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  1. If I’m not mistaken, the tidy priority is set by the sweep errand’s priority and the storage compactor priority then determines where the swept materials get stored. So a sweep at 5 will store debris in a compactor at 3 even if there’s a generator at 4 available.
  2. As you implied, it's okay for some stuff to exist because it's fun, or funny, or adds to the game's distinctive charm. Not everything has to be tuned with min-maxers in mind.
  3. Assuming multiplayer is off the table, I think combat, diplomacy, combustion, chemistry, robotics, and time travel are the game-changing mechanics they could tap into. Some of these fit into ONI's design better than others. Diseases need an overhaul, but I'm not sure there's enough there to warrant an expansion. They could have (and I'll argue should have) saved radiation for a standalone expansion rather than packing it into Spaced Out. Addendum: If diseases rework Zombie Spores to actually turn dupes into zombies, then I could see a medical expansion with elements of combat/defense being sufficient enough to warrant its own expansion. Whether or not the community would welcome such an expansion is another matter.
  4. That's the way it works in the live version of the game, but based on what's been posted the past few days, it sounds like it isn't the case for the new critter morphs in the test branch.
  5. I have two points of feedback. Have all critters use the standard 98/2 % or 96/2/2 % chance to lay morph eggs regardless of dietary or environmental conditions. This gives starts without native arbor trees or ethanol a chance to get oakshells (and thus lumber) pre-space flight. Give dupes a modest buff lasting ~0.75 cycles after being hugged by a cuddle pip.
  6. Better yet, let them and cuddle pips snuggle up with dupes when they go to bed if they’re in a barracks or bed room.
  7. I'll happily make curried beans if it means ditching the microbe musher and pitcher pump.
  8. Quinn's bowl cut has me pining for a new hair styling station.
  9. There are some recreation buildings with nice boosts that last for several cycles, and there are some with modest boosts that last a cycle of less. If we could set priorities for recreation buildings, we could ensure our dupes use the more efficient ones (like jukebots) first before using the less efficient ones (like phones).
  10. Dupes will spend 6 blocks of time on the chair. If you schedule this time at the end of a cycle, they're going to lose sleep and crash due to exhaustion the following day. Scheduling downtime for earlier in the day will alleviate this, but it may lead to some inefficiencies in your workforce.
  11. That was my intent, but I guess I didn't articulate it well enough. My idea is the base ingredient would be a favorite and any food using that ingredient would count. So in the example of bristle berries, a dupe would get the bonus when eating raw bristle berries, gristle berries, stuffed berries, berry sludge, and mixed berry pie.