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  1. No oil on map.

    If all else fails you can tap any oil reservoirs you find for oil and natural gas at the expense of some water.
  2. Which might still include incapacitated dupes.
  3. PO2 shouldn't be in your base anyways, CO2 can be destroyed in many ways, and Cl can go straight to space. Overpressure vents in a base full of O2 is a good thing. While your electrolyzers are backed up they aren't draining any power or creating excess heat.
  4. Any dupe that was still in the base would run around finishing jobs in there and any dupe out exploring would keep digging, until it had to return for downtime then it won't leave the base.
  5. If you had enough space and enough dupes they'd all be in proximity of important jobs.
  6. There is a checkbox in priorities window for doing the nearest jobs instead of the best jobs. It will ruin your colony if you leave it checked for too long.
  7. Vacuum is the placeholder element for accepting all elements. If it only sucked up a specific element you'd see that one instead of Vacuum.
  8. Definitely want to reroll for a Research/Suit Wearing dupe so you don't have to settle on a dupe with nonideal morale requirements for your astronaut.
  9. Don't bother using a smart battery on hydrogen generator. Assuming you are using logic to control how much hydrogen the AETN gets, send whatever remains to the generator to be destroyed.
  10. I assume they don't want to allow backwall buildings behind tiles because of tempshift plates, which would either effectively upgrade a tile's conductivity, or REALLY screw up an insulated tile.
  11. Crop seed drop chance

    Check the planter when you are selecting seed. Seed chance will be listed in there.
  12. It's quite clear they went through a LOT of ideas for this game back then.
  13. That's what I said when this bug was discovered and the clearance setting was created to fix it. I can only assume it isn't the default because dupes, and possibly players, are stupid and could potentially get locked out of the base by a replacement suit being delivered while they are outside.
  14. There was an explosion however I don't think it was ever used by batteries since it was never given a texture. Naturally when I was playing with it I had to go overboard.
  15. Clearance: Vacancy Only setting was added specifically to deal with multiple checkpoints servicing an area. If there is no room for a suit at that checkpoint, dupes wearing suits are not allowed to path through that checkpoint and must find a checkpoint that can accept the suit.