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  1. This may or may not be an intended feature, but the skin for Woodie's Winter Warden Boots can only be found under the "legs" tab, rather than the "feet" tab. This breaks the consistency of the "legs" tab only containing skins with legwear combined with footwear or only legwear, as the skin itself doesn't feature any legwear. A simple fix for this would be to relocate the skin to the "feet" tab, in order to restore the previous consistency.
  2. No problem. Yes, Wagstaff will be available to regular DS owners and Wheeler to Hamlet owners, once the games leaves early access. (very soon, that is!)
  3. Wagstaff & Wheeler are currently only available through a beta branch called "Interiors Beta", instructions on accessing this branch can be found here:
  4. As the title suggests, when you put a snakeskin jacket made in a hamlet world on a shelf in a player house, it will retexture into the shipwrecked variant. Taking the jacket from the shelf reverts the textures back. I used no mods for this and I'm guessing this only occurs for those who happen to own both the SW and HAM DLCs. I've yet to try if this also would happen to the snakeskin hat, but I assume it might.
  5. Wagstaff states "Quite and interesting geometric shape." when examining a stalagmite, when it (pressumably) should be "Quite an interesting geometric shape.".
  6. I had something similar happen to me a few years back, I think this link had the solution:
  7. Well, as of the latest update, the button that would cause this bug has been removed. I guess this could be closed.
  8. While exploring a random grassland ancient ruin I decided to proceed directly west untill I came to a stop. While consulting the map, I found that the map had revealed itself as if though I instead went to the east. On further investigation, it seems that traveling north and south will reveal the map properly, so it is quite litterally mirrored. The map does however display individual room's contents properly (like grass tufts & saplings). This occured on several grassland ancient ruins.
  9. You've got the "weavable" filter on, you're only viewing the skins you can weave with spools. Happened to me once too, that's how I know.
  10. While exploring my curio cabinet, I noticed that there were "shopping cart" buttons on both the Profile Icon page and the Portrait Frame page that would (assumingly) lead to some sort of shop for profile icons/portrait frames. I couldn't recall ever being able to purchase icons or portrait frames for money in any event or bundle before (except for Winona's new skin bundle) so out of curiosity, I gave it a press, which prompted me with a warning screen and on other attempts, just a black screen with nothing more. I used no mods while encountering this error. Since I dont remember seing this button before Winona's skin bundle was added, my guess it has something to do with it, maybe it's supposed to link to said bundle?
  11. Whilst playing as Wilbur in a SW world (linked with Hamlet) I noticed that I was able to harvest greencaps by hand during the day, when they're supposedly only available during the dusk (assuming you don't dig them up). I looked around a little further and found that some green mushrooms behaved normally, while others were harvestable during the middle of day.
  12. Upon harvesting lightbulbs from a cave room and later re-entering the room, the lightbulb plants would emit light as if though never harvested.
  13. Oh snap you're right, I'm a numpty. I've never (intentionally) used that filter before, so I must've toggled it by mistake at some point. Welp that solves it, this thread can be closed now.