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  1. Jumbo X smart kJ waste

    If Tiny Batteries generate more heat than they lose in power, then theoretically if you clustered enough of them together in one insulated chamber you could make an infinite steam power machine. Im gonna tinker with this later
  2. First I'd like you to find some raw chicken in your fridge and eat it. Now I'd like you to grill it first. I think it's pretty clear why it's got a such a big increase.
  3. Keep in mind a bristle needs 20kg of water a day, meaning you're going to need a minimum of 4 toilet uses every night (4 dupes essentially) to supply just one bristle.
  4. I designed this myself through trial and error and I no longer have to pay attention to my food supply ever again practically. Ignore the two liquid reservoirs at the top, they are not connected to anything. Keep in mind that this is far from optimal, I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of comments questioning why I'm not using pure hydrogen atmosphere or something. Hey, I just wanted some frost buns To get this AETN to work for cooling to a specific temperature, I'd need to shut it off when the temperature got to a certain point. No automation port, so I just used 2 doors (one would have worked too, but I went for the aesthetic). These will open when the temperature sensor drops below 8 C. I added a buffer between them set to 50 seconds to prevent over cooling and an over consumption of hydrogen--no need to be wasteful! Simply dumping in hot water would have been really slow and would have quickly killed my plants, so I installed a flow limiter set to 5kg/s and a shut off whenever the water got too hot (hooked up to the same thermometer). Water is added for a very brief period of time before the water gets too warm, so liquid is added in very small amounts to save AETN work. The liquid pump simply feeds the plants the water they need. Strangely enough, I found that air flow tiles were slower to cool than metal tiles, so I used those instead. The liquid pipes you see running behind the AETN are additional cooling power (some polluted water), just in case. And there you have it! This should run as long as you keep the pump and shut off powered, the hamster wheel works just fine hear as hardly any electricity is consumed.
  5. Forgetting to pause

    If I were to unpause my current colony right now, assuming that none of them were to be entombed or anything like that, I think they'd survive virtually forever. I've hooked up an electrolyzer to 2 AC units (which are under a steam turbine and are themselves made out of steel, it'll be virtually forever before steam is made though) so my base will be frosty for a long, long time. Part of the electrolyzer's water supply (massive room of cool steam vent water) is going to a AETN which will automatically cool the water to sleet wheat temperatures. I came up with this design myself, I'm pretty proud of it actually, here's the design. I'll make a forum post explaining how it works. Combined with fertilization they are sustaining my base quite nicely. Once the phosphrorite runs out no more fertilizer, but that's a ways off as well. The 500,000 kcal reserve would be 100 cycles worth of food. Yes, I keep my populations small. The most immediate issue I can see is the toilets getting full, my pee vat is over half full and I need to deal with the germs.
  6. I didn't even know that these were a possible find. It's so beautiful... This'll come in handy much, much later! PROTIP: Please restrict this geyser's output immediately, my whole base is now full of hydrogen.
  7. Oxygen birthday :)

    What a coincidence, it's also oxygen's *true* birthday, happy 13,029,209,102th birthday!
  8. [Game Update] - 357226

    Oooh interesting, lettuce farmers rejoice!
  9. When the nuclear energy stuff gets put in (if ever), it'd be a wonderful opportunity to include genetic mutations. Say you have a bristle blossom just chillin' next to a reactor. Well with the new Radiation Exposure overlay, you can see the plant slowly accumulating rads. Rads are really difficult to remove, so that plant/seed is going to be irradiated for a long time. Because it's been exposed to radiation, once every few ticks (to save on performance do a "mutation check" every 10-20 seconds rather than every tick). The rads remain, but now this particular plant has gained a mutation, a combination of good and bad traits. This mutation is now permanent for that plant and its seed, and the mutation will spread on through new seeds created from that plant. Not sure if this is CPU feasible or not, just a dream. Ideally the plant would visually change too, but that might be a lot of work. Here's a few mutation ideas: Accelerated Life - This plant now matures very quickly, -40% to growth time, but if unharvested the fruit rots completely within a cycle, wasting your harvest. Bountiful, Sometimes - Plant now produces double the product, but is now extremely sensitive to its climate (temp range is only 1-2 C wide). Omnirrigated - Plant can now be irrigated with any liquid it is fed, but takes longer to grow
  10. If people really want an EA exclusive gift, and if they decide to make some, I think a discount on DLC (like 10 percent something reasonable) would be fair. IDK, i'm not a PR guy lol
  11. survivors ultimate exploit

    Anyone finding it ironic that a sporechild is trying to find immortality
  12. If you're struggling with Dupe stress, it's really easy to deal with by making some actual rooms. Rooms sealed in with doors (you can see what you need for a proper room with the overlay) often give buffs to stress. Put all of your cots in a room with a door, boom instant +1 morale. Put your sink and an outhouse in a room, instant +1 morale. Put a water cooler in a room with a potted plant, that's more free morale. Mess table + plant, that's +3 morale. Morale is everywhere and easy to get, just seal off your rooms and spam plants.
  13. dupe eat-no-more

    ...this is pure evil.
  14. what is jean eating?

    Oh, he's just nibbling on the atmosuit's insulation. Don't worry, it's made out of Nosh Bean proteins!
  15. One Door Airlock (literally just a door): - kinda works - not really Whoa, my mind just got blown In all seriousness this is a good idea, the site could make a great guide for new players in the future.