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  1. I think "Volcano Experience" is pretty recently updated and maintained though? It brings a lot of SW stuff to DST. I played it years back and it worked fine, though likely not compatible if you're using a lot of other mods since it's a pretty big one.
  2. That's way too cheesy I liked it being a cleaning project, with a big of fighting, a bit of struggle, and a reward in form of clean hallways hah.
  3. Put a burnable thing on the web, set it on fire, and it would burn the nest. Sadly, doesn't work in DST
  4. I really enjoyed tidying up my ruins I tried to find a solution to this in DST but I came up empty. Is it perhaps a function of some mod that's got a non-obvious name? Anything anywhere? Also, how do I get new vignettes? Mine are both winter-themed and that doesn't fit with summer at all
  5. I'm extremely OOTL with ONI currently so I've no idea what's the talk of the hood, but as far as my ONI pictures go, I give them to the ONI community, you can do whatever you want with them
  6. I think "Waiter 101" is a mod that solves this beautifully, turning icey recipes into soups or broths that are far less filling and make total sense. It also deals in a great way with mushrooms through Mushroom Malady, and rebalances a whole lot of other stuff. Highly recommend that mod for anyone looking to refresh some cooking strategies and try new culinary things
  7. I'd like stuff like meteors and moonrock thingies ported over. And pets, perhaps? Though I haven't used them in DST in forever. But to be entirely honest with you, at this point I'd be happy with Shipwrecked and Hamlet making it over to DST instead as separate "islands" affected by their original weathers etc. And Bearger getting his proper wood-chopping slam back (as an option in server settings, I know it was a grief-tool, but for single players playing DST it's just sad with his baby slam). The fact that modding community has largely moved away from DS is a big reason why it makes more sense to expand upon DST. And the assets/ideas are ready, so it'd be nice to just have it all together in 1 game at last.
  8. What? You throw in the most garbage meat you can find (monster meat works), combine with it literally random other food, and you get meatballs. Never need to hunt, never need to farm, never need to try. I really dislike that recipe, always have, and always eagerly used mods that nerf it. And if they nerf raw berry hunger as well, great. Might have to actually think about food every now and then.
  9. I have played this game for YEARS and today I've found out about the existence of points and point links. How have I kept my head on my neck for three decades, I do not know. One could think I should've lost it ages ago with this level of awareness
  10. Omg now that I saw my FPS is actually playable I keep checking the forum 25/7 all the time for the DLC release date. Send help.
  11. I... am not sure I'd want to fly to space in a rocket powered by duct taped bottles. But what I am sure of is that I'll be buying this before it's even ready to buy. Even tho my PC can't handle ONI currently I'll keep it for better times Love the game and the update sounds amazing! Only shame for me I never really got to experience the current space cause by the time I got to rockets game was too slow, lol. One day!
  12. I, too, got the achievement bum-rushing some random bioscan door on a brand new colony (cycle 2). So it seems to be a problem with older colonies, not the achievement itself.
  13. They will flop to the nearest water, too. So you don't have to have water right under the printing pod, you can have a pool somewhere to the side as long as they can reach it.
  14. All other achievements work fine, but this one got me. I tried asking on the Discord not to post a silly issue, but folks also didn't know what's up. I have uncovered all of the Gravitas ruins, clicked on every inspectable thing (unless I'm super blind, but I went over them several times, carefully), unlocked all Bioscan doors, inspected everything but the sofas in the big ruin up top, and still no achievement. Either I'm still missing something or there's a bug. I'm attaching a savegame in case someone wants to click on stuff and see if they get the colony initiative for it. If I am, in fact, just missing something, I apologize (but what am I missing?!). Gravitas.sav