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  1. First thing first, Till I post this topic, I don't know if Klei's forums can automaticly extract the real video player URL for any other video sites except Youtube. So if the URLs below can't become an embedding vidoe player, you may have to visit the videos by opening another webpage. The servers of bilibili video site below located in Shanghai, China. So any lags or cannot-opens may appear are beyond my reach. =w= By the end of Forge Event, my team's best run is 10:46 with 1 death. The videos below shows that how we improved our records from 12:xx to 10:46. My friends and me missed the beta test of the Forge. Because there were too many Chinese people playing the beta Forge at that time (in October) and the event servers in China and Asia performed really bad in the evening. (high lag and disconnecting frequently. Personally, I guess they were overloaded?) Typically, We use Discord or other voice chatting apps for communicating when we were playing the Forge. Before November 15, that weekend in mid month, we just played the Forge just for skins and achievements. The best record of my group is 15:25 at the time. Until we saw a speedrun video on a site in China, we thought 'Hey, maybe we can do that too'. So the story began. At the beginning, we even didnt how to engaging on one target and there is no cooperation at all. (LOL. that's true.) A few days latter, we got privity. And we could reach sub 15:00 by the time November 18. The final boss phase was our plateau at that time and we couldn't overcome it for a long time. So I posted a topic for help and thankfully we got it. After we finally figured out how to deal with the final boss with the effective approach (this is the most awesome part of Bill&TShawKiller's team), the rest of Speedrunning were totally full of fussy details. each of wave spawns, each of mobs, had to be counted. We had even tried to leave some mobs and kill final boss first (Failed. it won't work). We seperated each spawns to work out how to clear each of them as fast as we can, to ensure which target must be engaged first, to confirm the detail data and usage of each item droped. Just like making a battle plan in other strategy games. As you can see, our community have more than 10 people. So there is not a fixed team. We played every positions though someone may play some roles better on certain. In conclusion, just play and summarize the results. then do it again and again. After all that story, Here are the videos of our Speedruns. 10:46 - 1 death (Wigfrid sight) 10:53 & 11:00 (Woodie sight) 11:04 - No death (Wigfrid sight) One early run (11:55 Wicker sight) If you want more Forge Speedruns Videos. Use this url below. Special Thanks: @eXiGe and his team who replied my posts at November 18 and shared their early speedrun video so that we can see some brand-new tachnics of the final boss phase. @TShawKiller who developed awesome timing mods which really a kind of grace for the every Forge players. All Klei Staff. For presenting us a wonderful forge event so that my friends and me could have such a period of unforgettable happy time. At last, and most important, my friends in DST. We had so much fun in this game. Thank you, all of you!
  2. So it seems like the forge its over, so everyone its suppose to be back to the DST world right?, so its something going to change on the metheus page?, because the ending of the page its the portal and the charlie teaser.
  3. I mean...look at this and tell me they don't look pretty much the same, just thought i'd mention it Spider Nest and... Spiky Tree
  4. Where is the forge?

    Something I thought of is since the Forge arena is surrounded by lava, couldn't it be possible for the arena/Forge to be at the top of the volcano in shipwrecked? It's surrounded by lava and the one place in the gameplay of the DS series with lava is the volcano in SW.
  5. add a Quickchat or pings that are 1 to 2 keystrokes or movements too use. stopping to talk is pretty determental because of how fast the forge moves and how much each team member matters. so having pings or something to just direct people or do immediate planning would help a lot. or even a quick chat menu to signal when to let things sleep or focus enemies. Just something that allows players to keep attacking and/or moving while talking
  6. Here's some of my art inspired by Halloween. (Still hyped for the Hallowed Nights event) Also, I'll drop some Forge stuff in here too. (ALSO VERY HYPED FOR THE FORGE)
  7. So, in one public Forge server for people on lv 50+ deathless run, we encounter a very trolly individual that would constantly refused to leave and he clearly said to us openly he wanted to troll our community. He insulted me, threatened me, started to spam numbers, letters in chat etc. Since this troll didn't wanted to leave, we decided to stand our ground and ignore him until he would leave. We didn't wanted to look for other people in other lobby cuz some of us know each other and we wanted to play together. It took about 15 minutes but after ignoring him and refusing to start the match with him, he finally left. I did reported him in Steam, but this problem would have been easily solved if the Forge had a vote kick button. The reality, whether Klei wants to ignored it or not, is that public servers are plagued with trolls and players are powerless in the Forge against them, specially if you are playing with random people, which is the majority of people at least in my case. This is specially problematic in custom servers to play with one or two friends and the rest with others, but you cannot take any measures to stop these people unless you decided to close the server and hope the same random don't show up again. And this is not the first time I experienced something like that In the Forge forums. This happens every single day I play at least twice. So, please, please devs, please. Include a VOTE KICK button. (democratic) I included down here a link with some of the things this character had to say and I expect that the devs can include the kick button ASAP EDIT (removed pics, cuz against forums policies)
  8. Boarior Technique

    So the other day I got onto an really experienced game as Maxwell. Well, we forgot Wilson but we decided to go through with it anyway. We made it to the boarior and defeated the pit pig rush. Then things went south. I kept dying. Even though I had the splint armor I kept on dying and weighing the team down. We ended up losing the round towards the very end and I felt terrible about it. How does one fight the boarior as maxwell without instantly dying to the unavoidable ground rip attack?
