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  1. I think the revive clock of power should instead revive you for 2 minutes only. (Given you dont die in that time) Then it would have a 2 day cooldown. 2 minutes can do alot given the time. Perhaps making a permanent way to res yourself like a ammi. Also would make sense to do such because having time reversed before you die wouldn't stop it forever.(I'm hopeful for them to be rollback the character theres still a chance.)
  2. More attack variants in the regular enemies. So most enemies and mini/ bosses dont end up being the exact same pattern but different timing. Like how the shattered spiders, spitter spiders, and ewcus have 2 methods of attack. Would be nice to see some of that with the enemies or more teamwork to the mobs that survive together.
  3. Maybe it's a perfume bottle. There hands look like they are trying to get a wiff of it.
  4. Webbers quote for winter koalaphents trunk "He blue his nose." And his quote for fashion melon "This is the best idea anyone's ever had." Then wigfrids quote for hatching tallbirds eggs when eaten "Bones and all" and woodies quote for Back Scratcher " Wigfrid keeps using it to "spar" with me and Lucy. We're afraid."
  5. Honestly the losing decor thru damage is fine, but it sucks that the den which is a non living thing gets hurt by moonstorms and rocks which are also non living things. This Damage should be ignored by a giant silk pillow.(I mean webber sleeps in the den so it pretty much is a pillow) Also it kinda is dumb how the web shrinks but the radius for spiders to get angry doesnt shrink. making them get mad(losing decor)at hitting a spider that is clearly not on the web.
  6. If you burn it that's technically a solution or at least it's not a eye sore. There's also a mod I believe that let's you drag with shift click if anyone remembers the name
  7. Look I love using body armor or body slot (rain coat I love you please dont leave) but I've seen like 10 people actually use and make body armor.(also there's 9 body armor pieces but 1 of them is a grass suit and the other is a fire hazard aka scailmail and then wormwoods body armor)the only kind of frequently used armor is wormwoods armor and a log suit. I would love to use armor more often, but when I'm not using a backpack usually I have a raincoat, puffy vest, or floral vest respectively. Thus taking them off would be a pain. But the point is body armor is good but like the head slot armor it should be fixed in some sort of way to give more use.
  8. Armor is cool but its depressing how the only accessible armor headpiece early game is the football helm and that's it. Then there's mid game where you get 2 extra head armor peices. The snurtle shell and thulecite crown. Then the 2 boss armor pieces that using would be a waste because sanity and insanity.(beequeen crown and bone helm) last but not least wigfirds helm, cookiecuttercap, and the beehat. Excluding character specific armor only 2 helmets are actually useful for armor and not a pain to get. That's extremely low considering the amount of useful body armor is 6 excluding character specific body armor. Now here comes the opinion. In my opinion there should be more use to the current armor and be alot easier to get(cookiecuttercap shouldn't be that insanely hard to get for a just ok piece of armor and the shelmet shouldn't be extremely rare) of course this wont stop people from over using pigskin for armor and weapons(weapons is another topic for another day) Which brings me to my next point. Football helmet should be the base armor(that's useful but doesnt provide any extra benefits beside being armor.)and then other armor pieces for the head should give some sort of benefit to add extra use to the less defending or harder to get armor. Suggestions time The cookiecuttercap should damage what hit you right back and provide much more durability or make it less costly. Suggestion number 2 is just more headpiece armor with actual fighting uses and maybe even side effects like sanity gain, wetness protection, being a lightning rod, etc. Now you might be thinking why should this be done? It's because pigskin is a material that has so much use but getting large amounts is impossible if you dont destroy houses to get some. Giving other headpieces(and weapons) some general use that would put less strain on that particular resource and stop people from leaving with 20 pigskin being a game over for anyone that wants armor. Now thulecite crowns are good and worth it to make it's just that getting them may not be so easy or fun for some. Plus its limited amount if you do ruins rush is a detramint tell spring or summer leaving them unused due to people not wanting to waste them. Also body armor is cool but almost no one is willing to sacrifice a backpack unless they have chester(sometimes) or woby(sometimes) and you could make it and just carry it around but if it isnt a fight your prepared for your most likely not gunna wear it tell it's too late.(or even make it) using pigskin as a way to make armor also has a side effect of almost no new people knowing how to get the stuff (sense murder and smashing houses isnt the first thing most people do)
  9. I'm pretty sure more than 2/3rds of my gameplay is webber
  10. Well yeah I specified that I dont use it. Although it is kinda annoying to see people talk about characters you should only pick and then swap to another. Plus I think it's a fine addition I just want people to have to think twice about swapping like with wx (so you dont lose gears or charge) it doesnt effect worlds much farther into the game but it effects early game more. Which is kinda what I want. Not a preventative from people using it but something that makes you think should I swap? This is mostly just for public worlds that like to uhh have fun. Like ruins rushing on someone else's world and then leaving with all the stuff. Fun for you but not for anyone else. It seems fair considering the other solutions aren't stellar to say the least.
