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  1. Its because they can put it inside the vertical doors. Since the block of material has nowhere to go it ends up on top. The solution is get rid of the vertical doors and make your entrance only from above or below through a horizontal door.
  2. Arbor tree yield?

    Its 7 wild trees per distiller with a bit left over.
  3. The priority curse

    You got some bad advice. Do not raise dupes priority on a specific job category unless you want that dupe to prioritize that job over everything else. Including when something else critically needs to be done now. I do use it, but only when I know there are plenty of other dupes who can do other jobs. Also feel free to disable dupes from doing jobs that are never critical or that you have dupes who hard specialize and you don't want to waste labor time. For a couple examples, only my scientists can do research. I don't forbid (the X) non-farmers from farming but they do get down arrows on it. Use number alterations all the time. If you want a dig/build job done first set it to 6 and voila. They prioritize it. Note that the numbers are not varying levels of severity. They are just order of precedence. So if everything is at 5 (default) when you set something to 6, it is no different from setting it to 9. Priority 9 is something I save for things that must be done above all else. Like my slime container gets 9. Varying levels of priority is a good way to set up if/then situations. I use it a lot with ranching. My main ranches have their drops set to 7. My tree farms that I keep a single pip in so it harvests acorns gets 6. My kill room gets 5. This way every egg that hatches gets automatically sorted to where its needed or killed if its not. Also don't be absolutely picky about dupe skills. You'll get enough morale boosts eventually they will be able to learn every skill you would need them to plus a bit more. Feel free to veto certain flaws though. The primary measure of if you should take a dupe or not is if you have the infrastructure to support another dupe. Do you make enough food? Can you deal with the increased water/O2 consumption? Do you have a bed and enough toilets? The simple fact is as long as you can swing the resource cost more dupes, even completely unskilled dupes, make everything go faster.
  4. Salt Water purpose

    I thought it was just a "needs to be refined" water type that gave salt as a byproduct. Its good to hear it works in an oil well though. The geysers pour out at 90c so that seems to be the ideal use. Don't have to spend effort desalinating it. If you don't need/want the salt (table salt is nice) you get more effective water out of processing the oil.
  5. Its my understanding that overcrowding just stops their reproduction from building up. They keep their metabolism as long as you groom them.
  6. This is how I do it. The chute near the incubator is where all my eggs are dropped. The incubator is in use because I am increasing my glossy population, its not necessary. The tiny room to the right is set to take every critter type at lowest priority. The open door lets them out into the room with the pool of water where they get killed by the door trap. Critters hatch and become adults in the room with the chute. They get wrangled and either delivered to a Ranch if they are needed or go into the kill room if they aren't.
  7. Gassy moo bait?

    Aren't they easier now that we can wild plant gas grass?
  8. Puft slime production

    14 is definitely overcrowded but all that means is they don't lay eggs. Yes, grooming matters. They must be groomed to get the high tame metabolism which is the numbers on the DB site.
  9. Didn't they contract out the development of New Vegas?
  10. Mechatronics is hardly late game. My last game I had sweepers before I even had an oil well tapped. Though I did dig up a bunch of lead all that did was save me effort at the crusher.
  11. Fertilization can be done by a sweeper.
  12. Creating water

    Unless you are on one of the super hard planet types you should have loads of water around that you just need to pump in. My current base is over cycle 100 and I haven't even tapped a geyser yet with 9 dupes. I have capped off a salt water and cool steam for later though. The tide pool and slime biomes give you loads. Especially if you distill the slime instead of grow mushrooms. Remember that slimelung is only a problem if it gets into the air. Slimelung in clean water is harmless. Critters in general aren't a great way to get water. Geysers are the long term renewable solution but it takes a long long time to get there if you tap into the standing pools all over the map.
  13. It requires heavy engineering but if you use wild trees (easy) its a bit of free water and loads of dirt. Enough dirt to keep a bunch of coal generators through sage hatches going which is easy and produces meat. In exchange for a heavy set up and a good bit of space dedicated its a set up that exchanges a bunch of dupe labor for power, dirt and water.
  14. Those articles effectively say because they had lean years the ethanol production was closed down. That is effectively the opposite of saying someone suffered because corn was put into ethanol instead of feeding them.
  15. This is dipping into politics a bit but AJ is not a credible source for anything. That is also from their opinion section which means it doesn't even have to appear to draw its claims from fact.