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Is there anything that needs to be fleshed out post-launch?

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So now that ONI has officially launched, are there any aspects of the game that still need to be fleshed out?  For the scope of this discussion, let's assume that work on optimization and bug fixes is a given and focus on filling gaps in existing game play (as opposed to new features that make more sense in DLC).  I can think of four off the top of my head.

  1. Unwanted Abyssalite - I often see people pine for ways of converting or destroying waste abyssalite.  The simplest solution is to let us dispose of it via rock crusher.  Alternative solutions include refining it into something more useful, garbage modules for rockets that allow us to dump unwanted materials (not just abyssalite) into space, or, more drastically, have it destroyed when mined (changing the recipe for Insulation accordingly).
  2. Sulfur - There is still no use for sulfur.  I'm not sure there needs to be one, per se, but I find it odd that there is no use for this byproduct considering the game is all about production chains.
  3. Bleach Stone Manufacturing - I don't think this one is a high priority, but I've always felt that ranching should be an alternative to industrial production, not a substitute for it.  The oxylite refinery could be reworked so it can make bleach stone out of chlorine, or a new building could fill a similar role.
  4. Doctors - Without commenting on the state of illnesses - a discussion we've had in depth elsewhere - I want to touch on the end-game utility of specialized doctors.  They're useful for treating the occasional illness or the odd injury, but there isn't much for them to do in the end-game.  Those of us who were participants in ONI's early access might remember how dedicated researchers became obsolete the moment the tech tree was fully researched.  Then their role was expanded to include geological survey, then again to include astronomy and researching space tech.  I'd like to see a similar progression for doctors: perhaps through dedicated medical research, genetic modification of plants, critters, or even dupes, or the removal of instant-cures so there's a reason for quarantine and ongoing healthcare.

Is there anything else you feel needs to be addressed before the developers start tackling new features/working on DLC?

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I'm gonna say overlays. They mostly do what you expect them to do but could use some upgrades.

  • A gas/liquid pressure overlay. It is possible to overpressurize rooms. Oil often comes in 3x per-tile pressure pockets. Can we have some indication as to where ears will pop or something?
  • Thermal overlay really needs sliders to set where red starts and blue ends, For duplicant interaction the current settings are fine, but in an enclosed production plant you end up with everything being red/blue and that's that.
  • Material overlay seems to obey the hue change rules of biomes. I am quite sure when folks are trying to look at where there might be some stray non-igneus tiles and ladders they would like to see a set of plain colors throughout the base, regardless of how many biomes intersect right in the middle.
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  1. Make gas grass pip plantable. (that sounds weird)
  2. Ethanol gas usable in gas range.
  3. Moos reproduce.
  4. Digging no longer deletes mass. This will enable a multitude of conversion paths: coal>refined carbon, clay> ceramic, fertilizer> dirt, etc.
  5. Guaranteed Glimmering Planet spawn.
  6. Tepidizer/Heater works to overheat temperature.
  7. Floral scented oxygen gives benefits and is preserved by atmosuit equipment.
  8. Hot supercoolant (300-2500 range with high very high SHC).
  9. Flying critters wrangleable without a tricked drop-off.
  10. Probably, just let us build natural tiles or replacement.
  11. Change Ice Machine heat deletion from 20% to 50%. OR anything usable in Ice Machine.
  12. Much higher slickster output.
  13. Longhair Slicksters pee water.
  14. Mafic rock conversion path (crusher, hatch).
  15. Gas range requires tier 2 cooking.
  16. Aluminum and copper ores don't require discovery.
  17. Sporechilds available from Oily Asteroid.
  18. Sporechilds thrive in Natural Gas.
  19. Buddy Buds available from some some asteroid.
  20. Option to not disable mods on crash.
  21. Space travel works off of constant acceleration rather than constant velocity. (Duration goes up with square root of distance)
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Idea for doctoring skill. Give us a building that buffs dupes +2 all skills. Make it function kind of like a stable. The doctor goes to the buff building and triggers the building. Then another dupe gets a top priority errand to visit. Doctor does doctoring things then the buff is applied. The buff duration would be based on the doctor's skill similar to grooming. Make it last 2 cycles at max skill.

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I'm gonna be boring here, but disease system.

I like grand majority of all the suggestions, only not to let longhair slicksters pee water. It will just make a mess in the base, they're pets meant more to run around and give decor and fluffy feelings than poop anything out.

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3 hours ago, nakomaru said:
  1. Digging no longer deletes mass. This will enable a multitude of conversion paths: coal>refined carbon, clay> ceramic, fertilizer> dirt, etc.
  2. Probably, just let us build natural tiles or replacement.

These two are my dream.

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Just now, chemie said:

what disease system?

Any. The current iteration feels so pointless and uncontrollable. I've ranted about it before in more detail. Just saying I still think it's awfully lackluster and pointless atm.

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- long loading times the further you get
- performance issues the further you get

- slanted gas pressure
- better dupe ai

- make default None setting on filters just to Disabled
- tweak pips natural planting
- lack of use of certain things/skills, such as attack stat, ore scrubber and so forth

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When the nuclear energy stuff gets put in (if ever), it'd be a wonderful opportunity to include genetic mutations.  Say you have a bristle blossom just chillin' next to a reactor.  Well with the new Radiation Exposure overlay, you can see the plant slowly accumulating rads.  Rads are really difficult to remove, so that plant/seed is going to be irradiated for a long time.  Because it's been exposed to radiation, once every few ticks (to save on performance do a "mutation check" every 10-20 seconds rather than every tick).  The rads remain, but now this particular plant has gained a mutation, a combination of good and bad traits.  This mutation is now permanent for that plant and its seed, and the mutation will spread on through new seeds created from that plant.  Not sure if this is CPU feasible or not, just a dream.  Ideally the plant would visually change too, but that might be a lot of work.

Here's a few mutation ideas:

Accelerated Life - This plant now matures very quickly, -40% to growth time, but if unharvested the fruit rots completely within a cycle, wasting your harvest.

Bountiful, Sometimes - Plant now produces double the product, but is now extremely sensitive to its climate (temp range is only 1-2 C wide).

Omnirrigated - Plant can now be irrigated with any liquid it is fed, but takes longer to grow

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Some asteroids have a couple quirks that contradict their theme: Thanks to the available biomes Aridio has way too much water to be truely arid. Rime has a couple areas (POIs, Tide Pool biomes) that do not fit the theme of a frozen world devoid of flora & fauna as they spawn with plants and at too high (= normal) temperatures.

Shifting the randomness of space destinations from availability to order and count (>=1) would go a long way.

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4 hours ago, nakomaru said:

@EllileaDid you notice they updated the disease system recently to infect based on exposure intensity?

Yes, I still don't like it. I don't know how many germs will be a problem, I don't know whose exposed to how much without going dupe by dupe and checking the numbers that also don't really tell me all that much \( '-' )/

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Re-add the option for auto prioritization when I assign my dupes skill points so that I don't have to keep manually toggling their priorities for their professions. Also, I think that right now it is too easy to accumulate morale and skills don't increase morale requirements enough. 

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