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  1. I took the liberty of enhancing your meme, I hope you don't mind. Also there is this-
  2. I've been a bit too focused on WX lately, I'm gonna try and work on that.
  3. So I didn't screenshot the images as I received them, but this is the swag I've got or woven over the past few days (chopped up to only show the good stuff of course). And I still have over 1400 spools to play with. Trying to decide between a new WX head or a belonging.
  4. I also love this, but They would pretty much have to do this. But it's a scary proposition. It could totally kill the core of DS. I can't think of any examples off the top of my head, but I know I've played plenty of game sequels that just didn't do it at all for me. The changes just all added up in a way to destroy the originals vibe. But if they didn't change the engine for a full fledged sequel, it could end up just feeling like a glorified DLC/Expansion Pack. Agreed. Out of all the games I've played, Klei is by far at the top of my list in seeing the devs love for the game/community.
  5. I'd love this, in 2 possible forms- 1. A completely separate game/world, no relation to DS what so ever other than in name. Advanced tech/futuristic/sci-fi. 2. A different section of the DS universe, tied to the current world/lore. We actually go to the moon itself.
  6. So I'm way late to the party on this one, I know. I feel like this has more or less probably been done before, let me know if it has.
  7. Mushroom planters do not require flings in the summer or sunlight to grow in the caves. And this is all my wife's department, but she is telling me mushroom planters will also grow in the caves during winter as well.
  8. This is correct. We generally use a cave exit or ex-bunny village location, and less frequently we just use a regular old sky light, but bee boxing in the caves is a must for us. Flowers do stay alive down there when placed in the proper location. To address the question of whether homeless bees create flowers in the caves......I don't know. We've never hammered one of our cave bee boxes.
  9. This may help a little- You can check the transaction history of all gifts you have received, unraveled, or woven. Before I actually received my login gifts/Twitch drops they were shown in my transaction history. My wife still has not received her Twitch drops but they show in her history. It doesn't actually solve the problem, but it may give your friend some peace of mind as they will more than likely be shown. I'm assuming your friend has signed up for the rewards program, if not I would highly recommend it.