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  1. I could not figure out how the loader thing worked (turns out you have to build on the right hand side of the platform (which is where I happened to have a ladder). Saw 600 kg and figured, I have a better way....20 t of gold and 20t of aluminum, and three live dreckos came back with a single rocket return flight.
  2. The cargo bay is useless. Put all your cargo in the nosecone instead. You can load 20t in a compactor. In fact, you can empty/fill and leave multiple 20t on the floor for infinite but micromanaged transport.
  3. 100:1 ratio in crusher is what makes it useless. 1:1 would be better but honestly the whole morale/skill system is pretty meaningless. Easy to be +50 with only ~20 needed
  4. If you add a new dock and request a suit to be delivered, dupes will grab a suit from an existing, equipped docked. This results in musical chairs as they keep grabbing from an equipped dock.
  5. Solar power is tricky to balance. In base game, they put them behind a big late game wall, needing steel and a lot of infrastructure to manage meteors. However, since you already have H2, methane, and petroleum set-up, there was no real point to building out solar. Petroleum is just as easy and free. Now, they made solar early game and it is easy to see that it is the only power source you will ever need. Even if they removed the free glass, I would rush glass to get some early solar (just 400 kg gets you two panels which gets you on your way to free power just the same. Your proposal makes managing rockets very hard so I do not think that makes sense, and would not stop anyone from building out 4 or 5 early panels before getting exosuits. In my current game, I have to vent H2 and methane since solar is meeting all my needs so I agree it is broken, but I do not see an easy fix between OP and useless. Perhaps multi-cycle stretches of low brightness?
  6. I would rather build a second printer on that world and choose versus rolling the dice and having to kill a really bad negative trait dupe.
  7. If they did not do this, the water would freeze if the brine/salt water was below that would be bad
  8. carbon skimmers were broken the last update....they just stop working, often when you switch worlds but even sometimes right after you build it
  9. When you add too many things to the resource display, you lose the ability to click on the "remove new" and the "see all: buttons
  10. I had something similar but only on the 2nd world. Skimmer ran fine on original world. Deconstructing and rebuilding it would start up again but only run a few ticks. I had same issue with a deoxidizer too (but on starting world). The skimmer I completely rebuilt the entire skimmer/sieve loop somewhere but it is still not running. It stops running as soon as I switch view to another world. Edit: It does it on all worlds.....switching back and forth breaks the skimmer The Lunar Home.sav
  11. The build menu remembers the last material you selected for each building. This needs to be remembered for each world uniquely. That way, you can build with copper on one world and aluminum on the other. Going back and forth on 3 worlds is hard enough but having to always select the right building material for each world is a big pain.
  12. Wild slugs (no feeding) give a paltry 40 w. Yes, 1 ton in 14 cycles is a very large amount.
  13. No materials; they will not leave if you select "crew" apparently
  14. How do you get dupes to build in there? I have put the build commands but it says unreachable....and if I assign crew, they go into the capsule but just stand there until they suffocate? Its weird because it did it my first game but not this time so I assume I did something I can;t remember last time.
  15. If you want to compost food, you must have a compost heap. However, this will also consume polluted dirt, even if you wanted to use the sludge press. You need to be able to have a drop down selection on what the compost pile will consume.
  16. Turning on/off diagnostics settings are not preserved after reload
  17. Also turning sulfur into food or sugar...also not renewable
  18. I think there are two gens. One has 1 slush and one cool salty. The other has none. Basically, they are not running any random geysers right now
  19. But why would you store them under water? Once dropped, they are never used again.
  20. I know, for power but it will be end-game, and in games like this can be an issue that by the time you get to end game content, you do not need it. But I think the issue is more fundamental to the design intent of the "Spaced Out" design. That is distributed bases. You will have 3-4 smaller bases, each with a relatively low number of dupes and likely doing some specific tasks unique to that base. This will mean they will be fine with solar for power. Even your main base will have lower power needs. I think the primary reason is each map is now so small. Your main base is less than half the size, and will have much less "to do" since that work is being done on smaller remote bases. So why do I need more power? DL/DR: small maps + smaller dupe counts per base + solar = no need to nuclear power. Distributed labor/power does not need massive centralized power generation.
  21. Yup. I got to 200 cycles but no algae and no polluted dirt left. I was not able to build a rocket as it was not in the menu despite being researched. End of game. Not having exosuits meant I could not get to the oil reservoirs but I did not have water for them anyway
  22. All rocket research complete but only three rocket related items in the rocket menu