  9. DST: Group Discord

    Hey guys, I've noticed that games go by much easier when you have a skilled team coordinating together, but it seems like this group forum is relatively dead. I decided to make a discord that includes anyone so that they may find groups with relatively easy and interact with any player. The discord link is: . Join whenever you can, and good luck in The Forge!
  10. Hey I've been wondering whether all the skins you get douring the forge will become tradable at the end of it. Also I've been working towards acquiring 2 of each forge items, with the exception of the haircuts, and I'd like to know if what I'm doing is pointless or not. Thanks PS: If any of the Klei staff is reading this, I'd like you to know that You and the company you're working for is awesome. You're the best.
  11. Excited to hear what you came up with! Do you think we will see pugna and his army again?
  12. Would be nice to have some existing items. - Infernal staff and books could have some variations as some other skins. - This helm is amazing, but I think there's no such a helm for that skin. - For last but just a dream, make a new item in the game, like a gold spear like bit more strong then norma spear. I dont know if someone wants things like this, but here it is.
  13. Now that its out, whats your opinions on the forge update?
  14. No death run!

    thought i'd share me and my friends no death run of the forge! thanks klei for such a fun event!
  15. Oftenly I see that people say "Willson should be healer". I would like to disagree. 1. He cant drop heal and revive in case he is chased by mobs. Much effective will be if another person will drop heal under body, so Willson could successfuly revive. 2. Potentially thats 3s loss in healing for each revive. In case you have a dead body and a fight where healing is needed. You could be caught in the middle of reviving with healing ready up. 3. No inbuild buffs that could help him to heal. IMHO, the best option for healer is Winona: 1. Reed Tunic > Silken wood armour 2. And a good option of either Crystal tiara for even more often heals or Woven garland for bigger amount of healing. 3. Inbuild 10% lower CDR. Other options I believe are all casters: granny, maxwell and summoners: wendy, webber. IMHO Willson is a fighter with great ability to revive when needed with assistance of healer.
  16. A Semi-Complete Guide to Woodie Kiting (by Crowe) I hear a lot of people saying that Woodie is a very weak character with no real perks, that he’s extremely useless and not recommended to play as. This guide on how to use him to carry your team to victory will serve as my counterargument, and I hope that this will be helpful information for whomever is attempting to play as a kiter in a Forge match. As someone who has won three Forge matches as a kiter Woodie, I am very eager to share the information I have learned. _____ Let’s start off with some of Woodie’s perks. #1: Lucy When Woodie throws his special axe, Lucy, it will instantly draw aggro onto him. This is an incredible perk of its own, and it will be very helpful in later stages. When thrown, Lucy can also stop spinning Snortoises, provided that you are lucky/skillful enough to hit them. #2. Higher HP While he can’t be resurrected as quickly as Wes, Woodie has relatively high health, his maximum being 200 HP. This means that, even with the lowest defense armor (60% protection), Woodie can survive 4-5 hits from the Boarilla/Grand Forge Boarrior before death. This allows a few mistakes from the player, and also increases Woodie’s survivability in difficult situations. #3. Quick attack speed When attacking normally with Lucy, Woodie’s attack speed is greatly increased. This isn’t as useful as his other two perks, but in a pinch, he can make short work of weaker enemies. _____ NOTE: It is a given that Woodie will be using the feather helm (20% more movement speed) and the reed armor (10% more movement speed), but I recommend switching to a higher defense armor during the fight with the Grand Forge Boarrior (splinted mail is a great choice). _____ Levels: 1. Pit pigs The first wave is relatively easy. You can chop down the lone pigs or throw Lucy from a distance as the tanks demolish them. It becomes a bit harder to use Lucy’s melee attack once there are multiple groups of pigs— hang back and throw Lucy at your discretion, making sure to keep an eye on the reviver. 2. Crocommanders Fighting these head-on is not recommended. Use Lucy to instantly destroy the banners, and draw the fire of the Crocommanders if your health is high enough. This can help the team a lot, especially when the tanks are being attacked by multiple enemies. 