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  1. Criticism can cause anger. However that does not mean attempts at constructive criticism should not be pursued. As JoeW said- One would assume the above applies to all things, criticism included. To say you (or me, or they, or he/she etc.) were once criticized and said criticism made you (or me blah blah blah) angry should not be a green light to abandon all attempts at constructive criticism in the future. Maybe I'm just a weirdo (I am, bit that is beside the point) but in my mind to say identifying 2 objects as the same and proceeding to place both objects in a single container is a talent, while suggesting it is outside of the ability of the person you are responding to is quite the insult, whether the word "you" is included or not. Again, I could just be strange for thinking that way, who knows. As for the s****y behavior line, I felt I was pretty clear in moving on to a different portion of my post, and this was not related to the thread in question. I'm sorry you misunderstood this. I'm by no means excusing the OP, however I personally don't see an innocent party in this incident. That's simply my view, which I am entitled to.
  2. I should have chopped that up more, my example for breaking the rules was- I'm all for letting things play out. I'm just saying I hope the disciplining was evenly handed out, and it may very well have been, who knows. As for the possibility of viewing this subjectively, I don't think that's the case. Most obviously, the definition of good criticism is more or less the polar opposite of the example given. If the responder truly believes this to be the example of "good criticism", while their definition is incorrect, they are attempting to provide "good criticism", and therefore by their flawed definition are seeking to incite anger. And if the responder IS aware they have given an incorrect definition of "good criticism", then they are trolling and seeking to incite anger. I personally lean toward the responder trolling because of this bit contained in the initial response- Suggesting placing two of the same item in one box is a "talent", and suggesting this "talent" applies to real life as well in this manner also suggests the OP lacks this "talent". While OP didn't handle the situation properly, the above (which as I said was contained in the original response) is where hostilities broke out in the thread. When taken with the responders example of criticism, it seems pretty clear (to me, who knows, maybe I'm crazy) the responder had ill intentions from square 1. Just like the NFL though, second foul is always the one that draws the flag. I think this is an important incident in the grand scheme of these forums because over around the past 6 or so months I've seen more locked threads and general s****y behavior each individual month than I've seen in the previous entirety of my time on these forums. While the squeaky cog always gets the oil or whatever, I think in most of the cases I've seen the squeaky cog isn't the actual problem. Which is why it seems to me that attempted disciplining has actually resulted in a greater need for disciplining due to the actual problems not being addressed. By no means am I critiquing the moderation, I know it's a tough and thankless job and I appreciate those tasked with it. This is simply how I am interpreting what I've seen on the forums lately.
  3. I read the thread in question and I can see where OP is coming from. While there is no need to attack JoeW- I would hope the above poster was also punished for actively attempting to anger someone. As someone once said about 3 hours ago-
  4. As long as there is an aggressor within range spiders will prioritize the fight over the meat. If you have enough Bunnymen and they don't wander too far from each nest the fight will continue and the meat will be safe.
  5. I've personally found taking (3 stack) spider nests 1 at a time during the day is the way to go, that is if you are also killing the spider nest in the process. Webber actually isn't great for this because you have to attack the nest for the spiders to emerge, and obviously they all emerge at once in this case. All you need is 3 traps at a time. Simply walk into the webbed turf, 3 spiders will emerge, drop one trap more or less half way between the nest and the edge of the webbed turf, drop the next trap about a trap and a halfs length away from the first trap, and do the same with the third trap (moving away from the nest of course). Do this 3 times to clear out the 3 waves of 3 spiders, then run all the way to the nest, drop the 3 traps in a horizontal line (in relation to your retreat direction) right by the nest. Hit the nest and immediately retreat. The spider warrior will spawn and give chase, getting trapped in the process. If you hesitate to retreat even a little, the warrior will jump attack and more than likely avoid the traps. From here just kill the nest with pretty much anything, from weapons to tools. I think it's 38-40 hits with an axe, pickaxe, or shovel. Far fewer hits if using a weapon (obviously). It is way more efficient than it sounds when typed out, and you can take a full 3 stack nest down in like 20 to 30 seconds, while never having to worry about more than 3 spiders at a time. You are guaranteed a minimum of 6 (7?) web per nest (usually at least 9/10) plus all the other loot which isn't nearly as important (to me at least). If you've been farming and relocating 3 stack nests you can clear 6 to 8 or so in a long day no problem. Edit: Bunny Hutch method is always good, but I personally only like to do this with at least 6 spider nests, therefore requiring quite a few Bunny Hutches, so for me this is more of a late game strategy.
