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  1. Am I reading it right that it is feasible even without debug/sandbox owing it to overdoing?
  2. you might have already noticed, but if not, there are multiple local minimas :-/ be it temp or weight good point with the tile types, i disregarded window tile as being "tile" just made from different element so i just stuck with high HC and TC hence alu ... as per SC, it's just to help with consistency across tries and doesn't play a role as being isolated before every try, just reading it realized, i could just copy pasted 100 same setups I've checked the total energy of the system and sometimes SFT resulted in heat gain when using steam , with water havent noticed gain, even if adjusted for SHC of ice i'm out of your league ... just fooling around with 2 orders less... You've managed to get SFT on 150kg packet ??? well don't count ur chickens before they freeze thought, for sure Boozer delivers much better throughput than Cool Drunk, but now his brains are splattered all over was meant to be rhetorical, but obviously i've made one too many implications. Having 66K ice being made from 320K water, with the added bonus sharing a tile in that instant. Possible thanks water tile spilling across an edge and TP falling in multiple (probably?) successive ticks
  3. bug no.3 (the no debris subphasing temps) happens to beaded water Catchy title! U got -40*C ? Even if they fix it just got down to -208*C without the debris on the ground Sidenote: right now my relationship with TS is hate/love ... sometimes (at certain temps) "subfreeze temps" does not work. And even better, if TS is removed and 2 more sides are changed to alu metal tiles SFT is back. And other times you get -106 -143 -208*C icing on the cake ... one guess what's wrong with this picture ...
  4. 4:20ish such a poetic way to call a bug. well it offers massive exploitation potential, so i guess, it was well deserved.
  5. So I chose Kelvin Klei in the options
  6. aaand there is one more bug: even if there is no debris on the ground, the phased product is way below the phase change temp for example 5kg water freezes into ~ -20*C ice, 10kg steam condenses into 60*C water
  7. thanks! finally someone proved it. I thought i read about it being a think, but then everyone denied it ... was thinking I was loosing all my marbles
  8. That physics engine must feel quite violated . A call 5secs, till somebody calls "abuse" yet again Hope, you'll serve the dish steaming hot
  9. my plate is currently full with aBoozeR
  10. @Tonyroid interesting video. Amazing find about the chunk / lava freezing "mechanic" For those interrested, the lava's temp needs to be close to freezing ( ~1410*C ) to reproduce this This is a huge heat deletion (multi) bug the newly created debris taking implicitly the temp of previously present debris and on top of that, cooling the lava just to the freezing point resulted in coolant's energy increase only by 90% of what would be expected @mathmanican "Do you want to build an IceMan ?"
  11. another interesting vertical water mechanic: happens after reload with supercooled gas 100g/tile
  12. I wonder if this will survive(keeping vacuum on one side) a dupe carrying couple hundred kg of super hot ( 400-600*C) element. Mine 30g locks kept evaporating XD
  13. Just amazing combination of concepts! Can't wait to see what kind of builds we will get in a years time using this types of discoveries as a building blocks !!!
  14. I see no reason to use ethanol (in this case, as he is not phase cycling it :-/ ) over H2O gives you 2x the SHC, hence less of temp spike / gradient. Plus you get to extract more heat as you can run AT closer to 125*C. Though I do have to agree with him on the fact that eth vapour looks damn cool
  15. Ha, my bad in explaining. Yes the newly created flake/burp/sweat/drop is always multiple of 5kg. But the transformation does not occur if the original element(LH2) has exactly 5kg. So the flash boil off occurs the moment, any of the tiles LH2 exceeds 5kg and is next to "hot" insulation tile, this eventually stops, as the LH2 evaporation forces heat transfer even from the insulation ( as the HC is ignored ) Or you can stop liquefaction if the LH2 level is about to hit 5KG You got the idea right, except it's >5kg, going to -249.2*C as for the HC, your mileage might vary, as the calculation is bugged