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  1. The catapult idea sounds fun as heck, very in the ONI spirit. Hope to see it happen!
  2. I have a feeling Gassy Moos would have a way... specific aroma to them. Hard pass. Blue slickster is definitely top of my list. But I think Visco Gel could be a real silky smooth candidate.
  3. I don't know any funky mechanics that go against what seems logical, and in such case the solar panels are quite eh. The energy they produce will be used up by the autodiggers, sweepers, and bunker doors required to keep them from being obscured by regolith. Someone mentions door crushing here, I guess you may need this sort of tricks to make it flow nicely, but I prefer not to use them as doors don't tend to eradicate materials If that's what it means anyhow.
  4. Crazy! I'd definitely give it a try if it gets completed one day. Absolute madness, love it lol.
  5. There is a mod for this one if you're on PC. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=503919639 Godsent!
  6. I have huge fields of the damn monkey pods. I built an army of Rockys and then launched an attack on them while nightmare phase was on and they were aggressive. That helped eradicate them in big amounts and left the houses free to demolish. But while it can be fun once or twice, I'd really rather they didn't regenerate lol. Thought I could slap a victory sign on top of them and prevent the houses from returning, but maybe not. Didn't see anything about Bunny Hutches coming back and those are WAY nicer.
  7. In my current world I wanted to relocate some animals and all my attempts failed. I think I need some help 1. How to relocate beefalos? I have built a pen for them, I have replaced the turf inside it with Savannah turf, then I lured the entire herd in there using the beefalo horn. Next I know the pen is demolished (probably got in heat and attacked it because a butterfly flew by or something) and the beefs peaced off to their regular spot. I would accept the pen getting destroyed if they got heated, but why did they leave the area? I thought all they needed was the entire herd moved+Savannah turf. 2. How to relocate volt goats without hating myself? Look, I've done it the pain way before. Meaning you kill all but 1 and push the 1 at night like a lunatic step by step. It's awful I don't want to do this again. But when I tried to move the goat by scaring it, it later returned to its old spot. All the way, so no herd point seemed to have updated on the way. How does it work exactly? I've tried googling it, but everyone says a different thing and I don't know whom to trust. 3. How to relocate rockys? I have an issue in my caves, my rock lobsters are misbehaving. I actually don't know what they're doing, they seem to split and wander, get stuck in weird spots etc ever since I took them on a monkey-hunting escapade. What are their herd mechanics? How can I make them a home somewhere where they will always return after the stone-feed companionship timer runs out? I can never find these ******* anymore when I need them, I'd like to gather them up but I don't know how to make them stick to an area afterwards. They're worse than children. 4. Ruin regeneration vs monkey pods I hate splumonkeys. I've read that if I regenerate my ruins all my hard extinction work will be in vain, their pods will respawn. Question is - what if I built something where the pods used to be? Would the building disappear? Or would the pod not spawn? Or would it spawn elsewhere? What happens? Thanks!
  8. I play solo so I only need 1 eyebrella ;P I thought about warping him away so he leaves me alone and doesn't threaten my base baby in case I don't notice he's coming
  9. Is the same true for Deerclops? Cause Bearger is at least useful for tree management, Deerclops, on the other hand, could use a moon island exile.
  10. I have Geometric Placement, of course, but it only lets me OCD place buildings/plants. But I've seen megabases with those spanning roads of gold nuggets and such perfectly aligned. What's the secret? I'd like to build some trinket display but the dropping doesn't seem as precise D:< Or do I just suck at dropping items?
  11. I've noticed it appeared a second time outside of winter now. How does it work? I also had another question but completely forgot what it was... again. Oh but also, another question - what can I do with glommer's wings? Some hounds came and rudely ate him but the bell recipe didn't drop from his statue and apparently it's not a thing in DST
  12. The thing is, all of this is a lot of boring, unnecessary work. That's the point
  13. I get it, seeds are important. But at some point there's just too many of them and I can't keep my base clean. Not to mention they keep on rotting in the world making a mess. Is there a way to stop birds from dropping seeds? At least on player-crafted turfs or something? :c
  14. I have demolished 1 house to see what happens and that alone made me feel like grinchy scum. Never again! Varg or bust. Long live the cookie piglets! Would try and keep one as a domestic pet but they're probably gonna disappear when the feast ends. And they make more mess than ferrets.