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  1. I am not a perfect Woodie, but I have my moments.
  2. This sounds like something a Bloodborne character would say before transforming and attempting to eat you.
  3. "..." "Nothing Wes, we were just about to have a feast!" "..." *Boisterous laughter*
  4. I would be too if I had to spend the rest of my life dying and being resurrected
  5. Alright folks, let's wrap it up, nothing will top this
  6. Did you take this text from an edgy Joker image macros that had a picture like this?
  7. "Webber, he is dancing and moving his lips...I-is he supposed to be singing???"
  8. Yeah that's kinda been her thing since like, forever
  9. I was so confused as to why they didn't just send Woodie out in the first place
  10. "Holy crap Lois, this reminds me of that time I got turned into a fish girl on that deserted island!"
  11. I always figured it was a lotus flower, at least that's what it looked the most similar to. Edit: Users @Spindlewick and @SDragonhead also agree it's a lotus considering it has a seedpod similar to one, although no kind of lotus grows on a bush