  6. Buy your lotto tickets now, because I am gonna have to back Mike on a piece of this. He said- Which as far as I know is correct. We do not have an option for "more" in the world settings on consoles (PS4 either) because performance can start to tank on a world around 400-600 days (at least with split screen), under normal circumstances. My favorite world (around 1200 days I think) is currently unplayable with my wife split screen. If I was to go out of my way to mega base from the start of the world I could tank performance solo pretty easy. I also think the maximum possible size of a console world is smaller than the maximum possible size of a PC world, but I'm not 100%. Might need a dev for that answer. Anyway that's all. I've honestly skimmed most of this, just wanted to chime in on that point.
  7. Unless it has changed again in the past few months, ps4 can once again redeem codes. At the bottom of the rewards page, redeem gift codes. Hence this from a few months back-
  8. WX can already charge alone on command with the Telelocator, just need to move out of range of any lightning rods and remove any insulating clothing and zap a rabbit or mole or pig man etc. For all that make a 1 use item that consumes similar mats to 1 Tele-use and pulls the charge from the rod. Maybe a Jump Box, 1-2 purple gems, a living log and 4 rock or something, or replace the living log with wires (are wires renewable? Can't remember). Maybe allow the box to hold a charge for use later if desired.
  9. If I remember correctly the tutorial idea was shot down long ago for fear that players would blindly follow the tutorial and not actually learn/discover on their own. I'm pretty sure there is a recent (few months back) post that more or less states this.
  10. This was the bit I was having trouble with, didn't understand why I kept hearing "investors were having to keep buying Gamestop stock at higher prices to cover losses"- Short selling is a fairly simple concept—an investor borrows a stock, sells the stock, and then buys the stock back to return it to the lender. Short sellers are betting that the stock they sell will drop in price. I didn't realize borrowing stock was an option, and I didn't realize selling borrowed stock was an option. So the world's economy is basically a shell game taking place on a table made of Jenga towers. Nice.
  11. Are they trying to stop people from co-ordinating so the investment firms/hedge funds can get back to tanking the stock? I only partially understand the Gamestop story, the bits regarding short selling are still confusing to me.
  12. Apparently Tencent has added a minority stake in Dontnod to it's portfolio- https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2021-01-27-tencent-acquires-minority-stake-in-dontnod Take Two and/or EA could be next- https://www.thegamer.com/tencent-rumor-buying-ea-take-two/
  13. Lol You don't seem to have a grasp of the situation. I'm not worried about China kicking in my door, and you shouldn't either. Unless you live in China. Quick side question, really to Klei because they would know the answer better than most I think, but can a person access this site from China, or is it restricted by the Chinese government? Anyway, obviously China isn't coming to Homestead Florida to get me. Their only interest involving me is indirect, and it's to limit communication/information between China and the rest of the world. The reason is to control their population prevent awareness of their populations plight. There is a metric ton of information on what's going on in that part of the world, but obviously the only results in bringing it up is either preaching to the choir or wasting my breath. It's unfortunate. I will say that for you to be on the side of the argument you have chosen you would have to be a supporter of Trump or any of the far right parties in Europe. I don't mean that in an insulting way. It simply means that while Trump and the Nationalist/Far Right parties of the world day dream/dreamed of dictatorships and absolute power/control, China is actually doing that, and doing all the negative activities that come with that territory. Therefore if you are actively against Trump/Nationalist/Far Right politics, you absolutely have to be against the situation in China. If you are pro Trump/Nationalist/Far Right, that's your choice, and that would make sense. If you don't care either way then I'd recommend getting off the internet and continue to enjoy growing up while you can. Getting older is scary as s***, and watching the world begin to burn is not fun. Enjoy your youth. And I don't think anyone is seriously taking the view of CCP-Tencent-Klei-Evil. The issue is where is the line? The following is not a comparison, but an example- WW2, obviously Nazi high command= guilty. German Army= guilty. The old guy with a furniture factory deep in the german countryside far from the fighting and war crimes making