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  1. Its so great whenever klei games launch to see tons of streamers playing the games. I really enjoy seeing all the new people trying the games
  2. Update #27 - The End of Beta

    ^^^ Asking the questions we are all thinking haha
  3. Congrats! So happy to see the game launch officially, beta was fun but full game release is more exciting!
  4. So many fixes! Glad to see some updates, its amazing to see this game growing <3
  5. Its going to be very interesting to see how the added ability to run away from combat affects game difficulty. Very excited to see all the changes, you rock klei peeps!
  6. Whoa nelly what an update. So happy we have a chance to find our pets again, and excited for the changes to evil eye.
  7. [Experimental Update] - 353413

    So after playing the branch, I think the fatigue cap needs to move back a few rounds. Especially while playing prestige difficulty's not getting credit for using cards in normal fights is a bit painful, maybe keep the fatigue but move it back at least 2-3 rounds from where it is now.
  8. nothing is posted here

    oh thats weird this thread must be a glitch in the matrix
  9. The last character?

    Maybe one day when they are done re-hashing the other characters
  10. New idea for the game

    Sounds like an idea for a mod, but doesnt sound very fun. This may be because I only play with 2 people at the max so those challenged dont affect me as much.
  11. [Game Update] - 352474

    yes drinks in drinkers hands is important, no use getting drunk with air Thanks for the hard work
  12. [Experimental Update] - 353413

    Seems like a good ideA
  13. Experimental Build is live!

    Yess will update and give this a try thanks!
  14. Griftlands Alpha Launch

    Picked it up, excited to give it a try!
  15. Wormwood is Now Live!

    Love the hollow skin