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  1. Because he's here for attention, and people keep giving it to him. Also- You realize you've been crying for boss hp/DMG sliders for months now right? I know you do, i'm just getting the obligatory "you're contradicting yourself again" post out of the way (it really needs to happen more often).
  2. A boat lamp doesn't keep you warm or cool, and a miners hat/lantern makes a temporary loss of a firepit a non issue.
  3. I don't know, I only play the events when they are active. I'm almost positive the amount of Christmas trees doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is the "gift timer". It could be that outside of the event being active the drops are nerfed, but I can't say for sure. I do know that last Winters Feast we received a metric ton of Walking Canes, with a smattering of Gems and Ornaments.
  4. My memory is foggy on this but i'm pretty sure there was changes between the Winters Feast before last and last Winters Feast. I think the deal was last Winters Feast you could only get a "good" present once every 3 days or so, where as the Winters Feast before last you got a "good" present pretty much every time you slept. We did receive a lot of Walking Canes last Winters Feast, but the Winters Feast before last we were absolutely swimming in Gears. But yeah, last Winters Feast all the gifts between the "good" gifts were all pretty much charcoal. Again, i'm not %100 on the exacts of all this, but there were indeed changes made between the 2 events.
  5. So I found this on YouTube last night, and it's hands down the greatest thing i've ever seen. If you were planning on reacting to this post, please don't. Find a @minespatch post and react to that as this is his creation-
  6. You would only need 19 gunpowder for Deerclops, 29 for Bearger and MooseGoose. This would bring them to within 2 or 3 hits to kill. Just make sure they are no longer on fire before you land the kill shot. You will want the Panflute for this as the damage from sleep darts will effect the amount of gunpowder needed to do the proper amount of damage. You could do the maths and adjust, but the panflute is just easier. You also have the option with Deerclops and Bearger of leading them into a heavily forested area and getting them to knock down trees. Eventually Treegaurds will spawn and do the killing for you. I think around 3/4 Treegaurds is enough to do the job. For MooseGoose, you can simply wait for a heavy frog rain then rush over to her nest and let the frogs do work. This also nets you quite a bit of frog legs (usually around 2+ stacks) along with MG loot. Honestly I rarely bother with MG. The loot isn't really needed unless you want weather pains. Another trick for Bearger is to build a Telelocator focus on the Lunar Isle (preferably one of the small islands) and Telelocate him. Since he doesn't despawn if he is not killed he will stay there and you wont have to deal with him ever again if you dont want to.
  7. Ok Klei, by the timeline I'm guessing that Woodie is Lanny Mcdonalds father?
  8. Outside of boss fights I usually don't have a weapon. If I need one i'll craft a spear then throw it away immediately after use. If i'm expecting non-boss combat i'll grab a tentacle spike. For boss fights it is either hambats or dark swords. I have used boomerangs quite a bit since the introduction of cookie cutters. They are good for pushing the CCs away from the salt stacks so you can mine without being engaged.
  9. He is forum warrior-ing. What he actually says doesn't matter, DST itself doesn't matter. It's all about that green number by his name. The ultimate meta.
  10. Awwww, come on lol. He would even have his own exclusive craft. All you would need is the lithium strips from a battery, some industrial strength solvents, and I don't remember the rest of the mats. I'd have to watch the Discovery Channel special again. .......wait, hold on.......Wickerbottom can't sleep either.........
  11. Please don't encourage him. Once upon a time the PS4 section was the only place to get away from his nonsense, contradictory, off topic posting.
  12. I don't know how big they will grow, but on our current map the meteor shower has grown enough to reach across a narrow stream of water into a dark forest biome. It only just barely crossed, and it doesn't seem to be spreading anymore though.