parts for ME-109s= .......guilty? Not guilty? He had to make a living right? He didn't know what was going on right? He didn't have a choice right? I'm sorry to have to use the above example. I am in no way comparing Klei to Nazi Germany, it's just a topic I know about, and was the easiest example I could put together in my head. The bottom line is Klei knew what they were doing, they were gonna take a lot of flakk and bad press. But they gained complete access to the Chinese player base, which I think is fast becoming the largest most lucrative gaming market on the planet by a lot. Klei went for the money. It's human. I personally am disappointed, but I'm not sitting here saying **** Klei. I may be done with their products, I don't know. I do know free speech, privacy, and the right to live a halfway decent life without getting ****ed with are pretty important to me. I would imagine the same could be said for my counterparts in China. Middle age, low income regular men and women just trying to get by and raise a family. I guess I'm just suppose to say "screw 'em, ain't my problem", or "oh but America does it too". Just know, there are things that you care about, injustices you see that effect you in your life. I know there is, you know there is. You don't need to admit it or acknowledge it. It's a fact of life. Imagine when you see your situation brought before the world and you see everyone saying "bro, it's not gonna effect the game", or "God, I've already seen like 4 posts on reddit about this, can a mod lock this thread?! Geez?!", or "stop complaining". I'm sure anyone crying about thread amounts and how the game won't change and how China isn't sending hit squads across the world chasing non chinese forum posters don't have the emotional maturity to put themselves in someone else's shoes, and like I said, I know I'm preaching to the choir. Just had to get it out. The problem is things like this- https://www.npr.org/2019/10/08/768245386/blizzard-entertainment-bans-esports-player-after-pro-hong-kong-comments The cancellation of free speech in pursuit of money. This was (publicly) all on Blizzard. They didn't want to lose their chance with the Chinese market, CCP could have shut them out of China, so they shut the kid up as best they could. They later only gave him a 6 month ban I think, for drawing attention to human rights abuses. What would happen if popular DST streamers took up the mantle of chinese rights abuses? It's not quite the same thing as I would imagine Twitch is either banned in China (in favor of the Chinese equivalent) or heavily censored, and Twitch is hardly Kleis platform, but the bottom line is that the current Chinese government is quite fond of limiting incoming and outgoing information, and they can now do that just a smidge more effectively, and Klei is on some level involved.
  14. Exactly what Wendy C said. This is far beyond video games. Google etc may use your data (your habits= your property as far as I am concerned) to make money (which you see none of), but they won't, say, turn over your browsing history and location data to the FBI after you post in support of and attend a BLM protest. And the FBI won't make you disappear for it. Well Tencent/China will. I'm sure Tencent doesn't really want to, but they don't have a choice. The Party before all. When the CCP comes knocking you have no choice but to answer the door. You think the Hong Kong protests are for nothing? You think Taiwan is preparing to fight to the last man because they are bored? Or are these forums filled with college students that still think Communism is cool? Take all that away, and you still have situations like where Blizzard banned that kid for speaking up about the Hong Kong protests, because they didn't want to rock the boat and lose all that sweet sweet chinese current (yen? yuan? Can't remember what it's called). A corporation took away a kids voice, prevented him from bringing attention to human rights violations, so they wouldn't get in trouble with China and lose money. Edit: the above paragraph I think did not involve Tencent (I could be wrong), just using it as an example. It must suck to need help as your community is crushed under the heel of a dictatorship, only to have a multinational, multimillion (multi-billion?) dollar company say "oh f***, that kid is gonna screw up our deal, shut him up". And all these poor poor people worried about the state of the game and how they keep CHOOSING to read words online that frustrate them. Rough. It's really rough. And as a matter of fact, if you have the time, interest, or proper reading comprehension skills, take a look at all the undeclared funding that China has been pouring into American colleges/universities, and individual professors. It's happening in Europe as well. Poisoned from within.
  15. Ahhh, gotcha. Maxwell Memes does enjoy walking the line, and I've never taken part in a studio announcement thread.