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  1. You could convert it to quite a few things by rotting it. Let it out gas pO2. From there you can make clay/O2, algae/pH2O.
  2. I work around this by pumping in the wrong fuel to start with. The repair priority is the same as tune-up.
  3. It's not any item, I believe it's just pills, since they're coded a little differently. Can't find the thread, but some investigation was done and if the game was modded to allow anything to be stored in the fridge, any other item would reset to 20C. So it seems like fridges handle food properly, but don't on pills.
  4. I think you mean super coolant for really low? Ethanol should be preferred over petro/oil, unless you're at risk of over 75C temps, as it has a much lower freezing point, and a moderately higher SHC.
  5. One common issue I see that leads people to think they can't use sweepers in vacuum to handle very hot items, is you need to make sure your rails don't cross any of your liquid drops. The biggest culprit is the shipping loader, make sure you flip it upside down or have it on its side.
  6. Aluminum has about 2x the conductivity of lead, and has a much higher boiling point. From a practical perspective, you're able to handle 1000+C igneous rock with autosweepers in a vacuum. My regolith melter design uses one, and it works with a little drop of liquid on the sweeper allowing it to be cooled with radiant gas pipes.
  7. Salt works in the opposite direction, so could use that to for example, amplify the heat supplied to a turbine, or improve efficiency of a regolith melter.
  8. Is Locavore achievable?

    Yep, found it to be pretty easy with my current seed on the forest asteroid. Lots of hexulents, and pretty dense spawns of nosh beans and sleet wheat.
  9. If there's not a magma based hellpip variant in the magma biome, I will riot.
  10. Good use for the memory automation circuit. The S/R output goes to the pump. use the automation signal from a space scanner detecting the rocket landing to the "S" input. Use a liquid element detector looking for your fuel passing the input (indicating its full) to hit the "R" input.
  11. Slicksters frozen in plance when "Expelling waste"

    I'm getting this issue on the latest beta branch. Idyllic Crew.sav
  12. [Game Update] - 296878

    I've found my refineries regularly go into "No workable order" when their output pipe blocks up.
  13. Crash on fabrication (kiln)

    I noticed this, I think at least in my case it was due to having active steel production in a refinery. Once I canceled that order, I was able to deconstruct my kiln without the game crashing.