3. Snortoises This is where Woodie starts to show his usefulness. Explain to the team that you are going to distract the top group of Snortoises, and proceed to head in that direction. These top two can be kept in an endless loop of aggression until your team is ready to destroy them. I have had the most success in kiting the Snortoises into the shape of an 8 (one walking behind the other). Moving in a half circle around them, you can quickly run to the top and throw Lucy at the Snortoise at the front of the pair, then circle back to throw at the bottom one. This ensures that they are constantly aggressive towards you, but their slow speed allows you to complete this process with almost 100% safety. Note: As mentioned above, the Snortoises are very slow, so make the circle you run around them extremely small— just out of the range of their “pufferfish” spike attack. This is an added measure to keep their focus on you, and not on the rest of your team. Try to keep them occupied as far away from the team as possible. Another note: Lucy’s throw has the ability to stop the spinning Snortoises in their tracks! If you can make the shot, go for it, especially if there’s a spinning Snortoise attacking your healer. Scorpeons: The strategy for these should be the same as the strategy for the Snortoises, but you are in a bit more danger than before, as the Scorpeons have attacks that can melt even the most armored tank. The team also may need your assistance more than before, since tanks can quickly be overwhelmed if not watched closely. While it is the healer’s job to attend to them, they may not always be nearby. Keep an eye on the health bars of your teammates on the upper left. If one of them appears to be in a bad spot, or being attacked by multiple enemies, you can use Lucy’s instant-aggro throw to make their lives a bit easier. Of course, use your own judgement as to whether or not this is necessary, since keeping two Scorpeons away from the team for the entire level is also useful. Boarilla, Part One: I cannot emphasize this enough— please make sure that you have healed up during the last round. It will be a lot less stressful for you to be kiting the Boarilla with 200 hp rather than 140. By now, you should have the feather hat and reed armor, so keeping out of the boss’s range is not impossibly difficult. The Boarilla will spawn at the bottom right portal. Leave the smalls for the tanks and dps immediately after they spawn— you don’t want to draw their aggro at this point. Camp the Boarilla’s spawn portal and throw Lucy as soon as you see him. I recommend to lead him along the outer border of the map, so that there is much less chance of the boss accidentally targeting the team. However, this is not always a good choice, as the fight with the smaller enemies doesn’t always take place in the center of the map. Once again, use your own judgement when deciding which path to lead the Boarilla on. The Boarilla will take anywhere between 3-5 steps chasing you before he attacks. I suggest letting him attack at you twice, then throw Lucy to reclaim aggro, maintaining your position just outside his attack range. You can also throw Lucy after every attack, if you are more comfortable with that. You may have to slow down at times to make sure the Boarilla’s focus is on you at all times. When the team has finished off all the grunts, lead the Boarilla towards them. Hang back while they destroy it— take the time you need to heal up before the next fight, if you’ve sustained some damage. Boarilla, Part Two: Communicate with your team as to which Boarilla you will be kiting, top or bottom. Remind them to drag their Boarilla to the middle of the map if they can, as it will make your time a lot easier. Kiting the 2nd Boarilla is more of the same; the most dangerous part of this level is when the two waves of smaller enemies appear. When you see Pugna’s warning speeches, try to avoid going near the spawning portals, but this is not always an option while dragging the Boarilla across the map. The job of the DPS and/or the tanks is to keep the smaller enemies off of you and the healer, dividing their focus between this and taking care of their own Boarilla. This can create a very tense and hectic situation, as you may lose aggro of your Boarilla during this fight. If this happens, lead it to a healing area if possible and let it sleep, then reclaim aggro after you heal yourself a bit. The Crocommanders are definitely the worst during this part of the fight. Their homing projectiles will always hit you if they lock onto you, and if you are caught by the Pit Pigs or Boarilla during the duration for which the projectile stuns you, you’re practically a goner (unless you are saved by some miracle). The best advice I can give, at my current level of knowledge, is to stay as far away from the Crocommanders as possible. Be sure not to lose your focus, though— this is a crucial time for the team, so try as hard as you can to not lose the attention of your Boarilla. Grand