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  1. Yes woodie got a new skin hype! Can't wait to play this new update
  2. [Game Update] - 381550

    Wow the new Item Skins are great! Definitely gonna buy them when I get a chance.
  3. I spawned a ripe Saladmander using the Steeped Lunar Essence, attacking it lit the Fire Pit on fire, shortly after I realized that the fire pit's fire never went out that its infinite. Rain won't extinguish the fire and the only way to put it out from what I've tried is destroying it or using a water balloon.
  4. When you do specific actions as that form the timer is slowed down before you transform back. For example weremoose if you fight mobs, weregoose if you are constantly moving, and werebeaver if you're constantly mining, chopping or digging for resources.
  5. Screenshot showcase

    I'm a Moderator on Emerville and there are some good moments I like to screenshot for later memories to look back on When we got together to carol Or we Celebrated on Halloween We also like to run around and flex on things