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  1. The whole game can be played without the mouse, except for clicking stuff. This has troubled me for a very long time. There is a super easy solution though; a click shortcut! I made a swell example of this in paint, I hope you all like it.
  2. wanna Mordor of Mordors? https://toolsnotincluded.net/seeds/1881631198/302293
  3. let's deal in facts: the game has concept of pressure,weight per tile (WPT) if the WPT of NatGas > WPT of Oxygen above it, the water joins together so based on that, the OP found a corner case, that deserves further scrutiny from DEVs. I would consider it a bug, unless they proclaim it as intended behavior
  4. use 2 NOT gates and XOR, otherwise it might glitch sometimes
  5. or activate sandbox and spawn to ur heart content
  6. talking about generators, any plans to fix heat deletion in NG generator ? Raising NG temp from room temp ( 30*C ) by 270* before burning results in cooling worth one magic carrot in H2; generator's own heat production and waste included ...