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  1. now try to set the temperature of the water to >100C so that Pokeshells are boiled and killed too
  2. Hello, I would like to know how many hours have you all spent on playing the game. Who will be the no-life champion??
  3. Hi guys. So I have made my perfect Pokeshell killing machine to create some shells and meat. Once a day the door closes and the critter is being boiled in 120C. To my surprise - i get NO MEAT! Just the shell. Is that by design?
  4. I have done this without the sandbox mode.
  5. Hmm perhaps but then again - batteries have limited capacity where as this method can practically store an infinite amount of heat.. plus it's fun!
  6. I have heard that this is related to the way rocket heat is transferred after launch.
  7. This setup has been working with no issues at all. I generate tons of power this way! BTW I store excess power in my steam battery during the day ( check link here )
  8. This build is working great! I store a huge amount of energy in super coolant gas. Steam turbines turn on when my power grid drops below 10%. I also use the heat from my two rockets. There is also a sensor that checks if the super coolant is above 900C. If it is it deletes that heat with turbines even if my power grid is >10%.
  9. I still consider that an exploit. Tepadizer does not go above 100C.
  10. OK i did it. Aquatuner is turned on when solar panel system reaches over 90% in battery charge (not visible on the screenshot). It starts heating up a mix of steam and super-coolant (still in liquid form on the screenshot). I am running super-coolant through the pipes and dump the cold in ice biome and I'm also cooling the turbine with that. Once the solar system battery charge drops below 20% i start the turbine. I am controlling the steam temperature beneath the turbine so that it stays below 250 although I'm not sure if that is needed. There i is also a system that checks if super coolant in pipes is over -260 (if it's colder it does nothing in the aquatuner but eats power). I am also using some extra heat from the rocket.
  11. no no it's the other way round. aquatuner would heat up water / steam that would be used in steam turbine. Supercoolant would be cooled down in pipes
  12. Perhaps but it's fun to experiment Solar Panel --energy--> Aquatuner + supercoolant --heat stored in steam--> steam turbine (at night) this does not have be energy neutral - all I need is to store the energy. The question here is - is this more efficient then using batteries (plus I get some nice cooling as a bonus)
  13. Replacing ingenous rock insulated pipes with ceramic ones does not work. You have to disassemble them and create again.
  14. I was thinking about turning that excess power into heat. Aquatuner would probably be the best tool to do that but maybe there is a better way.. Has anyone ever seen / created any kind of a table of what method of converting energy to heat is the most efficient?