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  1. Thematically, running arbor tree lumber through a wood chipper or the rock crusher to get resin seems sensible enough. Mechanically, I imagine it would throw balance out of whack since we'd be getting access to an end-game material fairly easily. What say ye?
  2. While you guys are exploring space or waiting to split the atom, I'm looking forward to the possibility of genetically altering dupes, critters, and plants. Any guesses as to what this thing might do? Credit:@watermelen671 for the datamining the animation.
  3. If you've built a stable, climate controlled nosh bean farm then I'd say you've earned your cooked fish.
  4. It sounds like frustration over dupes chatting in an open airlock while gasses pass into unwanted areas.
  5. That's probably the easiest way to handle it, but hiding it behind an overlay cleans up screen clutter.
  6. That argument goes both ways, you know. "If they simplify the game by removing durability, they might remove the need to manage heat next. Or they might remove the need to feed our dupes after that. Who knows...if we support the removal of durability, we may one day end up with a game that doesn't even require dupes at all because 'dupes are inconvenient and caring for them slows the game down.'" Power plants require fuel and generate heat, and some produce waste byproducts that most be disposed of. Aquatuners require power and generate lots of heat. Farm tiles require crops that need to be fertilized, irrigated, and climate controlled. Atmosuits require a one-time investment of reed fiber, some metal, and a steady supply of oxygen, and in return they trivialize every environmental hazard in the game.
  7. It would be convenient if we had an overlay that allowed us to post notes to ourselves and lay down blueprints (build orders that go unfilled until manually given a priority). I don't know how difficult this would be from a programming perspective, but I'd consider it a huge QOL addition to the game.
  8. Once upon a time, Bobby Kotick told the executives at Blizzard that they'd still be running the show after being bought out by Activision. Fast forward a bit and we get a real money auction house in Diablo 3. Fast forward a bit more and we get nearly hundreds of Blizzard employees getting laid off in a year in which Activision/Blizzard recorded record profits. Too often these things begin with the promise of honey and end with a helping of vinegar.
  9. Here's the thing. You aren't the sole arbiter of what is and isn't fun. You can scream that this isn't fun all day long, but there might be someone else whose opinion carries just as much weight as yours who disagrees. As to your "precedent of anti-QoL" design, why is this the line you're drawing when we already pay material costs in to fertilize and irrigate crops, dupe labor to groom critters, material cost and dupe labor to tune generators, etc.? Why are those things okay, but a few reed fibers and a bit of dupe time to patch up a suit that grants invulnerability to environmental hazards too much to ask? They don't want to disincentivize its use, they want to balance it. They're fine with us using it. They want us to use it. They just want us to pay a fair price for doing so. But I'm the one being hyperbolic, right? I'm not sure I follow your logic. You say atmo suits are the only way to manage popped eardrums, soggy feet, and sopping wet, but gas pumps, liquid pumps, and mopping are all more than capable of alleviating those problems. There aren't such readily available remedies for setting up infrastructure in a scalding oil biome without the atmo suit.
  10. Once upon a time, deodorizers and carbon skimmers could be built on ceilings.
  11. For the cost of 300k of refined metal, 2 reed fibers, and a steady supply of oxygen, atmo suits trivialize extreme heat, extreme cold, vacuum, airborne germs, unbreathable atmospheres, and working underwater. And it's your opinion that that's perfectly balanced gameplay? That any ongoing upkeep, such as repair materials or dupe labor, breaks the game?