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  1. Hamlet PS4 Release Date?

    I don't know for sure, it's less that I've seen them say they aren't bringing it to PS4, and more that I haven't seen anything that says they are. I do know they are currently focused on the Return of Them update, and past that they are committed to character reworks (of which they've only completed 2, obviously not counting the introduction of Wortox and Wormwood). Klei does seem interested in keeping parity between PC DST and Console DST. I don't know how big their team is, or how many resources they have allocated to other games, but between the RoT update and character reworks I'd imagine they have their plate full for the current year and beyond. And that's not mentioning RoT seems to be a series of updates as opposed to a single update. This is, of course, all theory crafting though. I honestly have absolutely no idea what all they are planning for a possible console version of Hamlet. **I did find this thread over in the Hamlet GD section, it doesn't answer any questions, but I'd imagine this would be the place to keep tabs on for any new info on the topic**
  2. Hamlet PS4 Release Date?

    Last I was aware they weren't currently working to bring Hamlet to PS4, not sure if that has changed. I'm pretty sure we are getting the Return of Them update though.
  3. Bee Queen vs Bunnymen

    Just finished the fight, another 14 hutches did the trick. I payed a bit more attention to positioning this time when the Queen and her Bees aggro ed on me, I tried to keep the largest pack of Bunnymen between us. I was a bit more active in pulling the Queen back toward the pack when she broke aggro and the Bunnymen fled. Unfortunately I did not get the kill achievement, which I normally don't care about, but I think I'm gonna have to try the wall trick at some point. And to answer your question PSV, no I don't have any rods or flings out there yet. There isn't much out that way aside from a couple sink holes and the Bee Queen. I was already planning a bypass road to go around the hutches for when I'm traveling with meat, and I generally stay at base during the summer to farm logs. I really should throw some rods up though, my first batch of failed fights took place in Spring.
  4. Bee Queen vs Bunnymen

  5. Bee Queen vs Bunnymen

    I'm getting ready to leave the house for a minute, but I'll get a pic up when I get back. I did watch a video that mentioned leaving enough room between hutches so the Bunnymen don't get stuck, and I did that, but I did cram a rectangle of 20 hutches with the rest of the hutches inside the rectangle and the Queen hive slightly off center. Now that I'm visualizing it in my head I may only have 31 or 34 hutches. Anyway, yeah, the group may be getting broken up as they move through the hutches. They spend a good bit of the fight outside the area, but the Bunnymen and Bee Queen are constantly moving in and out of the hutch area. I'll get the pic up in the next hour or so.
  6. Bee Queen vs Bunnymen

    I'm honestly awful at combat lol. I avoid it at all costs. Gunpowder is my go to for the Deerclops, Bearger and Goose Goose, and I always take Hounds to the Beefalo. I'll fight the smaller mobs if I have to, but most of the time I just run. My gf helped me with the Dragonfly though, that's the one boss I've actually gone toe to toe with. We had a lot of fun with that.
  7. Bee Queen vs Bunnymen

    Thanks for the tips everyone, I'm gonna try a bit of everything. I'm just about to hit summer so I figure I'll use the season to farm spiders down in the caves while I gather rocky turf for roads. I'm already sitting on 20 spider eggs so I'll set those up as well (should have done that ages ago). I also found another colony of Bunnymen, should be able to get the mats for another 15 hutches or so. Worst case scenario I'll just brute force the fight, but pound cake/beekeeper hats/beardlords/more Bunnymen should do the trick.
  8. I know we talked about this in another thread, but I didn't want to detract anymore from the topic of that thread than I already have. So I set up 38 Bunnymen huts around the Bee Queen hive. They haven't been able to get the job done, at the same time I've given them no protection aside from the last attempt in which I only had 4 heavily damaged football helmets and 3 beekeeper hats to spare. I think I've got her to phase 3 at least. I hit the point where the Grumble Bees get the speed boost, and the fight continues for a bit after that. The issue seems to be that the Bee Queen hits a point where she just keeps shrieking and the Bunnymen are held in a constant flee mode where their numbers are seriously decimated. The one thing I haven't done is kill the Grumble Bees that aggro me. I've been completely avoiding all damage and combat during the sequence. Honestly I'm thinking about hitting her with a pan flute/40 stack of gunpowder just before dusk and seeing how the Bunnymen do after that, but I'd rather not dip into my Deerclops/Bearger solution material.
  9. Basing in the Volcano

    I was thinking about throwing up a base inside the Volcano and was wondering whether it was worth the effort or if there were any less than obvious downsides. My main base isn't far from the Volcano, but it's far enough to make constant snackrifices a chore. I was gonna say screw it and just dodge the eruptions but this is a bit annoying as well.
  10. What 6 Character's would you choose?

    I'm still trying to break my dependence on living amongst a teeming mass of spiders while feasting on monster meat. Truly the high life.