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  1. Seems like it's time for a rocket powered liquid steel fabricator.
  2. The only way a Ryzen 5 beats an I9 in single thread: Samples: 1 Margin for error: High Be careful of online scams, kids.
  3. Probably not flaking: The tile is 1840kg, which is the default spawn mass of granite (e.g. when you spawn with debug, when the map maker spawns it). Probably not accidental spawn: OP doesn't have debug enabled and there's also no sandbox button. Probably not weird bug that spawns natural tile at default values: The default spawn temperature would have been 27C and it won't move to 184C quickly by gas conduction. Probably just a normal tile: My guess is that this block was a natural map tile and was unwittingly left unbuilt, only being noticed again after a big deconstruct order.
  4. Not the only way, but not much to gain by going over 1T here.
  5. @JRup The reservoir is a closed loop used to drive the bypass. It doesn't matter what combination of liquids you use as long as it's not equal to or heavier than your bypass sealant (crude oil in my case). You could use the input PW, however you might not always be pumping in more and more PW, so the pump would turn off in that case. The safety bridge will be used once the top zone goes above 1T of PO2 per tile. It's needed to prevent the top vent from accumulating more than 10g while over pressure, which will break the system on next vent. I recommend simply recycling it. Even if you remove the reservoir, you can just have a closed loop which is topped off with a bridge from your input. This won't break, but will turn off if the top loop ever runs out of liquid, and gracefully resume if you add more again. The 8 segments shown here should only need to be refilled after 1333 cycles of uptime. You definitely want to be sure that the input only ever going to be PW.
  6. Glad it's working for you now, but I'm unable to reproduce that problem.
  7. Maybe you have new info. Could you share a save?
  8. Yep, Yunru's design with 3 full tanks in feedback with no automation is the oldest known instance of it in the English speaking world. 10kg/s, low tech, compact, dead simple, and objectively best.
  9. Nice little tool. Safe and humane. Doesn't even dump them in magma.
  10. Compared to gas, salt has a lower SHC as a liquid and ethanol has higher SHC as a liquid. Ethanol can delete heat as you cycle between phases just as salt can create it. Check it out.
  11. Water is okay if you are using the 1T max variant. I use water to bypass a cool steam vent into a turbine chamber. Obviously, if you are using the submerged variant, there will be nothing to submerge it in.
  12. Can confirm you used to have to use steel doors in the past, and I posted a bug report around when it was changed. It happened in the series of patches that tried to fix critters escaping through doors set to auto when a dupe held them opened to pass through and I guess this was a byproduct of that. Happened around June 2019 or so.