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  1. When I did the carnivore I spammed as many dupes as I could cause I thought I'd need a bunch to hit it in time. Guess my math-at-a-glance is shittier than I assumed
  2. It's all just asking for the good ole frostbite addition. Rime probably shouldn't be the easiest map to play on and it was always the one I chose when I just didn't want to be bothered by some pesky heat death. Downsides were minimal and I was sad when it stopped all being the cozy freezing cold
  3. Omg now that I saw my FPS is actually playable I keep checking the forum 25/7 all the time for the DLC release date. Send help.
  4. I... am not sure I'd want to fly to space in a rocket powered by duct taped bottles. But what I am sure of is that I'll be buying this before it's even ready to buy. Even tho my PC can't handle ONI currently I'll keep it for better times Love the game and the update sounds amazing! Only shame for me I never really got to experience the current space cause by the time I got to rockets game was too slow, lol. One day!
  5. I, too, got the achievement bum-rushing some random bioscan door on a brand new colony (cycle 2). So it seems to be a problem with older colonies, not the achievement itself.
  6. They will flop to the nearest water, too. So you don't have to have water right under the printing pod, you can have a pool somewhere to the side as long as they can reach it.
  7. All other achievements work fine, but this one got me. I tried asking on the Discord not to post a silly issue, but folks also didn't know what's up. I have uncovered all of the Gravitas ruins, clicked on every inspectable thing (unless I'm super blind, but I went over them several times, carefully), unlocked all Bioscan doors, inspected everything but the sofas in the big ruin up top, and still no achievement. Either I'm still missing something or there's a bug. I'm attaching a savegame in case someone wants to click on stuff and see if they get the colony initiative for it. If I am, in fact, just missing something, I apologize (but what am I missing?!). Gravitas.sav
  8. I can confirm @Galifrey1965 fix does the trick. Played for a bit with no more issues once the Sparkle traits were removed from my 3 dupes that got it I'd recommend just noting down who had it, removing it, and then simply re-adding it once the bug is fixed
  9. That is very interesting, thank you. But won't the trait return soon? I thought it comes whenever morale is high? That is very interesting, thank you. But won't the trait return soon? I thought it comes whenever morale is high?
  10. Here is mine. Hope the bug can be squashed so hard we'll have to mop not just the floor but also the walls :> output_log.txt
  11. Symptoms: - game always crashes at the exact same moment (about a minute from where I saved, I tried to catch it close for easy debugging) - there is an error message with mods, and a black hole ate my game screen without mods - if black hole screen doesn't appear, it looks like a neverending game lag. Dupes are invisible (if they weren't focused when bug hits)/frozen in place continuing their animation if they were - error also displays missing mods/changed mod order message when loading any save and mod configuration being the exact same as before. This started happening a touch later (one or two reloads) than the error. No idea if it's a hint but maybe. Also validated Steam ONI files and nothing popped up, everything validated successfully. I am attaching the save game very close to the crash moment. Loading a save in the previous cycle leads to this very moment to crash so I made a closer save for convenience. I don't have this file, can't attach it, I'm sorry: SteamApps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\output_log.txt Going by the update topic, it affects several folks so it can't be due to my mod setup. But just in case, I have had the exact same mods since cycle 1, never changed a thing. Save crashes all the same with and without them. ImpendingDoom Cycle 392.sav
  12. Deeeeeeevs I wanna plaaaaaaaaaay! There's a new upgrade, I drooled all over my keyboard, and now tears are taking the drool's place!
  13. Oh, interesting. Guess it's not my mods then, I just posted a topic about it then took a peek here to see what's up. Well then, there's another save over there in case someone wishes to check what's up: