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  1. The ones I know about send the youtuber an email posing as an advertiser. The reason its so effective is there are a lot of these kinds of advertisers trying to get even small youtubers to make a quick plug. So its not immediately obvious.
  2. It was changed to that in the same patch that made slimelung non-lethal if I am remembering correctly.
  3. When the poster knows the solution to their problem but makes a post anyways what is the appropriate response?
  4. Someone mentioned it but I'll give the full explanation of the OP's question. The 3 per glossy calculation is based on the way Dreckos are supposed to work. However currently the game is bugged in that critters that eat directly from a growing plant always get full hunger restored per bite. So, yes, the smaller amounts work just fine. However feeding Dreckos is far from an onerous task. So why risk a potential future patch making your base non-functional? Bugs tend to get fixed after all.
  5. Robo-miner Cooling

    Its fine that you didn't understand what he did to get around that in the video. However I am pretty sure he explains it clearly though its obvious right away how he did it.
  6. Robo-miner Cooling

    @Tonyroid 's build will likely work with glass. You might need to add more heat sinks to it tho. Another line of tempshift plates would cover it for sure.
  7. Help in Verdante?

    Oxyferns consume co2 and produce oxygen at the exact same ratio that dupes breathe. So not having enough co2 is a literal impossibility. In fact because they are air neutral you need wood burners. Everybody looks at wood burners and at first glance they are awful. They produce large amounts of co2 and don't produce much power. They exist to get your air pressure up when expanding in the early game before you have more oxygen producers going. Don't rely on it as a power source but make one and turn it on for short periods occasionally to increase your air pressure. Also something unique about Verdante. It has an ABSOLUTELY STAGGERING AMOUNT OF DIRT, NEEDS MORE EMPHASIS, THERE IS A LOT OF DIRT, OMG THE DIRT, ITS EVERYWHERE, STILL NOT EMPHASIZING ENOUGH THE INSANELY HIGH AMOUNT OF DIRT. However it has zero coal. It always has a single hatch though. Ranch that hatch, feed it dirt and get a stable of Sage Hatches ASAP. That stable will keep you in coal power comfortably forever. I am not kidding about the ABSOLUTELY INSANE AMOUNT OF DIRT available on Verdante.
  8. Help in Verdante?

    Something people don't realize right away about Verdante is that it isn't as warm as other maps. Even its slime biomes aren't as warm. So you don't need a cold biome to pump your stuff through as a temp solution. Set up an insulated barrier for an industrial area. Use a pair of water locks and vaccuum if you insist on a perfect seal. Viola problem solved. Yes, use oxyferns. No they are not useful wild. My last Verdante I was still using them long after I had set up other air sources. This is because their water to oxygen conversion is the absolute best. Its just slow. You will have to restrict yourself to 3 or 4 dupes until you get an electrolyzer up. You can pump the air from the electrolyzer directly into your base as you'll still be getting a lot of oxygen from the ferns. Just make sure all outlets are far away from your farm and the heat won't be a problem until you can set something else up.
  9. Sleet wheet farm help

    Sleet wheat's survival temp unfortunately is only 5c above water's freezing point. Its hard to get water to this temp range because aquatuners shift temps by 14c but you don't have to. There are some tricks you can do. Cool the water as much as you can and pipe it to the farm tiles with insulated pipes. The plants will pull the majority of their body temp from the planter and air around them. So you can cool those things towards the bottom of the wheat's favored temp and the water won't freeze in the pipe or put too much heat into the plants. Put a line of metal tiles under the planters and pipe a coolant through them that brings them down to your target temp. This will cool the planters down. Leave a single planter out, put a bit of liquid in it that won't freeze and put in a tempshift plate. This will cool the air.
  10. Dasha seeds on Rime

    Good list. I only consider 2 of those to be cheats tho they are very minor.
  11. Gassy moo bait?

    Aren't they easier now that we can wild plant gas grass?
  12. So I have a request. Can you give us a version of the upload mod that lets us choose the seeds to upload. I'd love to be able to put the seed I want to upload into the game settings then start game does the usual upload cycle and kicks me back to the main menu so I can select another seed to upload. I suspect the day after you give us this the number of geoactive uploads would spike.
  13. It would be nice if we could do a more focused upload. Like the ability to input a seed number and it uploads all versions of that seed. I suspect there are a lot of folks interested in getting the data on all the Geoactive + Rich Metals maps.