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  1. I'd make a beeline for the Hamlet to get a house a bunker up inside it avoiding all social and insectuous interactions. Much like real life. Signed, Cave Troll Also I hate cold so I guess a higher overheating threshold and losing health in the presence of snow cause my will to live drains in winter unless I'm under a blanket.
  2. If Pick/Axe had a combined durability of golden pick and axe it might be something to consider for the sake of a) slots b) feeling of upgrade. I'm not sure 1 slot used less is an incentive enough for how much hassle making that thing is. And I know many won't agree with me here, but I'd actually like to have a way to make all the crafting stations at base. Not an easy way, a hard way, but a way nonetheless. It'd give a neat goal to work towards for n00bs like me mostly concerned with building bases and hoardin stuff inside
  3. Set the game to endless not survival, too. Personally I never turn mechanics off to make things easier and even I turn off Disease. It's pure annoyance for anyone wanting to build a pretty base.
  4. Ooo pretty

    Wow, if this happened in my game I'd get spooked
  5. I'd watch streams of people trying to accomplish it Not some quick practiced run, but the entire journey. Let me know if someone does that!
  6. What are these weird wiggly avatara taking over the forums? I remember you from ONI section, you didn't wiggle before! D:<
  7. I just have to share it cause what I did made me EEK! IRL. So I had this lovely field of killer bee hives in my world and in single player DS I usually handled bees with lureplants. I found some so I went ahead and planted them. Few days later I made my way to the field to see they have already bloomed and I could go forth with the killer bee hive eradication. It turns out they respawn very fast and I didn't go there prepared for some heavy battling I was kinda-sorta kiting them around the plants and hitting the hives in the intervals where there were no bees around. Maybe not the most efficient way of doing things, but one of my favorite things to do in DS is pitting one evil thing vs another so I didn't mind. So then I had the nearby hives destroyed and I figured it's time to move my eyeplant further into the field to handle the next batch. As usual. As always. And then the game said: YOU FOOL! The plant died and from its corpse emerged HUNDREDS of killer bees. They popped out in a long row which for a quarter of a second my mind considered a glitch as I was sure all I'd get would be honey and stingers. Before I managed to compute what the hell just happened and get to running the bees have awoken and killed my 20 HP, raincoated ass. The end.
  8. Is there some actual benefit from a beefalo boat other than its undeniable aesthetic value? Since there is just one island and the map isn't so huge it takes days to swim there I am unsure what the purpose of having entire sea empires is tbh. Hm.
  9. @maradyne I think you have cracked this case wide open. It does seem to be a problem with PickyPicky. Turned it off and went to pull some kelps. This time got things from them in the inventory, waited a full day running around, no crashes. Thank you very much! I'll have to wait with Picky for an update or find a replacement. Or get some good YT videos for farming time EDIT: In case anyone wanted a replacement I found this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501385076&searchtext=pick
  10. I'll turn off Picky next time I play and go molest some kelps. Will report back with my results soon.
  11. I have not farmed anything so it's possible I'd be crashing there too. I've tried verifying the validity of files through Steam, nothing is missing or changed. What do you mean about PickyPicky's last update? That it's not updated for RoT? I thought it would simply not improve the speed of picking new things - saplings on the Lunar Island are being picked at a normal pace. If it's broken it's broken, but I'd rather it wasn't broken cause it's the one thing that makes big grass/twig farms fun to manage I remember back in DS when I played without mods I was literally watching some YT videos on the side while holding spacebar on the farms...
  12. @Terra Yes, I have all the mods up to date (Steam subscribed so they update automatically thank goodness) and I have the RoT expansion for the Cherry Forest. It seems to be working very well for me so far @Hornete Thanks for taking a look. Come to think of it I couldn't pick up any bullkelp, it gave me nothing in inventory once and then apparently it crashed. But I did touch one on the sea and it turned into something else, don't know what. It drifted away. Hm, let's see what could be potentially touching Kelp in any respect whatsoever... - Item Info (unlikely, it just displays values?) - lasting end table decorations (affects the tables probably?) - adshovel (probably doesn't touch kelps though, it affects specific plants only) - Waiter 101 (is kelp eatable? no clue, didn't see any) That's kinda it for anything that looks Help-touchable. Other mods I have: Actually, I just added them all to a collection. Should be much easier to view than my listing stuff. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1876204954
  13. Not sure if this is the right file, but I hope so. Sever_log for the overworld. server_log.txt
  14. Hey. After around 200 days of exploring overworld and ruins without a single crash I've decided to go check out the Lunar Island. There, the game pretty much crashes every day. Seems to be rather random. The thing is I've got a bunch of mods active. I've tried to pick rather mellow stuff, but it's not impossible something somewhere conflicts I guess. Should I bother reporting crashes from a modded game at all? I have absolutrly no idea what it could be that only makes Lunar Island crash.