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  1. With stone hatches and a regolith melter, you can turn 3kg of regolith into: 4 grams of dirt, using sieving 25 grams of dirt (with 100g of water needed), using slime 5.6 grams of pWater, using molten slicksters into petroleum generator
  2. Space in 100 Cycles

    I don't think that's the case for the courier job track. I tried that and no change 121 cycles. I started with the dupe, since I wanted the 3 interests. Had the ship gassed up and ready to launch on C101. I'm sure with not too much more effort I could have the ship ready by 80.
  3. I've been kicking around this idea for a challenge attempt at ONI, to get a rocket launched by cycle 100. I gave it a shot, and it was actually a pretty fun way to approach the game. Actually getting the infrastructure setup by CY100 is a nice challenge. The unfortunate thing is as far as I can tell, there's no way to get an astronaut by that time. I picked a dupe that had interests in research, supply, and operating and was able to rush them to Tenured Scientist in about 20 cycles. However, the courier track went agonizingly slow. As far as I can tell, mastery of Exosuit Engineering takes 50 cycles, even with the interest. I've tried a few training setups, but over 3 cycles, they show 0 difference in mastery. Those included delivering to a container that was continuously unloaded by shipping, keeping a room of 12 kilns producing refined carbon, and delivering to a room full of new ladder construction. All of this was done while wearing an exosuit as well, though not sure that makes a difference. Any thoughts on getting that exosuit mastery?
  4. Sorry, meant to reply to OP, not you. Basically telling @tjart they might need to do what you did.
  5. You'll probably need a second NOT, since the existing NOTs are feeding the doors. That's the one trick with using wire as an OR gate, is everything connected to that wire will be the same state.
  6. Here's a trick you can use to git rid of those big AND gate chains, with a little boolean algebra. Automation wire in ONI acts like a big OR bus. Boolean algebra has this identity: NOT (A AND B) is equivalent to NOT A OR NOT B. Add in a final NOT and we have NOT(NOT A OR NOT B) = A AND B. So if we NOT all the sensors, and connect the output of each NOT together, then NOT the output, and you've got one big AND bus.
  7. Once you have shipping just make a shipping rail loop-to-nowhere and you'll have fully automated Pice melting.
  8. The glass pumps are a duplicant free stand in for metal refinery with glass coolant loop. They're overheating due to operating temperature. They last about 8 cycles in a vacuum. Stole it from @Boxman_90. This build isn't exactly exploit free though.
  9. Inspired by @Boxman_90's attempts to create a glitch free steam turbine build, I present Chungus. Chungus exposes all ports to > 500K steam, and makes no use of door pumps. The only heat input into Chungus is about 8 iron batches in the metal refinery per day. In the sandbox build, that's represented by pumping in fresh 2200C glass. Spacepad.sav
  10. Yep, just keep everything in a vacuum. I will say I have noticed some weird behavior with the tile directly under the reservoir on the left side, where that seems to heat up to match the temperature of the contents.
  11. As far as I know, liquid shutoffs just teleport liquid from input to output when enabled. If you look at my regolith melter here: I'm pumping 1300C liquid glass through it. You might run into an issue if you let the output backup, or insulation leakage heats up the medium its in, but otherwise, if they generate any heat themselves, it hasn't caused a problem in over 50 cycles. Edit: Also it's worth looking into regolith melting for steam generation, as regolith has 1/5th the SHC of magma, meaning as soon as a piece of regolith melt, you've multiplied the heat in it by 5.
  12. Cooling water for plants

    I cool my dirt by storing in my cool slush cistern and having it run on a long output rail before being delivered to my farms.
  13. Volcano Application

    With the new higher temp sensors, they're even more useful, particularly early game. It's s nice to have a cheap way to get steam for your first rocket.
  14. I posted a regolith melter that can feed around 50 stone hatches:
  15. You can also use this design to dump excess regolith into the vacuum of space. If you want to do that, I'd modify this to double the magmification stage, so you have one going regolith->magma->igneous rock then feed that igneous rock to one that converts it back to magma while exposed to space. You want the first stage there since a large part of the efficiency of this design is that the incoming regolith is heated by the outgoing igneous