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  1. I don't know, I might be weird but I just don't feel satisfaction when using exploits at all :< I remember someone told me I was being a noob for not using a noria exploit in ANNO 1404 for my achievement run but it just wouldn't feel like an achievement to me if I did lol. I used the 20kg plastic vents for my swag ONI gas boxes
  2. I like the music, but I think there should be a delay period on it for both entering and leaving to prevent those milisecond stops. Bugged me since release.
  3. Some interesting bits here, thanks folks! When it comes to door gas deletion I was more baffled by gases disappearing sometimes never had a problem with too much gas, i liked building max density gas boxes and sorting them out before reservoirs were a thing :9
  4. Thanks, I'll take a look. Not a fan of using exploits to make things easier, but knowing about them is probably the only way to truly understand what's happening and why sometimes.
  5. I haven't played ONI in a while, but I'm slowly warming up for a return I never check any ready setups or solutions other folks come up with cause that's huge part of the fun for me to figure stuff out myself. But to be able to really do it right I'd love to have a list of all the counter-intuitive mechanics I just wouldn't guess. What I mean is stuff like: 1. What machines delete heat (like water sieve etc.) 2. What deletes gases (like doors do, I'd have never guessed that myself) Any other unusual interactions etc. that might get in the way of trying to logic around things. I know I had some issues setting up a closed Hydrogen contraption, despite the electrolyzers producing, in theory, more hydrogen than the generators needed and having a pipe sucking out excess gasses. I feel like I might've gotten trolled by some such trick. When I return, I'd love to know such ins and outs so I can plan accordingly
  6. Wouldn't it work if simply the Aporkalypse timer was a separate one that triggers only once player enters the Hamlet world? Personally I wouldn't mind if it only ticked while one is in Hamlet to prevent some annoying "forced" management when someone wants to just peace out and do stuff elsewhere and doesn't want to deal with Apork.
  7. Only a single hound

    I'm having the 1 hound waves in my RoG world, I haven't reset any other. I haven't even used Seaworthy yet (unless I'm confusing playthroughs, but let's say I'm 80% sure I haven't here). Only the caves, and the issue started after leaving the caves
  8. Only a single hound

    I'm not sure about that. The same thing happened in my game after entering and leaving ruins, but it has never happened before last patch, I don't believe.
  9. So pretty though, I love deciduous turf <3 Just wish we could also transplant the Hamlet red desert one, it's beautiful :< I have never noticed carpets being overturfed by other things in DST, but I haven't played that enough. Does anyone have a quick screenshot of that? It must look rather silly.
  10. Idk about the rest of you, but I'm already starting to get hyped for the mentioned DLCs
  11. Hope so! KLIE PLS ALL THE THANGS! <3
  12. Why not just put all the "DLC-specific" blueprints in that store? Circle them randomly if that's the idea, no problem. But I want a Chiminea in my RoG base or Hamlet house cause it looks nice, I want an Obsidian Firepits, snakeskin rugs, Bunny Houses, all of that stuff to mix and match and make pretty stuff all over the place :<
  13. Goofy Hamlet review video

    I can pack the "mod" and upload it somewhere if you want Not Steam though, cause I wouldn't want to clutter the Workshop with a n00bish reskin. It's no problem, it just doesn't have anything fancy going for it cause if I tried to add a single line of code with my skills, the game would probably just get a stroke and uninstall itself.
  14. Goofy Hamlet review video

    It's the default Example Sample Character (so basically beardless Wilson) with my custom drawn reskin based on a made up creature. I believe I also changed it to Wendy's voice Nothing cool, but sentimental for me.
  15. A 50% chance of producing Monster Lasagna if monster meat is the only meat in the recipe would be real good. A hindrance enough to make it worthwhile to look for other meats, while also giving a chance of working out. A bit of a risk/reward factor. As for the bird cage, an easy balance could be something like limiting the amount of monster meat a bird can consume in a day. Say 3 monster meat a day and after that the bird will refuse. Just to make it so you can't so effortlessly sustain yourself on monster meat that's supposed to be toxic-ish.