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  1. When using multiple crock pots in range of an ice box, shift clicking from the ice box to the crock pot will work for the first crock pot but then disappear for the second. The disappeared food can be found in the first crock pot after the initial food has cooked. I also found that shift clicking twigs from my inventory to a chest sent those twigs to my crock pot. Edit: I'm in a Hamlet/Shipwrecked world and the issue happens in both worlds.
  2. [Game Update] - 302970

    Very nice. Very quick.
  3. I've built a Skyworthy in both Hamlet and in Shipwrecked and after the initial world generation where you spawn on a beach somewhere, using the Skyworthy from Hamlet to get to Shipwrecked takes me to the Seaworthy, leaving me to build another boat to get back to my base. I've tried hammering down the Seaworthy but it's not possible.