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  1. I tested this method just now and it is indeed significantly easier! Thank you for taking your time to solve this predicament of mine, I really appreciate it.
  2. I stand corrected. I read Zarklord's statement on the subject and am now aware that it is indeed possible yet difficult to achieve without mods. It does leave me wondering as to why something within this new farming rework was left "intentionally" to be this gruelingly hard. I would prefer if it was either easier to achieve or simply impossible, rather than having this strange middle ground.
  3. The problem with it would be that your layouts are unavailable for non-modded pc players as well as all console players, and that's a lot of people. Using a client-side mod this way could also be considered an exploit, if the intentions are not just to make perfect geometry but rather to get normally unattainable yields from farming. I get that client-side mods like geometric placement, minimap, gesture wheel & status announcement are all intended for convenience & quality of life purposes. But, if you're using a mod to achieve something like the "4-in-a-row family bonus" (which is very likely unintended by game design), it would be, at least in my eyes, an exploit.
  4. I'm not using any mods when I play the game, not even client-side ones. It would make sense that a placement mod would allow more compact planting, although that makes your layout only achievable using mods, which is a bummer. Regardless, thanks for the clarification.
  5. This was one of the first layouts I tried, but the crops in the horizontal lines at the very front and back misses out on the family bonus. Lines of 4 crops in a row are too long for the family bonus, instead one has to make more compact shapes like "squares" or "L's".
  6. I've been experimenting with various combinations, trying to achieve the following: • 2x2 sized farm plots • Nutrient balance/self-sustainability • Family bonus • Giant crops • Use of all crops every year • No 2 same crops in different seasons (no repeating of crops) After much trial and error, I found that these layouts worked the best for me: As for the summer & winter layout, I wanted to have 12 plants of 3 crops for a maximum of 36, but achieving the family bonus and nutrient balance in each tile proved exceedingly difficult (maybe even impossible) because of the outer corners. Getting rid of the corners allowed for a layout that works, albeit with fewer plants.
  7. UPDATE: After some more experimenting I discovered that Icons/portraits sometimes won't de-select when enabling another icon/portrait, leading to multiple icons/portraits being active at once & not updating properly. This occurance is somewhat tricky to replicate and seem to have happened to me spontaneously. The issue is now resolved for me but devs might want to look into it further, hope this information helps anyone else with this problem!
  8. I recently wanted to change around my survivor profile by enabling various profile portraits and icons , but now for some odd reason the profile icon won't show for me or other players while playing on public servers. When on a public server, my icon is set to the default grey icon and it is bugging me quite a bit. This is what I've tried & noticed so far: * I've restarted my PC, verified integrity of game files and even reinstalled the game (No mods used) * When in the profile curio, the game remembers my selected icon & portrait * When hosting a solo world, the game shows my icon & portrait as intended * When playing on a dedicated public server, my portrait is updated and showing as intended, but the icon won't show for me or other players * I also tried unraveling my currently equipped icon and re-weaving it, but to no avail __________ I've really no idea what might be causing this and other people I've played with don't want to change their icons in fear of this bug happening to them, so I can't tell if this has happened to others or if just I'm a victim of circumstance...
  9. This may or may not be an intended feature, but the skin for Woodie's Winter Warden Boots can only be found under the "legs" tab, rather than the "feet" tab. This breaks the consistency of the "legs" tab only containing skins with legwear combined with footwear or only legwear, as the skin itself doesn't feature any legwear. A simple fix for this would be to relocate the skin to the "feet" tab, in order to restore the previous consistency.
  10. No problem. Yes, Wagstaff will be available to regular DS owners and Wheeler to Hamlet owners, once the games leaves early access. (very soon, that is!)
  11. Wagstaff & Wheeler are currently only available through a beta branch called "Interiors Beta", instructions on accessing this branch can be found here:
  12. As the title suggests, when you put a snakeskin jacket made in a hamlet world on a shelf in a player house, it will retexture into the shipwrecked variant. Taking the jacket from the shelf reverts the textures back. I used no mods for this and I'm guessing this only occurs for those who happen to own both the SW and HAM DLCs. I've yet to try if this also would happen to the snakeskin hat, but I assume it might.
  13. Wagstaff states "Quite and interesting geometric shape." when examining a stalagmite, when it (pressumably) should be "Quite an interesting geometric shape.".
  14. I had something similar happen to me a few years back, I think this link had the solution: