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  1. Thematically? It could work (if you squint). Say a second expansion introduces the idea of there being multiple Printing Pods, each with their own conscientiousness, scattered across the solar system. The realization that our dupes aren't alone could open the door to diplomacy and trade and, if one of the Pods has gone haywire, raids as well. Mechanically? I suspect that it would involve defense turrets (reducing the game to a de facto tower defense) or lots of microcmanaging (as you pointed out), neither of which sound compelling. I suppose they could add patrol routes, defensive positions, etc, but I'm not sure the juice would be worth the squeeze.
  2. Not fix, fix and expand. I want the current diseases to matter. I also want more diseases with new symptoms, new vectors, and new cures. If they tackle both at once the end result probably be more cohesive and more integrated than if they tackle them piecemeal.
  3. I've been very vocal about a germ system rework, but at this point I think I'd rather them hold off and make it one of selling points of a second expansion. Doing so would allow them to really focus on finding the sweet spot between their vision for the germ system, what new players can tolerate from it, and what veteran players want out of it.
  4. I'm not sure I entirely agree with you here. ONI is a problem solving game disguised as a base building game. The form the problems take can be similar to colony survival games like Rimworld (stress management, food production, etc) or engineering games like Factorio (production chain optimization, automation, etc). Hostile threats could be just another form of problem solving. I'm not saying I want the game to evolve into a tower defense game, but imagine if hostile critters were present in certain biomes. Now we have to solve for a new type of problem. Suddenly we have to consider twice if we want to accept a Pacifist dupe. If we do accept them, do we keep them in the base? If they leave the base, do we need to escort them with someone who can fight off threats? I think an expansion leaning into combat could add a fun new dimension to the game. The developers would need to be careful to ensure that any hypothetical hostile threats added to the game meshed well with the games lore and tone, but I have faith that they could do so seamlessly.
  5. Players can already minimize their dupes calorie consumption via settings, so I don't see why they need to also make their food last forever too. If someone is looking for a path with that little resistance, then they can just play in sandbox mode and paint in whatever food their dupes need.
  6. I was referring to the announcement, not the implementation. Sorry if it was worded ambiguously.
  7. Everyone will be able to deconstruct POIs, per today's update.
  8. Abe is a trainee and Harold is his trainer. Thus far, Harold isn't impressed with the what he's seeing from Abe.
  9. I'm still hoping for radbolt conduits and bridges, but barring that, this would be helpful.
  10. As long as the required resources are within range of carbon dioxide-propelled rockets, I think it would be okay. They'd probably need to make some deconstructable POIs out of steel to get us up and running, but everything else should be manageable until space exploration begins in earnest, right?
  11. I can't be the only one who wonders what the overlap between the Venn diagram circles of those who think refrigerators (and incubators) require too much power and those who think the game needs more power sinks is.
  12. If they're going to satisfy both camps - those who want meteors and those who don't - perhaps the way to do it is to make them a world trait (if world traits are still going to be a thing in Spaced Out).