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  1. Sunny Disposition. Not because of the stress buff, but for that adorable animation set.
  2. The outsiders will never understand our Chill Pills and polluted oxygen farms, for we are WOKE
  3. Pet per dupe

    Interesting idea, to solve the extra pathing load i would just have the critters sit on the shoulders/backs of the duplicants and just chill.
  4. ONI has completely changed the way I think about heat and heat transference. Before ONI: "uhh pan hurt hand cause hot" After ONI: "the metal heats quickly due to its conductivity and thus it would rapidly transfer that heat into my body, so I need to use a poor heat conductor to block the transfer" I no joke tried to cool off my soup faster by placing my hand on the side of the bowl until it got too hot to continue touching, and then I placed my hand on the cool desk. Rinse and repeat. I don't think it helped lol.
  5. You know I like this idea. Give CO2 a use outside of just carbon skimming. A special machine that pumps it into clean water/something and gives a morale boosting soda.
  6. Wheat vs Beans

    This is one of the coolest changes to agriculture in a while. People were passing around ethanol irrigation as a joke but Klei actually did it. So in contrast to just being polluted sleet wheats, now nosh beans are actually much more liquid efficient than wheat, but now they require a lot of extra steps to get there. Also cooling fresh ethanol down to nosh bean levels is going to be a pain. Much more work involved with the process than in sleet wheat but in return you're gifted a greater efficiency on liquid. I really like this change.
  7. [Game Update] - 353289

    No, it's only a +3. Meat isn't hard to get your hands on in the short term, but sustaining off of meat is much harder. +3 for a easily depleted source of food, again, is fair in my eyes.
  8. I think wild trees/pips are going to be kind of mandatory for decent ethanol generation, at least until you find a 840/s polluted water source (carbon skimmer i guess?)
  9. [Game Update] - 353289

    I'm going to have to disagree with you there. It really annoyed me that I couldn't just cook meat on its own without having to go look for peppernuts. Also BBQ got nerfed, it's no longer a soul food. It's just a +3 now. And considering that the only way to get meat is to kill critters (which means ranching them for sustainable purposes) I'd say that's a fair trade.
  10. Food Rebalance Summary

    I mean, that's a pretty niche play style. I highly value clean water over polluted water because it's used in so many things, such as research or irrigating crops. Polluted water not only has its own geyser that outputs temperature perfect for nosh beans but it's also far more common of a resource than clean water in most worlds. Slime biomes have tons of polluted water, and many machines spit it out as a byproduct. Clean water on the other hand has no geysers that output at low temperatures, so you need a good cooling system for steam geysers. Refining it from polluted water takes energy/produces heat, and is more finicky to irrigate than polluted water (PH2O doesn't freeze as easily). I'd say the price is pretty fair to pay if they were on par with liquid consumption with sleet wheat.
  11. Food Rebalance Summary

    Hmm, well personally I think to remedy this they should make the beans germinate in about 13 cycles. They should consume more liquid overall because polluted water is less valued and easier to work with at lower temperatures (also slush geyser), but double cost is way too much still.
  12. Food Rebalance Summary

    You are mistaken, my good sir! The tofu recipe now produces 3,600 kcal for the same about of bean.
  13. [Game Update] - 352488

    My favorite changes, thank you thank you thank you Klei!
  14. Hey Bubbles, can you re-tile this tiled room with tiled tiles?
  15. Honestly carpeting isn't even a good floor material in the first place. It's flammable, difficult to clean, becomes hideous when unkempt, a cesspool for microorganisms, and your enjoyment of the carpeting decreases with its age. I know none of this matters in the scale of ONI, but honestly I think it would be a much better solution if it was just replaced with "Fancy Tile" which could only be made out of abyssalite (a use for abyssalite!) or some rarer material like that. Two versions of fancy tile, depending on how cpu intensive it would be: 1. If the game can handle each being tile being its own art piece, make Fancy Tiles workable by artists. Of course the decor the tiles offer scales with the artist's talent, as well as a visual change to the tile. Crude Fancy Tiles look scuffed, Masterful Fancy Tiles are unusually flat and have a shine on their exposed surfaces. 2. If the game can't handle each tile being its own art piece, make Fancy Tiles only constructable by artists. Just give the tiles a flat +10 in a radius or something like that. Only a suitable trained artist can build the Fancy Tiles.