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  1. Awwwww yeaaaah I am excited for this, although Im not terribly skilled at it ONI has my second most played time on my steam account. I look forward not only to the new content, but also new adorable designs and art!
  2. Been trying it out today, but I crash every few days unfortunately. No mods just the beta
  3. Ive been sick so missed the deadline, but heres the carrat anyway!
  4. So many fixes! Glad to see some updates, its amazing to see this game growing <3
  5. Whoa nelly what an update. So happy we have a chance to find our pets again, and excited for the changes to evil eye.
  6. So after playing the branch, I think the fatigue cap needs to move back a few rounds. Especially while playing prestige difficulty's not getting credit for using cards in normal fights is a bit painful, maybe keep the fatigue but move it back at least 2-3 rounds from where it is now.
  7. yes drinks in drinkers hands is important, no use getting drunk with air Thanks for the hard work
  8. Oh I am so ready for this challenge, Meet the bee queens army
  9. I included my modded character in this one-=Edit added wortox cause thats the new theme
  10. I figured the shipwrecked giants deserved some love too
  11. You said something similar last time I posted a few weeks backlog, Im still not sure if I should be insulted or complimented by that XD