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  1. I have played this game for YEARS and today I've found out about the existence of points and point links. How have I kept my head on my neck for three decades, I do not know. One could think I should've lost it ages ago with this level of awareness
  2. I don't think you can, not in a normal way. But hear me out, I might have a solution for you. After you use Teleportato and spawn in the new world, get a random mod from the Workshop, something small, no need to make it complicated. Go to your mods folder in Steam's DS folder, rename the mod folder from numbers to DOOM or some such. Unsubscribe from the mod on Steam. Open some mod file (modmain.lua) or something in scripts, doesn't matter. And then delete something like a bracket ), or a comma, or sabotage it in some other way that will make the game mad quickly. Enable the mod and load your save. Your game will crash and mess up your save BUT it will keep the world counter. So when you open the game again it will say, say, Adventure 3-1. Disable your DOOM mod and load this save slot. It should be broken and generate a new world and a new character keeping only the counter. If you want more control over when the game crashes (or it crashes on menu or something), get a mod called "Rebalanced Recipes" or "Rebalanced Cookpot" something like that from Steam. It's got Meatballs on the icon. This mod is outdated and it has a bad beefalo.lua file in it which will crash your game when you encounter a beefalo. So just get that mod, load into your new world, spawn a beefalo or find one, crash, disable mod, load save, generate all new world/character. It *should* work. It *might* work. And no, I swear, I did cook those green mushrooms before eating. Totally, totally!
  3. Solo player here too, I don't see much appeal in playing a game like this with other people, not in the long run. But I understand how it's more efficient for the company and as long as the solo experience is good, I'm good with dealing with small inconveniences such as being on-line to play and hosting a server which makes launching of the game take five times as long. What I'd like is for SW and Hamlet content to get ported over to DST and modernized to fit the modernized version of the game there. Imagine you could sail further away from your main island and reach SW area affected with SW weather. And then traverse even deeper into the seas and discover Hamlet islands
  4. Friend, you think I haven't played the DLCs for my favorite game forward and back? Please! No game *needs* a sequel unless it's story based. Doesn't mean it wouldn't be awesome if it had one. I've of course played DST (solo) a lot too, but though it has some new things, the base is still the same, familiar stuff. I guess if it had a full-fledged DLCs like DS had, a whole new world with all the new things to deal with, that could give back that sense of wonder and confusion
  5. I love this game to bits, but I know this game just as well. I'd *love* to play Don't Starve 2 one day. I never got to play the first one blind, because I found it via stumbling upon a Let's Play and it fascinated me. The usual "nah, not for me, but let's see how this fella does" into "omg. NEED." I'd play the 2nd installment blind. But I worry, it's never going to be on the cards Google doesn't provide any gossip about that at all. Pipe dream? Or a distant reality?
  6. So I was thinking I'd like to play a playthrough based on a rather simple concept: Indestructible walls + a very dangerous world outside It's less about making a turbo difficult playthrough all over where you need to be on edge 24/7, and more about slowly expanding into a dangerous world, exciting excursions for resources etc, with a safe haven base to rest and regroup. Sadly, it looks like there is no "Wrath of the Giants" for DST which would've been a cool first addition to the dangerous world (I found some Chinese mod for DST linked on WotG mod page, but it looks like those bosses might teleport? I don't know Chinese so I can only judge by gifs, YouTube didn't give me any useful results for it either. Do you know of any mods beefing up the giants? At least Bearger seems easier than DS version (I recall it was nerfed to prevent griefing, I'd like to undo that too if possible). Also, any other mods you think would fit this idea would be great Also a question - if your base is larger than 1 screen, do enemies spawn inside the walls, just out of sight? That would kind of defeat the purpose here I guess :P Thanks.
  7. Omg now that I saw my FPS is actually playable I keep checking the forum 25/7 all the time for the DLC release date. Send help.
  8. I... am not sure I'd want to fly to space in a rocket powered by duct taped bottles. But what I am sure of is that I'll be buying this before it's even ready to buy. Even tho my PC can't handle ONI currently I'll keep it for better times Love the game and the update sounds amazing! Only shame for me I never really got to experience the current space cause by the time I got to rockets game was too slow, lol. One day!
  9. I, too, got the achievement bum-rushing some random bioscan door on a brand new colony (cycle 2). So it seems to be a problem with older colonies, not the achievement itself.
  10. They will flop to the nearest water, too. So you don't have to have water right under the printing pod, you can have a pool somewhere to the side as long as they can reach it.
  11. All other achievements work fine, but this one got me. I tried asking on the Discord not to post a silly issue, but folks also didn't know what's up. I have uncovered all of the Gravitas ruins, clicked on every inspectable thing (unless I'm super blind, but I went over them several times, carefully), unlocked all Bioscan doors, inspected everything but the sofas in the big ruin up top, and still no achievement. Either I'm still missing something or there's a bug. I'm attaching a savegame in case someone wants to click on stuff and see if they get the colony initiative for it. If I am, in fact, just missing something, I apologize (but what am I missing?!). Gravitas.sav
  12. I can confirm @Galifrey1965 fix does the trick. Played for a bit with no more issues once the Sparkle traits were removed from my 3 dupes that got it I'd recommend just noting down who had it, removing it, and then simply re-adding it once the bug is fixed
  13. That is very interesting, thank you. But won't the trait return soon? I thought it comes whenever morale is high? That is very interesting, thank you. But won't the trait return soon? I thought it comes whenever morale is high?
  14. Here is mine. Hope the bug can be squashed so hard we'll have to mop not just the floor but also the walls :> output_log.txt