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  1. E3 Trailer

    Congrats on being in e3! loved the trailer, and am very excited for the alpha coming up on July 11th. You guys rock!
  2. Wormwood is Now Live!

    Love the hollow skin
  3. Wormwood Arrives June 6th!

    Looking forward to the plant boi
  4. Oh I am so ready for this challenge, Meet the bee queens army
  5. I included my modded character in this one-=Edit added wortox cause thats the new theme
  6. Wortox Has Arrived!

    Have a lil wortox fanart
  7. I figured the shipwrecked giants deserved some love too
  8. Deathofbarney's Dont starve

    You said something similar last time I posted a few weeks backlog, Im still not sure if I should be insulted or complimented by that XD
  9. Deathofbarney's Dont starve

    A few weeks worth of art stream pics
  10. Nightmare gobblers Tell me is that berries?
  11. missed the stream but here we go
  12. Dedicated to exJoeW
  13. Deathofbarney's Dont starve

    Its a question of time, the bottom was least time, top was middle, middle was most. This weeks one will be more like middle one but most likely better.
  14. Deathofbarney's Dont starve

    a few weeks of art stream pics
  15. Because this is what joustes drawing on stream made me think of, Disco koalaphant!