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  1. I'll be interested to see if asteroids are single biomes or a patchwork of many. I'm hoping for the former as that will make the decision on where to allocate resources an important one. Do I send my first rocket to the slime asteroid to procure dusk caps and pacu eggs for food production? Or do I send it to the caustic asteroid to wrangle up some dreckos for reed fiber and plastic production?
  2. I stopped by for my bimonthly check in on the game and saw this beauty of a post. Needless to say, my joy response has been activated.
  3. I will never not +1 a call for shockworms (and other aggressive critters).
  4. You're not wrong, but given how ubiquitous steam turbines already are, I think I'd rather see a dedicated nuclear reactor produce power (in addition to heat, radiation, and radioactive waste).
  5. Since we've run out of things to data mine I propose we go Ocean's 11 at Klei headquarters and do some next-level data mining. I can be the getaway driver. Is anyone here flexible enough to be the contortionist?
  6. We have ourselves a murder mystery to unravel. Meep, donning his deerstalker, will be along to question potential suspects all shortly.
  7. You're not thinking outside the box. A rec room doesn't have to be a flat morale boost. It could, for example, double the duration of the various morale bonuses, meaning your dupes would get the same mileage from half the uses.
  8. I just want to point out that this is a great opportunity to add a higher-tiered rec room (perhaps a spa?).
  9. Maybe some of these are intended to used in conjunction with designated "Vacation" schedules for dupes who are particularly stressed?