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  1. Hmm not good with the old saves. Although most of my dupes got their jobs replaced with skill points, my astronauts lost all skills and I have to teach them all over again :/
  2. My Dupes keep delivering oxylite even when the rocket is not there!
  3. I was hoping to get some of the heat and steam back from the rocket but it's not worth it. I would build this in space directly next time. I have also already scrapped the "steam capture module".
  4. Hi guys. After countless hours I was able to fully automate my rocket launcher. Here is a general description of how it works: I have 4 main components: water-clock that counts time from when the rocket is ready to start to when it is back in the dock. For me that's 46kg water-clock time. Rocket starting indicator - this module is on a 75 sec timer. It will be active when the rocket is ready and stay active for that 75 sec. Rocket is docking indicator - this module is activated when the water-clock hits the target. It will stay active for 100 sec. Both indicators will make the Gantry close and dock door open when active. Rocket is not in dock indicator. This part is only active when a rocket is not docked (that is - it is starting, in space or landing). It is activated when a rocket is ready to start and reset when it bunker door start to close after landing. There are also two additional modules for steam generation and steam capture that are active when rocket is docked. Those are not esential to the build and can be skipped. This works perfectly but you will need to calibrate the water-clock first. It is activated when the rocket is ready to start by closing the water-clock trap door and starting the pump. When the rocket lands it will open the door and stop the pump again. Or gate on top of th screen can be ignored. I forgot to delete it. Hope this helps - regards Automation - no rocket in dock: Automation - rocket docked: No rocket docked: Rocket docked: Water and cooling system: Vent system:
  5. nice - and can we add a way to automate egg management? IT should be possible to sustain a stable critter farm without the need to control number of living creatures manually. Creature counter and automated hatchery would be nice.