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  1. Tried removing gas so that it goes below max pressure? Because it's at max pressure.
  2. Which would require 10 plants per dupe for food in 80 cycles.
  3. Might want to check the mass of your insulation.
  4. Abyssallite melts into molten Tungsten at 3695 K.
  5. And because of this, it only needed 1 of the 4 harvest rating modifiers to reach 100%. Bug has been there since the harvest rating system was added, not that it matters now that the system is gone soon.
  6. Wheezewort is based on these https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wort_plants Bristle Blossom is assumed to be the flowering part of Bristle Briar but I feel this is just an early game name that stuck around. Hatch is an idiom for mouth, which goes with their endless consumption of materials. Look up "Down the hatch" for references. Everything else looks like you understand them.
  7. Batteries and Transformers do not count against max wire usage.
  8. You're missing 2 pipe connections on the natural gas line, somehow. Not sure how you even managed that.
  9. Every simulator tick there is a 0.1% chance for 0.1% of a polluted water tile to turn into polluted oxygen in the presence of breathable gas. This has no pressure checks.
  10. Your pipe is not finished. Don't necro a 5 month old bug report for a general discussion post.
  11. That only applies when it's trying to blow up.