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  1. I don't think it's mechanically possible for dupes to inhale hydrogen. I really wish they'd revisit the old agriculture system. Better yields for hitting more of the plant's sweet spots for temperature, irrigation, etc, really incentivized players to engineer effective climate control measures. The only problem is the plants didn't reproduce, meaning new/uninitiated players might run out of a way to feed their dupes before they got a handle on things. But now that plants don't die upon harvest, that's no longer a issue.
  2. That would be a more engaging way of obtaining artifacts than them just falling out of rocket cargo bays.
  3. Ranching has been the go-to for min-maxers for a while now, so hopefully this swings the pendulum in the other direction a bit since farming skills boost the likelihood of seed drops and farming stations increasing the rate of harvests.
  4. Because 4 is more efficient than 3. But at some point you're going to start to see diminishing returns on adding an extra dupe, and that point is well before you hit the 100 dupe mark.
  5. @watermelen671 has been datamining animations and unused assets for us to enjoy for years, and you'd do much to save face by apologizing.
  6. When diseases were first introduced, dupes infected with slimelung died after a few days unless they got treatment and rested. The hospital had an actual purpose since the dupe would be bedridden for days at a time, and even if they survived (which was likely), you still felt their absence as the rest of your colony had to pick up the slack. It was so much better than what we have now, in my humble opinion.
  7. The micromanagement could be solved via patrols. A Patrol or Security Overlay could allow you to paint different areas of the map and assign dupes to patrol them. Tie in a task in the priority menu, and you've got the option to have dupes patrol when they've got nothing better to do or roll with dedicated security teams. As to killing them threats off to be done with them, you'd have to give a reason to keep them around. If aggressive creatures produce a valuable resource, then players have a choice between eradicating them or taking their lumps in exchange for whatever it is they produce. True. There could be stress modifiers for being in the dark. Mental health matters too.
  8. Are world traits still a thing? If so, are there any new ones?
  9. That's a bit rough. Perhaps they should use cloth instead? Reed fibers are renewable, and of limited use at the moment. They could even be made at the Textile Loom if they want a more robust production chain for masks.
  10. Frost Burgers require sleet wheat, lettuce, and meat IIRC. But I do agree with you. Barbecue should require meat and peppers, Cooked Fish should be changed to Sushi and require pacu filets and lettuce. As they are, they're just a bit too good for what goes into them, imho. PS - I'd also like to see a high end meal using eggs.
  11. That's what I was thinking. You get faster space missions and your dedicated researches don't spend the rest of their existence running on manual generators for lack of anything interesting to do. Two birds, one stone.
  12. Does the game really benefit from having a negative trait that prevents a dupe from, say, doctoring and another diminishes their ability to doctor?
  13. Wouldn't sharing power trivialize the challenges of establishing new colonies? Automatic signals between worlds via radio signals seems fair, though.