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[Poll] Who is your favourite antagonist so far? & discussion about antagonists theire motives,origins and future plans.

[Poll] Who is your favourite antagonist so far?  

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  1. 1. Favourite antagonist so far?

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Who do you think is the best antagonist so far according to you? I know Maxwell is not one anymore but he was one at some point, i'm also putting Ancients, Shadows and Them in the same choice becouse we don't really know much about them and they have connection to each other(im also adding wes as a choice becouse this mime must be hiding some dark secrets).


So first choose the character/s you like/liked the most as antagonist and then let us discuss theire origins/motives/future plans/connection between each of them and theire mystery.


As we can see by the Matheus puzzle murals there is a connection between Ancients,Gnaw(1) and ancient gateway(2).Gnaw was probably the reason they had to hide underground and why we have merms in Constant.     


They lived underground and shadows started to emerge from the gateway.


On the other mural we can see they did something with ancient gateway using probably nightmare fuel, whatever it was it wasn't good for them becouse they started dying, they woke up a powerfull shadowy force from the gateway i think that those are Them. Also we see that the one of the two leaders(i think this is theire queen) of the Ancients holding a torch and it appears that she is safe from the shadows, and king didn't had this luck.


They queen was the only one who survived and she's crying. She is sitting on a throne with the darkness around her, it is probably the shadow throne.


Then they are Maxwell who was the first antagonist we meet in Don't Starve, and all the other survivors. Wilson was last to sit on the shadow throne, he was freed by Charlie who is current ruler, she starts New Reign by creating monsters to make life of our survivors even harder. In the Forge animation we can she collecting the power of the gateway, what does she planing to do with it? 

And now we have Return of Them where we will finally see Them! The updates shows so far that They have connection to the lunar power.

The mystery of this game's lore is so mysterious.

These are only my thoughts and i wanna her yours.

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Huh, that's an interesting interpretation...I had always kind of assumed the survivor (the Staffbearer) to be the King due to the parallel with Maxwell.


That aside though, totally Maxwell. It was kind of refreshing finding out that even the king was just another piece bound to the board. Antagonistic to be sure, but when it came down to it...he was ultimately stuck in the same situation as the player characters.

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Anything past Maxwell wasn't compelling. A fantastic build-up and wealthy in potential. His finale came too early and didn't deliver.

Darkness is boring and everyday storytelling. Like snot. Cereal breakfast. White bread. Default skin. Popcorn without butter or salt, or pop.

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I like them from how they maybe not just shadows and stuff as we thought. But talking about maxwell, I kind of feel bad for him, Wurt's quotes off of maxwell say the survivors still don't trust him! And even though Maxwell was used by them as a puppet, Everyone STILL don't trust him up towards now. Yeah, he knows things the others don't (probably too horrid to tell and his suspicious activities sometimes.) I feel Maxwell's "change" from being mentally broken by listening to the same verse of a song, and learning alot of dark knowledge from them, sort of introverted him away from the others even making the survivors wonder if they can actually trust him, notice how in Maxwells trailer when he got sucked in the constant he seemed to act more human, with his personality. His forge vignette and quotes on the "nonhuman" survivors seem to feel that maxwell seems too dependent on the codex umbra and never himself, probably explaining why he only has 75 health maybe seeing how the dst opening comic shows a great example of how weak maxwell is, holding onto the book every second!20191105_160621.thumb.jpg.2d41a54a2ef7efe812a94d9ffe5aaa31.jpg

I'm gonna stop talking for now, as my phone is about to die. But hopefully Klei gives us some character development on Maxwell to hopefully resolve the trust issues and make Maxwell get back in with the Survivors in a way the comic seemed to improve his relationship with Wilson in a way...


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11 minutes ago, Superwolfkid said:

Everyone STILL don't trust him up towards now.

Well, they have reason too feel this way about him. I mean how would you feel if you met the guy who trick you into world you need to fight for survival and don't know if you ever escape it?

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Out of every evil character, the one I'm most interested in the gnaw. The gnaw is the one we know the least about, and I really want more lore.

Maxwell an Pugna are really interesting, but I wouldn't consider them as villains, they're just puppets of the real villains. 

I like Them, but They haven't done enough in the game to warrant first place.

Wes would be number one, but I'm scared of what he'll do to me if I vote for him.

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33 minutes ago, Kuba5565 said:

Well, they have reason too feel this way about him. I mean how would you feel if you met the guy who trick you into world you need to fight for survival and don't know if you ever escape it?

(Sorry for the late response)

Yeah, but I feel like they been through alot at this point. Especially Maxwell being cursed on the throne now down back in the forest world he created evolving and shifting. I feel Maxwell and Wilson are most compatible with eachother since Wilson sort of knows what Maxwell  been through. Maybe a future update trailer or his rework animation with Wilson and Maxwell together?

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Gnaw he is cool cus all the other ones have good reasons for the hate but the gnaw wants to nom or u get mermed. Charlie is she got the possessed(probs the general reason).  Pugna is attacked because you are in there place(maybe the reason idk). Maxwell is for ReVENgE. Shadow or them is kinda like gnaw(if you know why tell meh)no reason to attack but gnaw is cooler.

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Little love for Pugna but, in his defense, he was actually trying to stop Charlie and/or Them


"... Do you understand the forces you serve?"
"We were severed from the Throne!"
"Trapped in a realm of stone and fire, with no scepter to provide."
"Why serve a power that deserted my people?"
"They destroy all They touch..."
"That is why we cannot let you win."
"Once you are dead, we will activate the Gateway."
"We'll return to the hub and destroy the Throne."


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10 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Exactly, he's not a villain. That's why I didn't choose him.

But we have to fight Pugna even if our reasons to do so are wrong, he's an antagonist anyway. 

As a matter of fact, as for "villain" per se I think we are the biggest villain:

  • Only Bearger and Deerclops come looking for trouble, the rest of the bosses are just creatures minding their own business, and we go kick their butts for honor and treasure. Malbatross is the most prominent recent example.
  • Treeguards are just protecting the forest
  • Merms are just territorial, same with spiders.
  • Bunnymen are violent vegans (okay these maybe are a little evil?)
  • Pigs are just poor dumb cursed souls, also minding their own business
  • Charlie is horrible to us, 100% villain, but only to the survivors since she doesn't spank other creatures. We in turn, spank everything that produces shadow, and we'd sure beat Charlie too if we had a chance :D 

We are bad people! and we should be ashamed! now back to killing koalefants...

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