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  1. I think if it's cooled down while it's in there it's fine, but I do think there can be weird situations where it transitions from the insulated pipes to the tile. But in any case, if you're overcooling, you'll eventually drop below -55C and the sleet wheat will stop growing. Thinking about it, it's actually really weird that a plant can live in temperatures 55 degrees lower than the fluid it lives on freezes at.
  2. I'm the same, early game wild sleet is pretty OP. My go to when I don't do that though is a closed loop of pWater running through an AT cooling a small supply cistern. That makes it easy to switch over to super coolant when space materials become available. But again, more complex than just sticking a fluid into an AT.
  3. A point in favor of nosh sprouts over sleet wheat is you can easily hit their growth temperature range with a direct aquatuner loop setup, since ethanol's freezing point is so low. For using an aquatuner to direct cool water , you need to specially handle any packets between 5 and 14C, since they're too warm to feed to SW and too cold to aqua tune. A great approach, and I worry I'm being a bit pedantic, but I'd argue that's just another way to cool the input water. For example, if you started sending in 60C water, you'd need to double your wheezeworts.
  4. Doing the math, knocking 66g/s (40kg/c) of water down 25C takes 7kDTU/s, and a wheezewort provides 12k, so that'll work. The risk there if your wheezeworts aren't temperature controlled is overcooling, but you've also got your dirt temperature to lower as well. Edit: That's assuming your wheezeworts are in hydrogen, if you're cooling oxygen, it's only going to provide 5k, so it may eventually warm up
  5. Insulated pipes don't really help, since the water is delivered to the farm tiles, where it exchanges its heat with the environment. You can get by with 10C water for awhile, but at some point you'll need some sustainable way to produce 1-5C water
  6. Slicksters frozen in plance when "Expelling waste"

    I'm getting this issue on the latest beta branch. Idyllic Crew.sav
  7. [Game Update] - 296878

    I've found my refineries regularly go into "No workable order" when their output pipe blocks up.
  8. Crash on fabrication (kiln)

    I noticed this, I think at least in my case it was due to having active steel production in a refinery. Once I canceled that order, I was able to deconstruct my kiln without the game crashing.