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  1. Rust germ

    Cleansing via disinfecting is too easy. A maintenance oil produced at a workbench would put it on par with other diseases. Otherwise, I like the idea.
  2. Base porn (again)

    Sorry I'm late on this (again). Here's the temperature overlay. Note that I abandoned a liquid cooling system before calling it quits on the base, so climate control is rather crude. Gas overlay. Decor overlay. Rooms overlay.
  3. The rug jobs board really tied the room together.
  4. We need priority settings on all generators for reasons explained above.
  5. While we're on the subject of lights, my rec room needs a disco ball. I'd also like to see the lava lamp and salt lamp found in the game's files put to use.
  6. I think the devs wanted to go with a carrot in Engie's Tune-Up rather than a stick like what's being proposed here. Granted, that only applies to power generators.
  7. Base porn (again)

    Certainly. Liquid Pipes Gas Pipes I prefer my dupes to do most of the labor themselves, so there isn't anything worth looking at on the conveyor overlay. If there's anything else you want to see, let me know.
  8. I haven't had a dupe infected with zombie spores, but isn't treatment for that also an instant-cure?
  9. I have a dream in which the neural pathways in my dupes' zombie spore-addled brains misfire and they wander off to some remote tunnel, die, and a new sporechid sprouts from their head. I have other dreams in which my dupes are frolicking through fields of sporechids, and a cycle later they've gone full zombie mode and are attacking and infecting healthy dupes. Though these dreams may sound macabre, deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you too are wishing this game's ultimate disease actually felt like an ultimate disease and not the minor inconvenience it is its current iteration.
  10. I haven't seen heat stroke in so long that I've convinced myself it was removed from the game.
  11. The rooms overlay says Hospitals quarantine sick dupes, reducing the likelihood of them spreading germs throughout your colony. No such thing happens. Sick dupes are either treated and cured immediately or they continue to work while sick. While I'd personally love it if sicknesses took a while to overcome even after treatment, as things are right now, this description is misleading.
  12. Increased bathroom usage (food poisoning), Athletics penalty and coughing (slimelung), and a hefty penalty to most skills (zombie spores). The symptoms are varied, but on a meta level they all cause a decrease in productivity. I liked it better the old way, but I understand why they made the changes they made. To the uninitiated, an outbreak of food poisoning could lead to a downward spiral resulting in a dead colony. I do wish they'd add an option to toggle severe disease symptoms for those of us who want a bit more out of the system. Because no colony survival game is complete with a doctor. There's still room in future updates and DLC for the healthcare/disease system to be fleshed out. None that I'm aware of. The game just released a week ago, though; I imagine the community would need some time for a mod as complex as that.
  13. This is purely speculation on my part, but I suspect they were originally intended to be sources of a fairly devastating end-game diseases. Alas, when diseases were reworked (read: neutered), symptoms like vomiting (food poisoning), death (slimelung), and zombification (zombie spores) were replaced with the inconveniences we have now. And because it's both fun and a harbinger of what might have been, here's one last look at the animation unearthed by @watermelen671.
  14. You can place it behind glass for some great decor.