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  1. Far more questionable to tell a player, "Stop playing with that, that's not intended for you." when they are the ones asking about it to begin with.
  2. Always if you care about thermal efficiency. Both Tempshifts and Sculptures delete 4/5th of the heat capacity of the materials when built. For 5 times their efficiency, drop your ice in a door or pool, or ship it through rails. I assume the fan is supposed to be thermally neutral which would also make it 5 times better than shifts/sculptures. (It is ~3x efficient in a simple test I did just now, but the remaining 2x probably went into cooling down the dupe.)
  3. Damage used to ignore capacities and could damage heavi in a mixed circuit, but now it prefers lower wattage lines (according to some patch notes). Also, I think it has always preferred to damage bridges first.
  4. This probably means that's not it. (it would show 1kW or 2kW max)
  5. No problems with what you've shown us, but we can't see everything. In that past there has been bugs with using a 1kW or 2kW bridge that crosses the heavi-watt. See if you have that, or show us more or upload a save.
  6. It seems to be a factor of about 35 for each phase. Per the above image, starting with the highest natural equilibrium concentration: 25,000,000 germs per 5T ↓ factor of ~35 ~725,000 germs per 5T ↓ factor of ~36 ~20,000 germs per 5T ↓ factor of ~36 ~550 germs per 5T Output from this yields 0 germs per 10kg pipe segment With a 4th reservoir you should have at least 875 million germs per 5T capacity, but it should be even higher because they will be also dying faster from over population. Thanks for the info. I'm able to reproduce this because the polluted water geyser gives out over-populated germs. There are many ways to solve this but a 4th reservoir is simple if you want to maintain 10kg/s capacity.
  7. You'd need to use 2 normal and 10 small to reach the 50kW capacity in that case, which doesn't make things any cleaner. 5kW or 10kW transformers would make them evenly divisible into either backbone. Surely 10kW is enough power for its size.
  8. As I say it's limited to 10kg/s because that's the limit of pipes. So maybe 300 dupes? Here are the disinfecting stages for a 10kg/s input with the highest natural concentration of germs.
  9. No automation / 10kg/s throughput variant. The bottom right 6x3 room has a chlorine atmosphere and is filled with 15 tons of polluted water beforehand.
  10. The second and third planetoids should be swapped in the UI. Currently, the teleporter location is the third planetoid in the list, but essentially everyone gets to it before the second one on the list, which needs a rocket. People might rightfully call either of these the second planetoid and also the third planetoid. This makes communication difficult.
  11. It seems like they are using numbers for ungroomed hatches, which give you 1 egg per lifecycle. Hence 100/20=5. This assumes perfect periodicity in their birth timings, which will not happen. It also assumes they give birth at age 80, which I think is also not what happens. I believe all of your math is right, but you may want to use much more than those minimums since you don't control their timings. I understand this is too slow for your early game needs, but you can also use an Automatic Dispenser which doesn't require any dupe skills nor refined metal.
  12. Have you considered 0? Incubators give you the same birth rates as no incubators once you have reached your target breeding population. After that, take any extras you need from an overflow room of them hatching on the ground.
  13. In my head this is the latent heat part of the simulation, even though the temperature doesn't stall. You have to pay 1.5C extra to phase up and you get back 1.5C when you phase down.
  14. I also don't like reloading, so I used to use a mod to reroll directly. That's way too powerful, so I later switched to Duplicants Generation Settings Manager, which is not yet available for the DLC. This feels much more balanced and less frustrating. I think this fixes a lot of the problems you have with the pod. You can disable flatulent dupes from the pod, select the numbers of interests, and disable dupes entirely after a certain colony population.