Forge Boarrior: This is it, you’ve made it this far. By now, there should be one or no Boarillas left. Usually there is one left, so make sure you’ve healed up to at least 3/4 health and go to the bottom right portal to meet the Boarrior. Let your team take care of the Boarilla while you kite the Boarrior around the arena. He won’t start doing his groundpound + fire attacks until he’s lost a substantial amount of health, so you can lure him with relative ease and little danger to yourself while your team takes care of the last Boarilla. Once the fight with the Grand Forge Boarrior commences, you should equip some heavier armor. Splinted mail is the best option, but wood armor is another option if someone else has equipped the splinted mail. I highly advise against standing behind or in front of other people, as the Boarrior’s ground-pound attacks may unintentionally harm you or others near you. Your role becomes slightly different during this fight. The healer is often targeted by the Boarrior, especially in the later stages of the battle, and teammates are constantly dying. You MUST (and this is a big MUST) keep the Boarrior from attacking the healer while he/she is reviving or casting. Do not attack the Boarrior much during the fight; save your health for those moments when aggroing the Boarrior can buy the healer those crucial seconds to complete a revival or cast the life flowers. This is especially important when the Grand Forge Boarrior summons his minions, which is announced by the Boarrior clapping his swords together, making a hollow banging sound. Take down the standards as swiftly as possible. This is the most chaotic part of the game, and many of my teams have met their demise during this time. With any luck, you will be able to keep the Boarrior off of the healer during times of misfortune, while also keeping an eye on the smaller enemies. Do not let yourself or others become swarmed, as you can be stunlocked into an instant and brutal death. Always watch your Wilsons. Take note of how much health they have in the upper left corner of the screen. After the smalls have been taken care of, hang back and heal. Watch the Boarrior and try to remain at a decent amount of health so that you can distract him if need be. Don’t throw Lucy at him when the healer is casting life flowers on top of the Boarrior, as this will draw him out of the healing circle (he avoids the circles during the latter part of the fight, thus he will not sleep unless the circle is cast DIRECTLY on him). With a little luck, a little skill, and a lot of teamwork and communication…you and your team will be able to get the better of the Grand Forge Boarrior and tell Battlemaster Pugna to stick it where the sun don’t shine! Congratulations— and good luck!
  17. Is it possible to get triumphant skins from Pugna's Chest?
  18. Warriors... Rise to the challenge. Welcome to... (Will JoeW get mad if I use this? I hope not...) So, you decided to join the Forge beta so you could look cool and hip with the young crowd. But then you realized that the combat was way harder than you thought it would be and are now facing the possibility of never touching another game in your life (Not really). Also, unlike the base game, you no longer have to worry about Sanity and Hunger, but those might be the least of your problems in this place... This will be a small guide to those who are currently struggling within the event, as well as providing info for the characters in the Forge. Other threads will be referenced and some tips and tricks will be handed out here and there. The event ends on December 4th. Quick guide to the controls W,A,S,D: Movement Keys Right-click: Use your held weapons' special skill, and deploy using Left-click. F or Left-click: Attack Q And E: Rotate the camera Spacebar: Can be used for attacking and reviving allies (Not the key itself, silly). The Warriors (Our beloved heroes, of course!) All the characters in the event are also characters that are available for play in DST. However, they all now have some spiffy perks that will help them survive within the hellish wasteland that they're currently in. First and foremost... Wilson Percival Higgsbury Willow Wolfgang Wendy WX-78 Wickerbottom Woodie Wes Maxwell Wigfrid Webber Winona The following part of the guide is entirely thanks to @Coldman. Many thanks to them and their contribution. The information can also be found on the DST wiki: Weapons Armor Headgear This guide will continue to be updated at a later date. However, I recommend giving these lovely threads a look. They were made by some beautiful people, y'know! The Forge Beasts and You: Made by user @Ashkain. The Forge tips: Made by user @FTR PSA: Sleep: Made by user @DarkXero That's all for now. If you have anything to add, say it down below and I'll give you credit for it. Next up: Who knows?
