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  1. Air?

    Good thing they are not human then.
  2. Unrelated bug. All gravity affected entities fall through "fake floors" like pitcher pumps and pneumatic doors.
  3. Guessing they fixed the bug where adding to such a hole would make the liquid go poof when adding to the cell only for it to magically reappear next tick. Now it's required to have somewhere to flow to or it gets destroyed for real this time.
  4. How is it cooling

    If there was a calculation at all that reached a constant 40C, then yes it would be a bug. An explicit assignment of 40C is not a bug.
  5. A path cost of 50 between lure and the puft, whatever that ends up meaning. Not exactly a radius. However, the puft needs to not be floating in polluted oxygen or it'll never seek out the lure. The puft creating a vacuum under itself is good enough for this, so avoid high concentrations of polluted oxygen.
  6. How is it cooling

    It is well known that sieves output at a constant 40C. Not a bug.
  7. When designating plants for uproot with the dig tool, the priority of the tool is not applied to it.
  8. Not sure what your problem with this is. You gave it an exit and it's gonna flow to it half the time. The filtered output only adds to the pipe under it, just like the bridge is doing, and it is also gonna flow up half the time and down half the time. This is a bad design anyways as the hydrogen is trying to reach the vent, while the filtered output is trying to go downward. This conflicting flow is gonna cause dancing packets as each source is trying to reach its own destination.
  9. The path cost for a dupe's nearest food source is also poisoned by other dupe's updating the path cost when they update it as well. So the nearest food source for one dupe could very likely be the closest food source for another dupe instead, forcing them to run to the far side of the colony to grab that food.
  10. When the slickster state machine enters the "underwater" state it checks if it is above a liquid and changes its state to "alive.idle" if it is. However regardless of whether this succeeds or not, the nav type is forced to the Swim nav type. This makes them fly in the air, forever. The fix is to change the Enter method for "alive.idle" to include a forced change to Hover nav type after checking for being underwater. This serves as a counterpart to the previous method.
  11. Natural Gas Generartor

    Do you have the required 2 carbon skimmers to take care of 7 gas generators?
  12. Note that Below is actually "At or below" (<=). Due to wrong use of comparisons, "Below" (<) and "At or above" (>=) conditions are not possible.
  13. Doors are known to destroy gases when opened and closed. By isolating access to the gases you prevent dupes from destroying them.
  14. That's just an idle thing. Because the dupe has nothing to do it has nothing to get it away from the suit toggle reaction. Edit: To go into specifics about what the dupe is doing, the checkpoint prevents idling in front of it so the dupe needs to find an adjacent cell to move to. The dock also prevents idling in front of it so that only leaves going through the check point. When a dupe idles in a suit it forces the dupe to enter the checkpoint it came from so the dupe takes off suit and idles in front of checkpoint. You can see where this is going.