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  1. Its about as powerful as coal which is plentiful in the copper biome. Need to dig to a neighbor biome and its harder to deal with liquid but get some water for the extra effort. I'd say fair trade.
  2. Between ethanol and pips (when they get fixed to start pooping) Sage Hatches are looking very nice. Will probably end up having two full ranches of them. Now that we don't need peppers for BBQ meat is going to be top notch kcal production.
  3. Wheat vs Beans

    Actually ethanol has a relatively low SHC so its rather easy to cool. An aquatuner can do it easy as long as you can swing the power.
  4. Wheat vs Beans

    7.2 wild trees or 1.8 domesticated trees (after the patch on the day of this post) can run an ethanol distiller full time. This will produce enough ethanol to feed 15 bean plants. Ethanol freezes well below the bean plant's happy temp range so overall things are looking potentially pretty good for the beans now. I'll update the OP.
  5. So 7.2 wild trees can produce enough ethanol to feed 15 bean plants. Admittedly there is a good bit of dupe labor and and power spent to get the ethanol made and down to the proper temp but if your power is sustainable, which can be done with more wild trees, that makes things very interesting.
  6. Food Rebalance Summary

    Ethanol distillers require more wood, the trees require more water and the trees produce less wood. Wild trees are much less effective but I suspect we can make it work. With enough prep spicy tofu can be made with only the resource expenditures of cooling the ethanol and the peppers.
  7. Food Rebalance Summary

    Yah you are right. Its 800 kcal and +4 quality gained from 1/4 of a pepper harvest. Peppers have always been about the morale increase though.Tofu only gains 400 from the pepper and lets not forget the coffee machine.
  8. I'm glad I got in the habit of setting bathroom time to after they wake up. Since bathroom breaks function as normal work time when they aren't using the toilet and they rarely needed the full block of time it added a decent amount of dupe productive time. Now a light will get a bit more time out of them. This is probably the easiest time gain from light with the improved buff.
  9. Food Rebalance Summary

    Its spending peppers to turn 1600 kcal -1 quality food into 4000 kcal quality 3 food. That is a non-trivial bump.
  10. Food Rebalance Summary

    And my calculation is based on 8000 kcal from making two spicy tofu from a harvest. Still double water cost. The tofu buff simply improved the pre-oven numbers. Still double water cost compared to wheat.
  11. So what happened with the food rebalance in the latest patch note (7/16)? 1: The bean to wheat comparison is unchanged. Both plants output at the same rates for the same cost as before the patch. So beans still cost twice as much water for the same amount of kcal. 2: While new foods were added old ones maintained their kcal numbers. So your can still feed your dupes on the same set up in your current save. Unless you were relying on Pacus. They got a big change. 3: Quality numbers were changed. BBQ is now quality 3 for instance. Everything quality 4 or higher requires the oven. Below that the grill or musher are used. There is also a new burger recipe that is quality 6, uses BBQ, Frost Bun and Lettuce. Has 6000 kcal. 4: Pacu meat type has been changed again. You now can grill pacu meat directly. One pacu gives enough meat on death for one 1600 kcal grilled pacu. You can also combine the grilled pacu meat and BBQ into a quality 4 surf and turf meal in the oven. It gains 400 kcal in the combination. Overall I like the changes but the bean balance is still so horribly bad that nobody who knows the numbers will be willing to rely on them at all.
  12. You say that like farming dreckos is hard or something. I decided on making dreckos my primary source of fiber a long long time ago after doing a basic cost benefit analysis. Reeds: Cost a lot of water. Only output is fiber though it is reliably quick at producing fiber. Dreckos: Slower fiber production. No resource upkeep cost after the initial set up but there is some dupe labor cost. Initial set up is a little bit challenging but not terrible. Produces phosphorite and eggs/meat in addition to fiber. Phosphorite and food output justifies labor cost by my calculation.
  13. I did not make the tool I linked. I am simply reposting what someone else linked on this forum in another thread.
  14. Wrong. You can attach that number to any asteroid type and it will maintain the traits. Step 1: Select asteroid type. Step 2: bring up the custom window. Step 3: input seed number. Step 4: start game.