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  1. I'm trying to think what would be some easy ways for Klei to expand on the endgame playability for old worlds. Expecting them to add a ton of stuff at this point would be silly, but making some small tweaks could, perhaps, be an option? 1. The most obvious one would be allow the inter-DLC crafting recipes. This expands the Sandbox possibilies in a huge way. To avoid making it too easy AND too cluttered (from ideas folks posted in other topics): - prototype must be made in the respective DLC - crafting menu from another DLC is activated only when near Skyworthy/Seaworthy 2. Items/objects that require inter-DLC boss drops (from already existing bosses). It doesn't have to be anything code heavy, hell, make it decorative for all I care, like a trophy case. I think this would be a nice incentive to go around and play a hunter hunting down all the baddies. And that, obviously, gives the endgame more life and purpose Perhaps even encourage taking the bosses out several times. 3. A special pitchfork that allows to transplant all the turfs. That'd be so great for end-game sandboxing. So great. Lock it behind some bosses or whatever really (connect with #2 and make it the Completionist's Pitchfork that requires all the boss drops lol). I just think there comes a point in the game where turfs are not about difficulty but simply their colors and sounds. Let the endgame players shape the world the way they see fit without affecting any early or midgame game concepts.
  2. Hey, I always liked to make my own character for Don't Starve using the ESC (Extended Sample Character). But I know that Hamlet has made some small changes there, added new facial expressions - don't know if anything else. I was wondering if anyone has ESC for Hamlet? Older characters still work, but sometimes they lack the expressions and I don't know how to add them myself. Thanks!
  3. More seasonal content and multi-room houses? *hype-ventilates*
  4. Why we need merged crafting.

    No, you didn't. All you did is throw around some edgy non-responses trying to look smug instead of actually discussing the issue and explaining your point of view in relation to what others said
  5. @watermelen671Look what I found!: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1652160218&searchtext=
  6. [Game Update] - 308684

    Yes! <3 Not convinced about this one. I mean, when the door is open, wouldn't it be logical for the dupe to fall down through it?
  7. 5th from the bottom in the first category
  8. It looks like I'm one of the very few who couldn't care less about character balancing/new characters, cause I honestly could just play Wilson every time and just focus on the in-game content/sandboxing
  9. He means the category I put it in. In theory it should be in the last, but idk. It just... rubbed me the wrong way there, I can't explain. I'm sorry D:
  10. I've been diligently stalking these forums ever since Hamlet's release, and there are some issues/requests people keep bringing up cyclically. I figured I'll make a poll where I tried to gather a big chunk of them (sorry if I forgot some, I'll add them if possible). Vote for the requests/issues you feel are the ones important to you EDIT: "Additional Suggestions" will have fewer votes since they're being added later after people voted already, but for the sake of clarity, they appear in the poll.
  11. I like the grass recolor and I see the point of recoloring Claw Palms, but please reverse the turf colors The orange desert was so lovely, I'd be building a base on that turf if it could be transplanted. I also preferred the others in their vibrant variants. It made Hamlet look different to RoG and when I think of "jungle" I always see tons of colors.
  12. QOL update report

    Thanks for letting us know. Get well, if there's any stragglers still sneezing and wheezing before Christmas.
  13. I know nothing about DS modding, but I love mods. When Hamlet came out I've noticed something - some mods work with it just fine, and some don't even activate. Some don't activate BUT they break things, and ECS (extended character sample) character works as long as it has hamlet_compatibility=true line inserted into the modinfo.lua. For other mods it doesn't seem to have any effect - I tested by unsubscribing and keeping the mods locally with the line added. I cannot see any consistency here. Could someone explain why some mods work and some aren't even registered by the game? Why something like Storeroom https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=584259222&searchtext= cause ice to become immune to Iceboxes? And most importantly - is it possible for a n00b such as myself to make mods work with Hamlet? Stuff like for instance Shipwrecked PLUS that only affects SW part of the game, but is ignored if Hamlet is enabled on the save? Or extra simple stuff like Wardrobe https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779873332&searchtext=wardrobe that doesn't appear in the crafting menus with Hamlet enabled? Thanks. Needless to say, any modifications I'd like to make would be just for personal use. I've no intention of reuploading anyone's mods anywhere!
  14. Yes, that'd be great. On Steam too :< I have just been trying to find out which mod was deleting my DoyDoys whenever I entered the volcano and caused Ice to be immune to the icebox, and I can tell that Storeroom is guilty of breaking ice. No idea what's up with the birds, don't have time to dig in. Shipwrecked PLUS is inactive on any Hamlet-inclusive save, whether or not it had the compatibility line added.