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  1. Shutoff automation

    Overflow your vent output to a pipe that feeds back to the pump (one way only, using a bridge). You will have a circulating system which is only refilled when the pump sees an empty pipe segment. Recommended to be used with the packet stacker.
  2. Pocket Shell, Shovel Vole. There should be a mod to make them part of the game proper.
  3. "AI lag" is an intentional feature built into the game to keep your FPS up by allowing agents to delay finding new tasks. There are a variety of such calculations that are thrown out or delayed intentionally, and they appear to start ramping up when you hit 30 fps, to keep you at 30 fps. If you want to avoid it, keep your fps at 45-60. With 3 dupes, few critters, half width maps, minimal rail usage, you too can have 60fps at 20x speed.
  4. Seal it off with a door to reproduce it.
  5. [Game Update] - 389761

    Thank you for your continued support.
  6. Same, 5kg and 10kg per for me, for wild too. Been a while since I had one though.
  7. Battery Heat Math Question

    I can do the calculation when I get home, but transformers have no runoff and generate infinite heat, so you could answer the second question "yes" if you use those instead.
  8. Entomb them in doors and they will cook very quickly.
  9. Drop them one at a time, with an egg, in your smooth hatch ranch? That sounds hard. I'd prefer heated doors in a vacuumed room.
  10. Exosuit shortcuts

    Actually I meant what happens when they go vertically. I thought you were saying you can keep all your dupes in suits all the time like this, so I figured that you had tricked them to staying in them when moving vertically. But it seems like that wasn't the case. Darn.
  11. Exosuit shortcuts

    What in the world! Very cool. Are they required to be in a suit when moving through either direction?
  12. This is insane, straightforward, and beautiful.
  13. Have you had a look at wild voles? You can start accumulating them early on and getting free meat forever with fewer critter counts (32000 kcal per). But it depends on your demand.
  14. Those are my rankings from personal experience only. I do believe both of those things help, but I wasn't able to demonstrate them convincingly in terms of measured FPS. All other items I observed measurable speed gains.