  19. Requires: Feathered Wreath Best characters for this role Wes and Woodie are the best characters for this role because they both have abilities which allow them to keep agro with little issue. They both excel at kiting in their own way. Wes is better at kiting large groups of enemies due to his increased agro time. Wes's downside is that he is not very good at getting agro off of people making him fall short during the Boarrior fight. He should be used when the team already has 2 tanks.(Note that if one of the tanks is a Woodie you should ask if they are running.) Woodie is very good at keeping the agro of and attack canceling enemies such as the Boarrior. However because he has to throw his axe to gain agro it makes it hard to keep the agro of a group of enemies only because you have to aim the axe and it can't pass through enemies like a normal attack can. He should be used when there is no runner(Monkeybait) and 1 or less tanks. this is because 2 tanks can usually keep agro better than a Single Woodie can. Plus only 2 stone armors spawn. Strategy by wave Pig wave: Just attack any pig you see kiting really doesn't matter in this wave. Croc Wave: When the Crocs and pigs spawn focus the enemies in this order Banner>Pigs>Crocs. If you have a good caster they will have petrified the enemies on the opposite side. When the petrify wears off go and take out the banner. Do this for both waves. (Note that I've never seen the Feathered Wreath spawn after this wave.) Updates: As Woodie you can instantly take agro with an axe throw so keep an eye on your healer and take agro away when they are being attacked. Woodie should be doing a tanks Job for every wave except the Boarilla waves. The only item you need for running is the Feathered Wreath. Your body item should be Stone mail.(Wes gets stone mail on the second Boarilla wave The other Tank gets priority stone mail but when they drop it you should grab it as soon as they drop it as Woodie, Or Grab it during the Boss wave as Wes. Woodie should get the Blossomed Wreath for the boss if it spawns as Woodie should usually have agro you are attack canceling. The Blossomed Wreath gives more healing and the cool down reduction helps with axe throws. (If the Blossomed Wreath doesn't spawn stick with the Feathered Wreath.) Turtle Wave: (Woodie only needs to worry about focusing down the turtles and stunning them out of block for this part let the caster focus on kiting and stunning) For this wave, if you're Wes, the caster is your best friend. At the start of this wave you should stand in front of the middle spawn, after you've taken the agro of mid go up and take the agro of the two turtles opposite of where your team is. Once you've grouped all 5 up work with your Caster to petrify them. Go back to your team and focus on the Turtle they are hitting while also keeping an eye on the 5 that are petrified. Once they are free run back and keep them in a group to repeat the same thing over again. Once your team is done killing their they should be able to Sleep/petrify lock them but always be ready to lure some away if something goes wrong. (The best way to lure an enemy is to hit them once when they're asleep or petrified, you must be the closest to them or they will target someone else.) Scorpion Wave: Same as the turtle wave although this time your caster will have a fire staff. Meaning that they can petrify lock them after the first time. First Boarilla Wave: This is where Monkeybait is the most useful (hence the name). At the start of this wave stand very close to the middle and allow the enemies that spawn on the left and right spawn to agro your team. As soon as the Boarilla spawn you immediately hit him a few times to gain agro then run over to the opposite side of your team. To keep the Boarilla's agro you must be the closest to him at all times (Which shouldn't be an issue if your team does their job and stays away), and you must hit him more than once unless you're Woodie. For this wave you can hit him 3-4 times between his attacks with a dart or Axe and then run away from him until he hits (You CANNOT outrun him without the Feathered Wreath and Reed Tunic.) 3 times is safe 4 times is doable but dangerous. When he goes into his block form you can do a few things. If you have normal darts you can wait for him to open up then use a special on him, If your special is on cooldown you can attack until he comes up, if you have magma darts your special will break through his block, and if you are Woodie your special will break his stun. Do this until your team has dealt with all the enemies. Then bring him to the middle so you all can kill him. When he dies he will drop Steadfast Stone Armor. If your Wes that means one of your tanks dropped their Stone Mail so take that. And if you're Woodie, leave the armor on the ground until you're ready to fight the boss. Second Boarilla Wave: In this wave 2 Boarillas spawn opposite of eachother. Your job is to keep the agro of one while your team kills all the enemies and their Boarilla. If both Boarillas reach a low health the boss will spawn early and you will have a bad time. So to prevent this you should only try to hit the Boarilla twice in between his attacks and never use your special as Wes. If you're Wes you should also only be using normal darts.