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  1. QOL update report

    Thanks for letting us know. Get well, if there's any stragglers still sneezing and wheezing before Christmas.
  2. I know nothing about DS modding, but I love mods. When Hamlet came out I've noticed something - some mods work with it just fine, and some don't even activate. Some don't activate BUT they break things, and ECS (extended character sample) character works as long as it has hamlet_compatibility=true line inserted into the modinfo.lua. For other mods it doesn't seem to have any effect - I tested by unsubscribing and keeping the mods locally with the line added. I cannot see any consistency here. Could someone explain why some mods work and some aren't even registered by the game? Why something like Storeroom https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=584259222&searchtext= cause ice to become immune to Iceboxes? And most importantly - is it possible for a n00b such as myself to make mods work with Hamlet? Stuff like for instance Shipwrecked PLUS that only affects SW part of the game, but is ignored if Hamlet is enabled on the save? Or extra simple stuff like Wardrobe https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779873332&searchtext=wardrobe that doesn't appear in the crafting menus with Hamlet enabled? Thanks. Needless to say, any modifications I'd like to make would be just for personal use. I've no intention of reuploading anyone's mods anywhere!
  3. Yes, that'd be great. On Steam too :< I have just been trying to find out which mod was deleting my DoyDoys whenever I entered the volcano and caused Ice to be immune to the icebox, and I can tell that Storeroom is guilty of breaking ice. No idea what's up with the birds, don't have time to dig in. Shipwrecked PLUS is inactive on any Hamlet-inclusive save, whether or not it had the compatibility line added.
  4. Three OP things in Hamlet

    Might just as well said if the game is too difficult you can simply change the world gen settings to make it easier. And if you set things to "less" or "none" it will not make everything look wildly out of place - setting it to more will, as @Yokoblue said. Another option is getting some very simple QOL mods that will help you counter the difficulties you dislike - best example being a backpack and amulet slot mod that I personally use as well. It helps with management for the scatterbrains and prevents your crap from burning on the ground. But, personally, I like it being counteracted by difficulties in game. Overcoming challenges feels good, simply put. I do believe games like Don't Starve should be very difficult by default, only opening customization options to make them easier. There's enough of the AAA titles that are directed at the more casual gaming audience. Indie and idie-adjacent titles are, with few exceptions, the only games hardcore players seeking challenge can look to. And don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with casual gaming. I just always saw Don't Starve as a game that wants to cater to the playerbase seeking some more deadly challenges.
  5. So after dying in the deep jungle I felt like starting another game in Shipwrecked, of course with Hamlet enabled. I'm running my usual set of mods, nothing new, and I've never had this issue before. Now ice is melting in my icebox. Has anyone encountered that as well?
  6. These don't come from DST, but a few more things I think Hamlet could use to make the gameplay smoother/more fun/sandbox-friendly. 1. Allow us to sell hedge clippings in bulk - with a key modifier like idk, press shift or whatever, any way is a good way. Clicking on the lady pig 120 times after a city-cleanup day right now is no good. 2. Always generate Slanty Shanty on the outer edge of town close to the tea-tree biome. It would be nice for anyone who doesn't know the game yet/doesn't want to rush the building of their own town and wants to base in the Shanty for a while. 3. Ro-Bin alternative size, as a choice. What I mentioned in my other post. 4. Allow us to move all turfs around (I understand jungle being an exception), it's fun for sandboxing and sandboxing is a big part of the fun in DS 5. Let Spider Monkeys spawn from coccooned trees to prevent accidental extinction. Jungle might be too dangerous to give them the pure Beefalo treatment. 6. It would be nice if things like cloth (and anything else that's a component of important items, but not acquirable in Hamlet) had an alternative way to be acquired through adventuring. It prevents relying on RNG store mechanics and gives another incentive to go out and adventure, which is always fun. 7. ...pig torches. Yes, still advocating for it. You can't convince me otherwise, it's just annoying and limiting period, nothing more nothing less :c City issues aside, take pig guards on an adventure into the ruins/jungle and you can say goodbye to half your habitat/drops unless you do nothing and try to wait out entire dusk/night period every time. Or you cannot use the pig-hiring mechanic at all. Yay, fun... 8. Working furniture for Slanty Shanty - a working bed and some stress-affecting low/high quality stuff to reward the dedicated interior decorators amongst us 9. This is a bit contentey so it comes as the last point but an expansion to Slanty Shanty, please. The house mechanic is so fun, but it's just so small. It would be great if it was expanded a bit, either by adding two "rooms" (basement/2nd floor) or just enlargening the space itself and allowing to zoom in/out a bit. Though the latter might be going against the implemented mechanics present in the Hamlet, I understand that, even though It'd be preferable to have no transition in the house I guess. There's just so many things to buy and put in our mini-base and so little space! ;P
  7. I like that you can move it freely. Gives some designing freedom.
  8. I'm not sure if his size is supposed to add difficulty or something, but while I lold at first when he appeared in all his glory, soon enough I just wished he was smaller and wouldn't obscure half my house Is there a way to make him smaller? Could there be? For instance putting some items into him like with Chesters or whatnot so that everyone can choose whether they want a huge or a tiny Ro-Bin? Or am I the only one bothered by his size at all?
  9. DST Content Wishlist

    1. Yes 2. No D:< 3. I prefer not, I like to manage the world I got and taking good care of resources such as trees and berry bushes without them randomly respawning in cleared areas 4. Sure, why not 5. More content, always 6. What do you mean? Isn't that already in DS? 7. Absolutely, fireflies are so pretty 8. Sure 9. Eh 10. I guess? Haven't noticed a difference there tbh 11. Klaus and his Deer 12. Meteors and moonstone items 13. Shadow Atrium and Marble quest 14. A way to regenerate ruins
  10. So instead of getting the Can, I chose to take a mysterious hammer from the palace. But it doesn't seem to do anything I thought maybe it would be an infinite durability hammer or some fancy weapon. Does it have a purpose? Do I just have to experiment with it or is it not yet implemented?
  11. It's pretty obvious - Christmas equals free time equals guilt-free no-lifing at Don't Starve. I'd love to know if it's something we could look forward to or if the release is going to be pushed much more. Thanks
  12. Possible Improvements

    I don't think I disagree with a single one of these
  13. Yeah, I'd much rather see some loading between overworld and ruins and have a bigger house and bigger ruins in an instance separate from house+overworld No loading is sweet, but if it's a choice between the two, more content wins.
  14. I have to agree. It's really more of a hassle leading to forced, illogical moves than a proper difficulty feature.
  15. I AM SO HYPED FOR ALL THE THINGS I hope you're right, my dude. Also, where the Shipwrecked images at? Are you gonna post them still? <3