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  1. Only picture I could find of the Hound Mound set piece. It was a bit strange as it spawned in the Oasis Biome, I figured it would spawn in the DragonFly Desert- And now that I think about it we do get the SpiderNest/RockyBiome set piece somewhat regularly, if that even is a set piece (seems like it is). But thats about the only one.
  2. I'd like to see the chance of a set piece appearing on a map increased. We have been playing for a while now and it's been extremely rare for us to get any set piece on our maps. As a matter of fact, the only one I can remember was the giant square of Hound Mounds set piece which we got in the Oasis Desert on our last Offline map. I may have got a Clockwork set piece on one of my solo maps about 6 months or so ago, but I'm not sure if it was an actual set piece or just a big pack of Clockworks.
  3. So after a little more than 4 days here are the results- BeeQueen was a close 4th with 10.14% of the votes. As to why- The Look of the boss was also a close 4th with 14.11% of the votes. From here i'd like to direct you to this thread over in the Suggestions & Feedback section- What would you like to see in future boss fights? This is the place to get your ideas out there.
  4. I'm part way through a massive road construction project in our current world, we finally beat MiseryToad and Toadstool and we got ahold of the Napsack and Mushlight Blueprints. I plan to have a Mushlight at every sinkhole, every wormhole, and every intersection. This isn't taking into account Mushlights at base and where ever else we end up placing them. Anyway, I am becoming concerned about my Boneshard supply as the projects size continues to grow as I progress, and i'd like a way to increase the obtainability of Shards. We didn't get a great role on bones in the desert, and we've about cleared the Lunar Isles of skeletons. There are still a couple skeletons spread throughout the world, and I feel like i'm forgetting a few ways to obtain shards (hammering Hound Mounds and Tumbleweeds?), but i'm currently at 9 Shards, and the Mushlight phase of the project is maybe 10% complete (i've placed 5 or 6 so far). In short, I like this idea. I don't see the harm in making shards a bit more obtainable/renewable than they currently are.
  5. Conditional bosses

    I'd like to see this as well. It seems the consensus on current boss fights is that Klaus, FuelWeaver and Toadstool are the most popular fights, and it seems this is so due to the mechanics of the fight. The only possible pitfall I could see is a fight requiring precise timing/movements due to lag issues. We just completed MiseryToad, and while it went fairly smooth overall there were a couple times in the fight where we got a pretty serious lag spike. We were using Flings, and the spikes hit while it was raining and while earthquakes were in progress. It was enough to freeze the game up for a second. But yeah, i'd like to see more boss fights with unique mechanics. I wouldn't be opposed to fights utilizing some lesser used items as @Mike23Ua has suggested, I just wouldn't want to see items be absolutely required for a fight. I enjoy having multiple methods to consider for the current boss fights and I think thats a trend Klei should stick to.
  6. So I think it's safe to say we would all love more Biomes along with the new content we have coming. I figured i'd throw up a thread for everyone to make suggestions. What would the Biome be? What would be contained within? There are no bad ideas here, post any thoughts, link any related threads. Let it all hang out. I had an idea based on the Danube Floodplain in Eastern Europe. I saw a documentary about it, and what stood out to me was that it was an area that seemed kinda partly foresty-y/grasslandy for a good part of the year, but flooded for the rest of the year. I can't remember what country the documentary focused on (the internet says the Danube Floodplain runs through Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and Serbia), but when the land flooded it was not super deep in general. I think this could be a good setting for a DST Biome. It still has an almost forest look, it seemed to roughly match the temperature zone DST takes place in, and it would add a location that could realistically contain water related content different from the type of water related content we already have. When the plain floods at the proper time of year, the area would be more or less covered in water. You could traverse it on foot, obviously getting wet as you do. The flood season would provide new mats/mobs inaccessible at any other location/time of year. It would probably be best to have this as a new island, simply to provide content out on the water.
  7. DST Birthday Surprise

    Yeah no problem, i'll send our PS4 Tag and we can set up a time.
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Apologies Thanks to @Superlucas1231 for the Glommer pic.
  9. I could go either way on this. I think generally most forums see far more traffic in the General Discussion section than any other section, and i've seen the topic of merging sections discussed in other forums as well. I think it's due to a few factors, mainly the more casual forum goers (of which i'd guess are probably the largest percentage of a forums traffic) likely don't visit too many sections outside of GD, which results in fewer posts, and less traffic in the other sections, which further deters people from viewing and posting. Another factor could be the subconscious feeling that, outside of a few exceptions, most non Dev ideas are half baked or counter to how an individual might view the game (i'm guilty of this, all the time), which further reduces traffic and posts. Then there is the small percentage of people who don't care about where a post should be made, or just didn't consider where it should go. The thread is then moved to the proper location but then not followed up on, either because out of sight out of mind, or distaste over the improper posting location. Again, less traffic, less posts. For these forums, and especially considering we are getting new content on top of the fact the Devs stated they are watching us, I wouldn't be against a merger of GD and Suggestions. I also think the general population of these forums are low enough to where things wouldn't get too crazy. But i'd imagine the best solution would be for us as a community to try and engage the Suggestions section more on our own (myself included). Edit: It may also help to move it below the Xbox section/above the Bug Tracker section. It's currently near the bottom of the list.
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Yeah, I may end up taking the pic on my own. It's a bit tricky on PS4 because there is a bit of a delay, and hitting the button brings you to a menu that covers the screen where you then select the screen shot option, all while the game continues running unseen in the background. I figured i'd try to be lazy first, and if anything do it myself later.
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    **starts to make jokes, glances at the imposing picture of JoeW hanging on the thread wall, thinks better of it** I mean, i've seen it happen quite a bit. But I have a meme under construction and I haven't found what I need browsing the internet. I was hoping the community could help me out.
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I promise, there is a payoff. How much of a payoff would be up for debate, but there is a payoff.
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I'd like to requisition a picture of Glommer pooping in game, if anyone can help me out. Preferably with a character in shot, with the classic deadpan face. A look of confusion would work as well. No GIFs please. I'll throw up the @minespatch signal, though help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. I've sometimes wondered if the Devs kinda regret committing to reworks for everyone. I haven't used anywhere close to all the characters so i honestly don't know how most of them work, but i'd imagine there are at least a few that are closer to the "pretty good as they are" end of the spectrum than others. I'm definitely not against reworks for everyone, but I certainly don't envy the Devs in regards to this topic. I'd love to be a fly on the wall during the rework meetings.