(You don't have to but I feel it's safer. You could also probably get away with 3 hits but I think 2 hits gives your team more room for error.) During this wave there will be 2 additional spawns. The first will spawn Crocs in the middle spawn and the second will spawn Turtles and Scorpions on each side. To prevent getting agro from either of these you should try to kite the Boarilla in the player spawn in front of Pugna. It's a small area but It is just enough room to kite him around (Even with the Stone Mail you can still kite in that small area, you just have to walk in straight lines). Once all the enemies are dealt with once again bring him to the center. Boss Wave: Soon after your team starts to attack the Boarilla the boss will spawn. If you're playing Woodie you should swap out Feathered Wreath and the Reed Tunic for Stone armor and any tank helmet you can find. When the boss spawn dialogue appears head to the middle spawn and take the Bosses agro. Make sure to hit the boss whenever you can to keep agro and obviously keep him away from your team. With this strategy I've never had to go all the way around the arena before the Boarilla dies. After your team has killed the Boarilla guide the boss to the center of the arena and start attacking him. If you are Wes you will want to pick up the stone mail and a dark helmet assuming there is one left. If you are Woodie you will want to pick up the Steadfast Stone Armor and the Blossomed Wreath. Make sure you stop attacking him when the heal field starts to go up. And if you're Woodie you can time your axe throws while tanking to cancel the bosses attack although don't feel bad if you don't time it well. It's very hard to do. Be wary that your axe throws take agro so you should be in melee range of the boss when you throw it to keep him stationary. Unless you are trying to lead him away from your team. Pig Boss Wave: During this wave take out the banners ASAP and head to where your healer put the heal field. If you have a caster it's pretty much up to your healer and caster to deal with all the pigs. If the pigs aren't one shot just start hitting them and they should die in a few hits. In the event you don't have a caster. If you're Woodie you should try to lead the Boss away from your team and let them deal with the pigs. Post Pigs: The Boarrior will now begin to avoid the heal field if he is already outside of it. Keep him stationary so your healer can sleep him. In my experience he almost always uses a charge when the heal field is being put up. So if he does charge out you can do a few things to save the heal. walk into him and try to push him back in the field, cancel the charge before it happens with an axe throw, or if you can't get him in the field lead him away from your team so they can get a good heal off. You can still cancel his attacks while leading him away albeit hard to do consistently. Side Notes This guide heavily assumes you have a caster on your team (Which you should) but in the event that you don't just kite the Turtles and Scorpions and when your team has finished off their enemies allow one turtle/scorpion to lose agro on you and walk over to them. If you end up losing more than one to bad team positioning then just utilize the heal field to hit them while they sleep and steal agro back as Wes or use Woodies axe throw to instantly gain agro. DO NOT constantly hit turtles while you are kiting them. Otherwise they will get to low health and start spinning. To keep agro hit them the moment they walk away.
  20. Just read the title, let me hear your opinions! I personally liked it, but tell me what you think!
  21. The Forge - Speedrun

    Edit : New recorld = 15:44 The Forge - Speedrun With some friends from the french community, we tried really hard to finish the forge with the best timer, with a good coordination and an adapted line-up, we finished it in 18:10, and only 1 death Screenshot : Our Line-up : - Maxwell [WIZARD] : Allester - Wickerbottom [HEAL] : Hakanai - WX78 [TANK] : Hugy - WX78 [TANK] : KassCroot - Wigfrid [DPS DISTANCE] : Oxwald - Wilson [DPS DISTANCE - KITING] : JukeTheGenerator If you have a better timer, let us know ! We really want to challenge the community during this beta to do their best to make the perfect run in The Forge ! Good luck and have fun Edit : I explain our strategy in the commentary Edit 2 : This record was be done BEFORE the A.I Patch about the Boarrior. NEW RECORD Congrats to ClownBaby and the "Strictly Unprofessional" for beating our record with 18:06 (10/30/2017) You can see their try on Screenshot : NEW SCORE FOR CLOWNBABY : They could be under 16 without death maybe BREAKING NEWS WE MADE ALMOST THE PERFECT RUN & TIMING !!! 17:06 (10/30/2017) Screenshot : BREAKING NEWS 2ND New screen from Ke126 and eXiGe, they made a better time with 16:42 Note : They were in Public server O.o Screenshot : BREAKING NEWS 3RD New screen from Ke126 and eXiGe, they made again a better time with 16:14 These guys are not human anymore ^^ Screenshot : BREAKING NEWS 4TH New screen from Ke126 and eXiGe, they made again a better time with 15:44 "..." Screenshot :
  22. I just finished a round of Forge when suddenly, the game froze and showed this