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  1. I've been apart of the Don't Starve community since the All's Well that Maxwell update and I've had a very positive experience with the community, I met several great friends through this community, although, I have admittedly curated my experience quite a bit. I'm mostly active on a smaller DS server on Discord and sometimes on the forums.
  2. You're right, it's probably more accurate to say that this is probably a time saving measure. Klei probably could have afforded to do this even before the Tencent buyout, but they probably decided it wasn't worth the time. Maybe they'll add it in the future, who knows.
  3. This is essentially a cost-saving measure, old fighting games used to do this as well (See Sagat in SFII and his magically flipping eye patch). It looks silly, especially when you point it out and while making asymmetrical sprites has been done (again, using Street Fighter, SFIII has Gill and Elena, who were made with asymmetry in mind) it's a lot of extra work. Even more when you consider they would basically have to draw a new sprite for every character and skin.
  4. I'm going to echo other people in this thread and say I don't want these dishes nerfed, but I'd like to see weaker dishes get some kind of buff.
  5. I sincerely hope they don't go this route. Doing it with Maxwell was pretty cool, but if they did it again I don't think it would really be able to hold the same cool factor. I know in the past there were people who wanted playable Charlie (I remember there used to be a workshop mod for her), but if they wanted to do that, I feel like they would have had to have not made her the antagonist.
  6. The way I've usually seen Purgatory described is essentially it's a place where you would atone for your sins before you get into heaven. If I'm remembering correctly in Dante's Divine Comedy (Dante's Inferno is an incredible hate fic by the way), he actually gets to visit Purgatory and it's basically a mountain where people carry their sins on their back and when they make it to the summit they're free to get into Heaven as they're "cleansed". The Constant is a lot closer to Hell than Purgatory, although the Constant isn't *eternal* suffering. The survivors clearly have things they can enjoy and do for fun, heck, some of the survivors even prefer the Constant to their previous life situations.
  7. Alright folks, let's wrap it up, nothing will top this
  8. Did you take this text from an edgy Joker image macros that had a picture like this?
  9. I was going to say seasons clock, but then I realized thermal measure would be useless. I say add something that allows us to see our character's current temperature (in game units of course), we already have meters for things like wetness, so I don't think this is too big of an ask and it's not game breaking. This too.
  10. "Webber, he is dancing and moving his lips...I-is he supposed to be singing???"
  11. While I think it is pretty unlikely that we'll see a lot of these characters in DST, if they are added, it is likely they will get reworked pretty significantly. We saw that with Warly, who got a slew of new cooking wear to use. Wormwood didn't get reworked much, sure, but I have a theory that he was always meant to be a DST character, and when Klei put the kibosh on Warbucks they simply ported over Wormwood to Hamlet since he was already mostly finished. I'm not holding out any hopes for any Hamlet or Shipwrecked characters to be ported over (I agree with you that if they are Wheeler and Wagstaff have the greatest chance). But if Klei is planning on porting a character, I highly doubt they'll be ported straight over.
  12. I hardly think Mourier or Genivive will be relevant to the story. As for Lucy...Well it depends on how much Woodie lore they want to fork over, and considering how little we've gotten, I'm not hopeful. I really wish Klei would put more effort into expanding their characters, a lot of them have a good base, but have little beyond that.