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  1. The narrative was actually gonna be Wolf getting greedy and wanting too much, but it was half baked, the mood seems to have shifted on the rework, and I had a file size of 500+MB so I pretty much abandoned the project. All I had left was to add my own subtitles.
  2. Please ignore the subtitles, WIP. I wanted to get a piece out before the mood changed on the Wolfgang rework (I just watched the OrangE vid). I'll have the whole thing done hopefully this weekend. Also I did this on Mobile lol, be kind. YouCut_20211213_205950455.mp4
  3. Disclaimer- I'm not a Wolfgang fan, just a DST meme fan
  4. Im just now trying to get back into it after close to a year. Me and the wife lost our 55' TV and have been trying to play on separate TVs/PS4s. The lag is insane (I'm sure due to our garbage internet). Today we are gonna try and split screen on the 40' TV, we will see how my eyes do. We have a big move coming up in about 6 months, hopefully after getting settled we will be in a better position internet wise. Also I'm still pretty butt hurt by the acquisition of Klei by Tencent.
  5. I took the liberty of enhancing your meme, I hope you don't mind. Also there is this-
  6. I've been a bit too focused on WX lately, I'm gonna try and work on that.