOOO BROKEN!!!!!! Edit: Had to delete the spoilers and redo everything...... (Well at least they are fixed) I agree there is a set-piece that is so rare in particular I've seen it ONCE in DST This set piece is SOOOO rareeee I hate it....
  9. Makes sense, I have NEVER seen these in DST and it doesn't really specify which version they are on. (They really need to fix it....)
  10. Ok, so, I've been playing this game awhile and there are STILL set pieces I have missed or not run across ever. I just found one I'd never seen yesterday. There are the basic "I want these because they are awesome" set pieces like reed trap, queens gathering, developer graveyard, or gaurdian pig ones. Then there are the obscure ones that are just.... there..... like the patches of savannah in a grass turf biome. (This is the one I found for the first time yesterday!) So rare they are hardly seen: I'll put some rare ones here: Common'ish Set Pieces: There are ALOT more in the base game of DST, but unfortunately, I couldn't find them! Please post some if you find more! (Sorry about the messed up spoilers, they are kinda' broken.... )
  11. Ask them nicely, they can't say no or it will be illegal. Kinda like how if all the survivors just said no to maxwell taking them they would all be fine. Maxwell wouldn't have been able to take them because it would be illegal.
  12. If I see one more Walani post I'm going to.........
  13. Woodie - Killer confirmed?

  14. That's fair..... Yep, that's all I have to say....