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  1. Me and the wife always refer to pig skin as pig butt, the deciduous biome as the birch forest, and due to me being lazy and only reading the first few letters of the word we call the prestihatitator the "prehensilator". I didn't find out I was saying it (extremely) wrong for close to a year until we started watching DST YouTube vids.
  2. Hopefully a PS5 edition will eliminate the lag from long lived, cluttered worlds.
  3. If you are referring to the PlayStation Store then i'd imagine you would need to take that up with Sony.
  4. A boat lamp doesn't keep you warm or cool, and a miners hat/lantern makes a temporary loss of a firepit a non issue.
  5. So I found this on YouTube last night, and it's hands down the greatest thing i've ever seen. If you were planning on reacting to this post, please don't. Find a @minespatch post and react to that as this is his creation-
  6. Ok Klei, by the timeline I'm guessing that Woodie is Lanny Mcdonalds father?
  7. I don't know how big they will grow, but on our current map the meteor shower has grown enough to reach across a narrow stream of water into a dark forest biome. It only just barely crossed, and it doesn't seem to be spreading anymore though.
  8. So i've started messing around with GIF editing on my phone. I'm having to extract individual frames then erase individual frames then photoshop individual frames then slap it all back together. It's a mess. Keeping size and position consistent is nearly impossible. Still looking for better software. Anyway, here is project #2. We will say.....I don't know......WX after rushing the Ruins-
  9. Is this something that PS4 will receive at some point?
  10. I tried to make a smirky WX with a "you know it" kind of look on his face. I got this instead-
  11. The IRS is sorry to hear you've been stranded in the constant.......... ...........but we still need your money.