Hot Lava officially Launching Today!


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It’s happening!

We’re incredibly happy (and proud) to say after many long years of development that Hot Lava is being officially released today. It has been an incredible journey to get to this point, and it’s something we couldn’t have done without your support.

During the beta, the Hot Lava community helped us release 27 updates, and we are planning to continue to update and improve the game with everyone else who is joining us today. We saw an incredibly talented mapping community emerge, creating some awe-inspiring custom content. We also saw a speed running scene grow that is unlike anything we could have ever expected. The Hot Lava community has been so important to this game during development that we can’t help but thank you again.

It’s amazing to look back at how far we have come from the first version of Hot Lava. You are going to be playing a series of new worlds, Playground, Wholesale and Mastery that were added during the Beta, as well as a brand new world called “Basement” launching today. Our item system has moved away from randomized drops and towards a purely progression based unlock system. Mechanics have been refined over numerous iterations to create an incredibly deep player controller. We have also added full controller support, optimized performance and translated the game into 15 languages. But we still have so many exciting updates we can’t wait to share with you.

So with all that, we hope to see you all jumping on furniture very soon. And whatever you do… don’t touch the floor.

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NICE! Just got my cool Beta Tester duds, and while I have to do all the levels again, at least I can do em all with my friends :)

I love Hot Lava, and seeing it's whole development has been awesome. Keep up the good work Mark and Co!

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