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  1. More Constant lore perhaps? Regardless, I'm excited for Halloween! Perhaps a new spooky outfit is in Woodie's future?
  2. As a Woodie main, going to lunar island as goose can really save sometime for the group, especially if it's just for a minor task like throwing bath bombs into pools.
  3. Why must you hurt me like this Spindle.
  4. Thank God I wasn't the only one who was thinking of this
  5. Thank you very much Spindle, it was a wonderful gift!
  6. This is a weird issue that started happening to me for seemingly no reason. While attempting to connect to a dedicated server I regularly play on I first got the error of a mod being out of date, despite the fact that the server mods were indeed up to date. My friends suggested I check and see if it was an issue with mods I had. So I went to my mod list and attempted to update my mods, only to have them show up as "workshop-(random numbers)" in the list, cleaning out the mod list made this worse. Now it was telling me that I was failing to download mods off of the steam workshop. So, I went into my PC via safe mode and deleted the files in both the "mods" and "cached_mods" folders. Upon reboot this fixed the first issue, but I was still booted out due to the workshop not being able to download mods. I don't know what the issue is anymore, is this an issue on my end or with the game? Thanks in advance for any solutions.