  11. It kinda shanks the fun for me honestly. Instead of dealing with the characters cons you just take all the good things and no downsides. Hence why I never use it. It just gives wolfgang mains a reason to say he's the best (even though this game is usually meant for teamwork which wolf is terrible for so hes at best b+ because webber and a few others like wurt and wendy I think? They can easily go far past his damage as well as supporting the team in a few other ways) because most times it's just OOGA BOOGA swap to winona or something make the thing you need. Swap back eat meatball and OOGA BOOGA on with your wolfgang meta way. I just feel bad for people that genuinely play winona, woodie, warly, Maxwell, willow, and wendy because it kinda just says your character is dispensable. I dont have to worry about this because webber main alert. But the portal doesnt need a fixin the characters that can be abused with such need it.( nothing big just something that would make you think twice about before swapping) Like wx-78 is a example of a character you shouldn't swap with unless your willing to sacrifice something which is great because it makes you think twice before swapping. Winona is a horror show because of the swap and it's just sad.
  12. Alright so I'm not sure this if this is a problem that happens often but. I played a world for 62 days with a friend before finding the ruins. We thought it was strange there wasnt a soul in sight no monkeys no worms no slupers. We assumed they just didnt spawn in that general area. We found ancient guardian first luckily. Well we found his maze not him he didnt exist. We thought it would only be fair to spawn him in because you cant kill fuelweaver without him. We went on after killing ancient guardian with spiders from yours truly. Then we searched and there was absolutely nothing in the ruins besides dwellers and nightmare lights. We gave up and tried c_gonext()and tried to go next to anything found in the ruins and nothing. We reset defeated not by enemies but by the fact we couldn't have done anything to fix the ruins and a broken world is a useless world. Was this just a us problem or does this happen often enough to warrant a fixin? Just wondering because cant really report it because you cant replicate world gen. (Side note the ruins actually felt like what the word implies for once. That it was in ruins very very peaceful)
  13. Alright these solutions are nice and fair but still the being permanently body blocked to death on a wall has to be fixed.
  14. You cant consider that a con because that doesn't effect webber it effects the person playing. Specifically it effects anyone that likes building(or any fun actions like walking, standing still, chopping, mining, picking up items, and playing the game). its not a downside its just a rage inducing side effect of using a upside. Plus to swap them from defense you need to whistle and to set them to normal you need to have them hit something. You cant always have something to hit on standby. Also the fact that having a large amount of spiders still makes non defense mode terrible as well. You do realize I was making a pen for the spiders away from everyone else, but I cant because the spiders wont let me build and I cant shoo them anywhere because someone will die because of it. Its like leaving a wild varg or ewcus its just inevitable before someone dies regardless of where I leave them because they wander (usually together) and end up killing anyone that thinks its a lone spider. its a loss either way because I cant make a pen and I cant shoo them without them killing someone. (also if it really was a downside I don't think a downside should mean insta death because you got too close to something that is unbreakable or water/void and all your spiders trap you)