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  1. Only if the spores spread into (polluted) Oxygen from the natural gas.
  2. I'd be totally fine with that also requiring a duplicant interaction, tbh. Then again, as far as rails & pipes are concerned I can see at least one reason why the game would treat creating and severing a connection differently: severing a connection should drop the contents from the conduit, if it holds any. Requiring the segment to be deconstructed ensures that. Not to mention that creating and removing connections fill different roles: Pre-placed unconnected conduit segments are usually part of the planed build or setup in preparation for potential problems. Disconnecting conduit segments lends itself much more to being a tool that can prevent mistakes from turning into major inconveniences or worse. While being able to fix certain mistakes all on its own. It is a more reactive tool. Using both in combination is more powerful than just the sum of both used in isolation. This is one of these cases where the missing counterpart is actually what keeps things reasonably balanced. Adding the counterpart throws the balance out of the window.
  3. If it only turned disconnecting wires / pipes from a 2-step process (deconstruct → reconstruct) into a single step, while keeping everything else the same (incl. disconnect time = deconstruct time + construct time) I could see it in that category. Since it is instant, completely removes the duplicant interaction and doesn't drop liquids / gases from the pipe segments upon disconnecting, I'd put this mod deep into the "overboard" category. Amen.
  4. Pretty much, though depending on the location I'll probably still prefer Window Tiles (diamond) over Metal Tiles to let the decor bonus from adjacent rooms shine through. Not to mention that I personally have little use for the stress reduction buff, even in my max setting colonies.
  5. Decor: +20 (radius 4) Runspeed: -25%. Stress reduction - "Tickled Tootsies": -15%/cycle (15s duration) Thanks for that one. While watching them stall after every deconstruct was entertaining in its own way, I'm super glad that this seems to be gone (5 cycles in and plenty (de)constructs w/o problems).
  6. Sure. This time with Marie slowly deconstructing (automation) wires in the attached save. Aridio - Extended Deconstruct.sav
  7. Anyone else encountering something like this: https://streamable.com/p9l79 in the latest build? Camille finishes deconstructing a usually quick deconstruct (here just a tile), but continues the deconstruct animation on the tile for about 5s (on fast speed) - seemingly until the animation has "finished". I've seen duplicants get stuck on "infinite" dig errands, encountered strange stutter in late game bases (taking some time between errands), but this "extended deconstruction" seems new. I have trouble recreating this my newly created preview base, but it starts to happen somewhat frequently to my LU-base duplicants after about a cycle.
  8. Golden (meteor) showers! Puft: Comfort Range: 15°C to 55°C, Livable Range: -30°C to 105°C, Puft Prince: Comfort Range: -15°C to 65°C, Livable Range: -60°C to 115°C, Squaky Puft: Comfort Range: -15°C to 35°C, Livable Range: -60°C to 85°C Dense Puft: Comfort Range: 30°C to 65°C, Livable Range: -15°C to 115°C Solid change!
  9. New Asteroid Order (Survival Chance): Terra (Ideal) Oceania (Probable) Rime (Likely) Verdante (Likely) Arboria (Moderate) Volcanea (Moderate) The Badlands (Marginal) Aridio (Slim) Oasisse (Slim)
  10. This makes my artist duplicants so very very sad. Especially with the plant specific rooms now working properly, it felt like a good move not have the decor plants also count towards the decor requirement for the Great Hall.
  11. Outside of not being able to produce super coolant on these two asteroids, the lack of gold amalgam is light years away from being game-breaking.
  12. Boiling Brine was changed from 80% Steam + 20% Salt to 70% Steam + 30% Salt. Boiling Salt Water was changed from 98% Steam + 2% Salt to 93% Steam + 7% Salt. Both match the Desalinator now.
  13. Either that or tending to other projects while the rockets do their thing.
  14. Just wait until they come up with a new name tomorrow.
  15. One down. Which "quirky mechanic" will be next?