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  1. Not me, consider dropping a comment under the video on YT to let the fella know you're impressed by his shenanigans!
  2. YouTube recommended me a video of a fellow releasing an absurd amount of water into the wild, causing a water pillar to sprout out and defy all laws of physics, real or imaginary Entertaining sight.
  3. Also crashing with Decor Lights, just came here to report.
  4. Is that still the case with the new Intel processors? I've heard that a few years back, but they've released new systems since. Wonder if the difference persists or not.
  5. I do some Photoshop 2D art, so i3 is not something I'm even considering. I don't do complex 3D rendering though, which is why I think i5 should be sufficient for my needs? And yes indeed I do not play to play with 1000 dupes. 20 would do. What do you mean? They're releasing new models every year, I'd be waiting till kingdom come if I always waited for the next one :P
  6. *reading all the posts, but have nothing to contribute so sticking to observing, thanks for all input*
  7. I do try, that's why I'm focusing on CPU upgrade over GPU, but I've heard ONI doesn't do great with using all the CPU's available resources and is still heavy on the first core? Comparing i5 to i7 single core performance of the current generation on the benchmark sites doesn't show difference. It's all rather confusing, won't lie.
  8. From what I've read i7 and i9 are only really worth it for people doing a lot of complex art related things though? Video editing, animation creation, a lot of 3D rendering, as those are the things that use all those threads and cores. Isn't that the case?
  9. I don't know what that is - looking at Google some kind of tablet? So I assume it's a joke answer? Sorry, unsure. If not a joke, what is it and what is "fine"? By 'how is it' I meant more what sort of FPS people get with how many dupes/asteroids/systems/uncovered maps etc.
  10. Hey, so after 7 years I'm changing my CPU. I've asked around at Rimworld Discord, and now I'm here - my two beloved, CPU-devouring games Going by what I was considering + what I've learned from RW folks, I'm leaning towards i5 12600K. My question is - is this a good CPU for ONI? I've seen people around here talking about their i9s with crazy specs, that's waaay beyond my budget. 12600K is obviously a very solid CPU in general, but I wonder what could I expect from it in regards to ONI? What are you guys running and with what sorts of results?
  11. I remember when I first started playing ONI (somewhere soon after the launch of the patch that added space biome in the original game), my game died to the FPS and "dupe-thinking-for-way-too-long" death. I stopped playing for a long time and loaded the same save months later to reminisce about my base. I discovered that everything ran WAY faster than at the time I left it. A month or so ago I returned to ONI with the Spaced Out DLC and started a new colony using the Classic preset. Sadly the game really quickly went to slog at 20 or so FPS for me again That's without asteroid traveling, 20 dupes and not even any complex systems of many pipes or some horrid amalgamation of gasses everywhere. I have discovered 1 asteroid but nobody's traveled there yet. I suppose it could be just my system specs being not good enough for the game anymore. I do have an older cpu, Intel i5-4670.
  12. Been so long since I played ONI, I saw all your mods on my subscription lists as I went to update it. Just dropped by to say I've always loved your work and I hope I can keep most of them! <3 Hugs.
  13. Just be patient, it's free bonus stuff, not something to request, lol.
  14. I have played this game for YEARS and today I've found out about the existence of points and point links. How have I kept my head on my neck for three decades, I do not know. One could think I should've lost it ages ago with this level of awareness