  13. There is so much to talk about in this thread, i'm gonna cherry pick pieces to comment on and i'll do my best to keep my comments in the context of the original quotes (and please keep in mind these are simply my opinions)- I personally like this side of the argument, and I feel it is part of DS/DST' identity. You generally aren't pushed into any content, and you generally aren't held back from any content. It is entirely up to you what you engage/avoid. I think this is something that helps draw in the new players that have a genuine interest in the game. I know for me early encounters with things I had no business messing with are part of why I stuck around. The unknown. Whether I decided to immediately engage the unknown or put it on the back burner for a long time (while constantly fearing it), the idea of mystery followed by new rewards/knowledge combined with zero hand-holding always drew me in. I'm not crazy about this side of the argument. At this point in DST' life cycle it means either thinning out content for old players early in a new world along with adding (what I would view as) a fairly obnoxious step to get back to the freedom we are all used to at this point, or adding new content that would then be held back from all players for a time. It would have to be enough content to justify this, a new mob or 2 wouldn't cut it, that would be silly. If people are blowing through the content right now in 1 game year and getting bored, how much content would it take to keep people around for 5 game years? I'd rather Klei work on simply adding new content, not devising some way to tailor make content for the intent of spreading out the experience to make people play a world longer. I like the cave thing, it would be a cool way to do the Lunar Cave idea thats been bounced around before, and it adds to the water side of the game. On biome morphing, i'd rather the work go into completely new biomes and biome contents than modifying what we already have. To me it would feel as though I was losing content to gain content (i.e. my worlds Savannah just morphed to a Shadow Savannah, cool, but now my regular Savannah is gone). I kind of like the idea of player progression evolving a world, I just don't know how effective the intended results would be. Heat and cold can be easily dealt with, hunger and sanity, health, darkness, wetness can be dealt with. Without sweeping changes to the game like removal of items (thermal stones, eyebrella) or drastically new status effects (i.e. poison, dehydration etc), I don't think changes really make that big of a difference. On the enemy A.I./Combat front.....ehhhh. I love DST, absolutely. But to me the combat feels atrocious (i've not played PC or Xbox). Nothing feels tight, there are days when the servers are moody (I guess?) and I can either land 1 extra hit in a kiting pattern or 1 less hit. I don't know, i'm bad at combat in DST. But I never viewed DST as a "fighting" type game and choose all other options provided to me to avoid it. Excuse the mini rant. Anyway, in the context of combat extra difficulty kind of scares me. If that extra difficulty involves increasing the amount of precision required to successfully control a character in a combat situation, I think the combat system currently is too loose (and dare I say sloppy at times) to let such changes succeed. And if the extra difficulty is simply more boss HP/DMG, it will just end up being a non factor. This is what I would like to see the most, and I think it would honestly benefit DST more than most other options, and has the potential of satisfying more of the player base and more sections of the player base. New biomes, new mobs, new mats, new crafts (and new bosses, but we have received 2 of these already, and their reception was less than stellar, so thats a big knock against my argument lol). I still think thats what is going on with the water, it has just taken time to put all the pieces in place, making it feel empty and unfinished. There are. The game allows that. If your "noob friends" (your words) are STILL dying to stupid stuff and trying to attack Abigail, you are doing a horrible job teaching them the game, they aren't interested, or the don't exist. This. There is a lot of discontent with disease, as well as a lot of the new content. Is it because the concepts are bad, or is it just that everyone had different ideas of additions and new content in their head? If I was Klei I would be extremely cautious and maybe indecisive about what I added after the receptions to these things, and I would most likely not want to rock the boat when it came to major changes to the base formula of the game. What sounds good in our minds might not play out great in game. It is easy to call an idea bad when you didn't have the idea or want the idea yourself, and it doesn't mean our theory crafting on new content would play out any better. That uncompromising survival game you want when it's convenient for one of your political ad style thread derailments? Anyway, I don't know. My personal opinion is that DST is long enough in the tooth now that I have trouble getting behind serious changes/additions to the core game. New biomes, new mobs, new crafts, all within the framework we currently have is what I would like to see. I feel like it gives more bang for the buck development/content wise, and its a fairly safe bet. When you take the games age into account, consider how much time we (and the devs) have had to theorycraft ground shaking changes to the core formula, and consider the fact that the player base is most certainly fractured into different camps touting their own vision of what should be, I think their should be serious consideration for a sequel. Clean slate, wipe out the knowledge base, take the game more towards the uncompromising survival, and seriously shake up the formula. Anything less will be sidestepped by a majority of the playerbase and that work by the devs will simply be a flash in the pan. The playerbase will either not like it, burn straight through it, or work around it.