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  1. Maximum attribute level

    A dupe with digging as only interest starts out with a skill level 7 / 20 in excavation, the interest is not counted as a bonus separately from the skill level. Only duplicant traits (e.g. Mole Hands) and bonusses - temporary (atmo suit) as well as permanent (skills; e.g. Hard Digging) - are treated separately and adjust the cap accordingly.
  2. Delivering the table salt via Auto Sweepers to selected tables would be another option. Table Salt has a rather bad labour / morale ratio and ranges from difficult to impossible to sustain based on available geysers and colony size. This sounds rather similar to other things you'd want to either heavily automate, transition away from sooner rather than later or avoid using in the first place.
  3. Depends. If it is meant as a temporary and minor source of additional morale, then it is filling its role nicely. If it is meant to be something that's sustainable, then the numbers need adjustment.
  4. All the Forest maps have 1 hatch buried close to the printing pod, always in the same position.
  5. Early Game the raw stats provided by single interest duplicants are certainly far superior, especially for the most common early game tasks: Digging & Research. Additionally Ranching only gains additional attribute points from using the incubator. If you're planing on ranching more than just a handfull of critters, you certainly want your Ranchers to start out with +7 Husbandry. Long term the interests matter even less. Unless you're trying to create jack-of-all-trades duplicants (that can do everything, but nothing well), you're better off looking for a high learning stat and solid traits rather than multiple interests. Especially if they never leave the Command Capsule, but even if they do they only need 21 points of morale. That's provided as a baseline via break times and the room bonuses (6 Nature Reserve, 6 Great Hall, +3 Showered, 2 Washroom, +1 Barracks, +2 Three Shift Break, +1 Duplicant). Between food, decor, an extended break and recreational activities there are another ~39 points of morale to grab. Nope, that's not how the starting attributes work. The starting attributes count towards their normal skill level, which is capped at 20. They only get a head start in that attribute. The bonus from positive traits (e.g. Grease Monkey → +2 Machinery), the bonus from learning the corresponding Skill(s) (e.g. Improved Tinkering → +2 Machinery) and the daytime based bonus from Early Bird / Night Owl allow them to exceed that cap. (The +10 Excavation bonus from wearing an Atmo Suit also doesn't count against the skill cap)
  6. It is a really bad habit to have a low wattage wire on the producer side of a transformer (or a set of transformers), if the consumer side will exceed the limit of that type of wire. On the other hand, the ability to charge a battery(-bank) while a conductive wire is under full load with just a single large transformer is pretty useful. The obvious fix is on the user end: use a wire that can handle the power draw of the consumer side.
  7. Oxyferns

    Close to the surface, with huge quantities of water? That's likely from the Subsurface Ocean trait and then it is in the excess of 3000t of saltwater. By default it does have tide pool biomes scattered around, but those are usually rather low on liquid.
  8. Gate charity

    The problem I do have with the option presented at world creation is that it is binary. Especially in the context that some critters & plants only have a chance to be available via space and may not be available at all, if the required locations are missing and you turn the care packages off. I'd really like too see a overhaul of the the system, so that the care packages are actually things of minor benefit - nice to have things, you'd gladly take if the duplicants presented don't fit the bill. Instead of ranging from stuff you'll likely have too much of anyway over really powerful boosts, that become available very very early, to things you'd otherwise wouldn't have access to at all. Since we now have different asteroids, that provide different challenges, a single list of packages feels odd - a least with the currently underused discovery condition, applying that one more consistently would improve the system a lot. In the same vein the current set of cycle conditions are very, very low bars: 6, 12, 24 and 48 respectively. Especially the first two feel kind of pointless. Both of these cause the care packages to have a much higher impact on the early colony development than some of the other difficulty settings. Finally some packages seem strangely out of line, when compared to their counterparts: 8 Pacu vs all other critters, 100kg Aluminum Ore vs 2t Copper Ore (or Gold Amalgam), 150kg Lime vs. 100kg of Ethanol/Steel, Wort seeds as early as cycle 24 without a discovery condition. --- Oasisse has all of these, unlike Sleet Wheat, Nosh Beans & Salt Vines (no Rust biomes & no Ice biomes).
  9. [Game Update] - 357226

    Golden (meteor) showers! Puft: Comfort Range: 15°C to 55°C, Livable Range: -30°C to 105°C, Puft Prince: Comfort Range: -15°C to 65°C, Livable Range: -60°C to 115°C, Squaky Puft: Comfort Range: -15°C to 35°C, Livable Range: -60°C to 85°C Dense Puft: Comfort Range: 30°C to 65°C, Livable Range: -15°C to 115°C Solid change!
  10. At least as far as steam achievements are concerned, the following values are checked: DebugHandler.InstantBuildMode Game.Instance.SandboxModeActive Game.Instance.debugWasUsed (ColonyAchievementTracker.UnlockPlatformAchievement) I wasn't able to find anything that would disable these if mods are active. But if Harmony is as powerful as it sounds, that might have been futile anyways. (Then again save files can be shared and tools like duplicity exist.)
  11. The Badlands is the only asteroid for which I see a reasonably high chance to discover a seed with no water geyser/vent. No buried geyser providing a water source (more likely w/ Geodormant) and the only guaranteed water source (the Cool Steam Vent, in one of the Caustic biomes) overwritten by a POI:
  12. [Game Update] - 355817

    New Asteroid Order (Survival Chance): Terra (Ideal) Oceania (Probable) Rime (Likely) Verdante (Likely) Arboria (Moderate) Volcanea (Moderate) The Badlands (Marginal) Aridio (Slim) Oasisse (Slim)
  13. [Game Update] - 355817

    This makes my artist duplicants so very very sad. Especially with the plant specific rooms now working properly, it felt like a good move not have the decor plants also count towards the decor requirement for the Great Hall.
  14. Outside of not being able to produce super coolant on these two asteroids, the lack of gold amalgam is light years away from being game-breaking.
  15. After having played extensively on most maps a couple thoughts: In the current iteration I no longer consider the Forest Start harder or slower than the sandstone start. Better oxygen (and power) sources are found next door. The starting water is used almost exclusively for Advanced Research. Considering how much dirt & seeds are found in the average forest start, it is actually much safer to expand to a higher duplicant count early, since it is less likely to be starved for seeds. The lack of certain biomes only causes difficulties in the mid/late game, which is much less pressing. Outside of the Super Coolant problem that still persists, the missing materials (& features) merely limit the available options. A normal base should be stable by the time these limitations come up. This makes these limitations far less important, than the early game challenges imposed by Rime, Aridio, Oasisse and Volcanea. --- As a core concept Klei's ordering is actually fine: Baseline starting world (now w/o traits) Minor variations that only change which biomes are available Worlds that add a layer of difficulty where it matters (to the early game) From that perspective only Oceania seems displaced.