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  1. So they are finally giving sane numbers? Had to employ an autosweeper and a whole lot of crabs just to barely manage what it was giving before.
  2. Then the aquatuner gets used and you have to pay for your heated water finally. Though I guess the tepidizer does fit that role too. Kinda used to just heating PW by cooling something else.
  3. This has been a known problem for actual years and they decide the best time to finally look at it is in the month of release? I really have to question what they expect this game to be and who they want to be enjoying it. Machines are still creating energy out of nothing and they decide it's a good time to reduce the number of ways to cool down. Space biome has been a thing for months now and radiation still hasn't been added either.
  4. Have you confirmed the inventory of the dock destroying the oxygen? Also check the suit's tank as it says how much is in it.
  5. The first line relates to the conversion from the inventory. The second line relates to the collection from the environment. Definitely could be represented better.
  6. This new zone type has replaced the role void cells originally fulfilled.
  7. So anybody notice that sand is not only renewable, you can actually make more of it? Deoderizer makes more clay than the filtration medium. Kiln makes 100 kg of clay into 100 kg ceramic. Crusher makes 100 kg of ceramic into 100 kg of sand.
  8. -273.15 Celsius is 0 Kelvin. This means there is no energy there. Not a bug, just Celsius being a terrible unit.
  9. We need space spiders to trap shine bugs and dupes in webs for exploitation.
  10. GlomConfig.CreatePrefab() needs gameObject.GetComponent<KPrefabID>().AddPrefabTag(GameTags.Creatures.GroundBased);
  11. What's so insane about it? All I see is 8000 kcal of nutrient bars.
  12. It looks like none of the heat is moving through the borders, just the edges interacting with nearby cells. Funny enough it's the high heat capacity of abyssalite that is the problem with this. They really want to soak up all the nearby heat.
  13. They expect to continue walking on tiles that are under them even if it no longer exists. Placing something under their feet lets them move on. Just feels like something they haven't finished yet.
  14. Yep. Similar issue to the sage hatch. They set the prefab from the egg to the adult instead of baby. Baby does exist though.