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Return of Them - Hook, Line and Inker + Winter's Feast now available

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Hook, Line & Inker!

A nice day of fishing sounded like just the thing to soothe the nerves of our weary Survivors, but it looks like fish aren’t the only things that are biting. Luckily there’s something to distract them from their soggy seafaring sorrows - the return of Winter’s Feast! And this year it seems that the Constant has provided its own assortment of holiday gifts… could it be that a certain someone is feeling particularly jolly this year?

For more details, check out the spoiler below.


New Features

  • Teeming ocean life and new recipes to cook.
  • Craftable Sea Fishing Rod, Tackle Receptacle and more.
  • Craftable Fish Scale-O-Matic for bragging rights.
  • Added Toast emote.



Winter's Feast

The table is set for Winter’s Feast, and this year something new is being cooked up for our Survivors. They're going to have to work for it, of course. Chase Gingerpigs and embark upon a Festive Hunt in search of Holiday Cheer. Use Holiday Cheer in new recipes then Feast with friends for some special Seasonal Feels. 

The Merrymaker


New for this year we have the Merrymaker set. You get the entire bundle of skins for $12.99, check the spoiler below for details.

As always these items will also drop in the game. In addition to that we have temporarily removed common drops and added the new Winter's Feast Chest containing Winter's Feast related items! 

Unfortunately due to certification issues, we weren't able to provide these to PS4 on their store, but the items will still drop in-game. 


Merrymaker Survivors Chest $9.99

  • Maxwell's Merrymaker Skin Set
  • Wes's Merrymaker Skin Set
  • Wigfrid's Merrymaker Skin Set
  • Winona's Merrymaker Skin Set
  • Woodie's Merrymaker Skin Set
  • WX-78's Merrymaker Skin Set

Merrymaker Belongings Chest $8.99

  • Gingerbread Gate
  • Gingerbread Fence
  • Candy Cane
  • Fluffy Deermuffs
  • Festive Fungal Lamp

Complete Merrymaker Chest $12.99
(Not Available on PS4 at this time)

Login Bonus

We have added a new Loyal login bonus item for all players during Winter's Feast, Simply login and claim the Ice Fishing Rod. 


New Streaming Drops!

We have a special Winter's Feast themed item set that you can get during Winter's Feast. You can find more information about these items over here


Don't Starve Franchise Weekend Sale! (25% - 75% off)

To celebrate another great year of Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together, the entire Don't Starve Franchise is having a weekend sale! This is our best sale of the year, if you have been waiting to pick something up, now is the time.


And on and on we go! 

We have been working on finishing the Year of the Carrat event that will be coming toward the end of January, so that's where we are going to be focusing our time. We will likely be announcing info about the next character update and next update for Return of Them. 

Don't Starve Together in 2019 saw more players than ever before and we aren't planning on slowing down any time soon. So as always, let us know what you think and keep sending us all your thoughts and feedback. Our community has truly helped to shape Don't Starve Together and we couldn't have done it without you!

Till next time! 

Update Notes:




  • End of Hallowed Nights.
  • Start of Winter’s Feast!
  • Added teeming ocean life and new recipes to cook.
  • Craftable Sea Fishing Rod, Tackle Receptacle and more.
  • Craftable Fish Scale-O-Matic for bragging rights.
  • Added Toast emote.
  • The Fish caught from Ponds have been replaced with Freshwater Fish which can be weighed or murdered to produce meat.
  • While a fish is being held by Wurt, it will remain alive longer.
  • Wurt will lose sanity while holding Fish Meat, Fish Morsel, or Spoiled Fish
  • Server stability improvements and fixed some client exploits
  • Improved the user experience when placing a stack of items in an already occupied slot of a container that does not hold a stack of items (eg. replacing the items in the Crock Pot and Sea Fishing Rod).
  • Hammering the Anchor on a boat will now result in a leak.
  • The Malbatross’s fish shoals have been changed to Deep Bass.
  • The Malbatross does not tolerate players fishing at any of its shoals.
  • Sailing music uses music volume setting properly.
  • Fixed ambient sound effects when players are enlightened.
  • Fixed a problem with Anchors reeling forever.
  • Fixed some bugs where characters wearing the Clever Disguise were not considered a merm.
  • Fixed dropped items from destroyed Craftsmerm House and Merm Flort-ifications.



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