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  1. Been trying it out today, but I crash every few days unfortunately. No mods just the beta
  2. ONI multiplayer

    They actually kind of did that on stream once... It did not go well haha
  3. Yes please be more specific. I do like it because I enjoy the variety of things you can build based on which coin you choose.
  4. Ahhh more dlc? Thats great! this is indeed a beast of a game, I can actually hear my computer rev up when its saving game past day 1000
  5. An interesting take on it for sure, but gotta say I think doze bug if my fav boon.
  6. Some screenshots I would like to share

    Yus more screenshots with pets please! wow 99 dominance hes like the old spice guy
  7. Sal's Finale too hard?

    Oh thats excellent news, I went into that fight expecting to have my two pets and was very sad to not have them
  8. Some Non-Bug Feedback

    Grifter I think alludes to the use of the bio-mechanical augmentations, whereas hunter is an occupation that some ( most I think) grifters do.
  9. Excellent I look forward to trying this out!
  10. Ive been sick so missed the deadline, but heres the carrat anyway!
  11. Its so great whenever klei games launch to see tons of streamers playing the games. I really enjoy seeing all the new people trying the games
  12. Congrats! So happy to see the game launch officially, beta was fun but full game release is more exciting!
  13. So many fixes! Glad to see some updates, its amazing to see this game growing <3
  14. Whoa nelly what an update. So happy we have a chance to find our pets again, and excited for the changes to evil eye.
  15. [Experimental Update] - 353413

    So after playing the branch, I think the fatigue cap needs to move back a few rounds. Especially while playing prestige difficulty's not getting credit for using cards in normal fights is a bit painful, maybe keep the fatigue but move it back at least 2-3 rounds from where it is now.