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  1. It means you lost one of the jungle ruins with loot in it to a bunch of oxygen and insulation.
  2. They produce slimelung so it'd be quite the waste of time. Just scrub the slime as you remove it from the room. Flood the bottom of the room so the slime falls underwater and stops touching the air to help contain it.
  3. GeyserGeneric is just the spawner id. When it gets spawned on the map it instead spawns a random geyser in the array. Entities that aren't revealed yet only exist as a spawner at a coordinate in the world.
  4. Powered fridges are more for cooling down cooked meals.
  5. New geysers are awful

    Still waiting on them to nerf fertilizer makers so they being overpowered stops influencing their development of other systems. Due to those fertilizer makers petrol generators, steam generators, and now natural gas geysers, have foregone any balancing because nobody ever puts in the time to test them and report their opinions on them to the developers.
  6. The work time is set to 3600 seconds on that chore. Paused if a dupe has to run off somewhere so saying it'd take 6 cycles is optimistic.
  7. 6 cycles of constant studying just to see how many more cycles it'd take until it erupts seems a bit excessive.
  8. Even the hot one (currently called Hot Steam Fumarole for some reason) is acceptable at 30C. Slush geyser and Liquid CO2 geyser are a bit too cold really. Definitely rivals the nullifiers.
  9. The rock and metal geysers are gonna prove difficult to cool as any attempt to cool them will likely cause it to harden into item form. Possibly infinite storage in one cell of hot items... Edit: Correction, the fallen solid items will eventually merge together forming a layer of metal. As it keeps erupting and cooling down it'll eventually bury the geyser and cause it to be overpressure.
  10. Funny you should mention that. They've been planing this out for a long time.
  11. Not every world gets generated incorrectly, no.
  12. Insulated tiles have the component required to tell the simulator about that insulation factor. The conduits do not, therefore the number is meaningless. Can't add the component to the conduits either because the insulation is bound to the cell, not the building, which would be complete chaos.
  13. They get their insulating properties by being more massive than normal pipes. No special hacks for them, unlike the tiles.
  14. Sounds like you reserved all of it for construction somewhere. Without a save nobody can help you further.